Difference Between GTA and Real Life

Online games are becoming increasingly popular. Many of these have only recently been developed.


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They make use of cutting-edge features and technologies. These games generate their environment, which is comparable to the real one we live in.

GTA is one such game, although there are many differences between the worlds in these games and real life.

GTA vs Real Life

The difference between GTA and real life is that in GTA the whole life revolves around doing tasks and performing heists. While in real life there are real things that are the ultimate goal for people, like- work, study, etc. Also, GTA deals with acts like killing, stealing, and drunk driving, in a lenient way while in real life these acts can cause major problems for the doer.

GTA vs Real Life

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Rockstar Games created Grand Theft Auto, a free world game. In a nutshell, it’s a game in which you can travel a large city and do whatever you like, such as bike riding, driving vehicles, flying airplanes, and dancing in clubs.

Your primary goal is to fulfill the assignments supplied by the creators with a compelling plot.

Real-life is the world we exist in daily, not the one we dream or fantasize about. In its most basic version, if something occurs in real life, it occurs for real and is not simply a tale or result of someone’s imagination.

For example, being in a real-life scenario like that was unusual for her.

Comparison Table

Parameter of comparisonGTA  Real Life
Objective To reach a target number of points by completing tasks.It contains a variety of goals that vary from person to person.
Resurrection Possible. Not possible.
Violence Violence is promoted in it as the game is based on it.It is not legal to do violence, a person can get arrested for it.
Going to bathroomCannot be done.It’s a natural thing done by all humans.
Stealing a carCan be done easily by just clicking a button.Cannot be done as it is not legal, and if done will attract legal action.

What is GTA?

Grand Theft Auto is a collection of action-adventure games created by Rockstar Leeds, Rockstar North, Rockstar Canada, and Digital Eclipse that was launched in 1997.

This game combines racing, shooting, espionage, and role-playing components.

In this game, players participate in numerous activities while also accomplishing missions to advance in the plot.

The main plot in GTA’s story mode lasts about 50 hours. The bonuses take more than 130 hours to complete.

The player controls three characters: a rich man, a child, and a lunatic. These lives are crucial at the finish of the game, which entails successfully carrying off a heist.

Its intricate plot challenges players to resurrect the heroes’ lives through numerous heists. This entertaining GTA game allows you to run around in an open area while fulfilling missions.

GTA offers a plethora of tasks and modes to the gamer. It is a realistic-looking internet game.

This contributes to the enhancement of the game and, as a result, draws gamers. It also hosts competitive events.

All of this is intended to heat the game.

It offers intriguing activities as a result of its multiplayer function, GTA online. As targets, it gives the players goals and missions. This is how they advance through the levels.

The game was inspired by various other games that were released before it.

What is Real Life?

It is a word used in works of literature to distinguish the real world from fictional, virtual, or idealized worlds, as well as in theater to distinguish between actors and the roles they play.

It is frequently used as a phrase to distinguish work-life from educational life, or adulthood and the adult world from childhood or adolescence.

Life is a distinguishing characteristic that distinguishes physical objects that have biological operations, like interacting and self-sustaining activities, from those which do not,

either because such processes have ended (they have died) or because they never had such functions to start with and are therefore considered inanimate.

Trees, mammals, fungi, and microbes are all living things. These Earthly life forms evolved from prehistorically similar species through genetic diversity and natural causes.

In real life, purpose reflects one of the most important motivational goals in one’s life or the reason individuals get out of sleep every morning. Everyone’s goal will be different, and what we consider as our path may differ from others’.

Moreover, our purpose may vary and change through time as a result of evolving priorities and variations in our individual experiences.

Main Differences Between GTA and Real Life

  1. The objective of GTA is to reach a target number of points by completing given tasks while real-life contains a variety of goals that vary from person to person.
  2. Resurrection is possible in GTA but not in real life.
  3. GTA promotes violence as the game is based on it while in real life it is not legal to do violence and a person can get arrested for it.
  4. In GTA it is not possible to go to the bathroom while in real life it is a natural thing done by all humans.
  5. In GTA a car can be easily stolen by just clicking a button while in real life it is not possible to do so as it can attract legal action against such a person.
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