Real Estate Agent vs Real Estate Broker: Difference and Comparison

Today real estate is one of the most popular businesses that most people involve and do require the services for them. Real estate encompasses all the properties, including both land and building together.


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It is a form of property that distinctly differs from personal property holdings. The real estate does not include any additional additives or properties.

Key Takeaways

  1. Real estate agents work under the supervision of brokers, holding a license to assist clients in buying, selling, or renting properties.
  2. Real estate brokers possess higher-level licenses, enabling them to own and manage brokerages and employ multiple agents to handle transactions.
  3. Brokers have more extensive education and experience than agents, providing them with deeper knowledge of real estate laws, regulations, and market trends.

Real Estate Agent vs Real Estate Broker

A real estate agent is a licensed professional representing buyers or sellers in real estate transactions. They are responsible for finding properties, showing them to potential buyers and negotiating deals. A real estate broker is a licensed professional who has completed additional education and experience requirements and can work independently or manage their brokerage firm.

Real Estate Agent vs Real Estate Broker

Real estate agents are those people who aren’t well trained like brokers, but these people work in a brokerage firm under trained brokers for the real estate business.

These people are those who do all the documentation and other paperwork for clients. They also tend to bridge the sellers and buyers in real estate.

Real Estate Brokers are those who own brokerage-based companies and firms for people to reach out for their real estate property. These brokers handle and manage the clients like agents, but they also coordinate the team of agents who work under them.

Brokers do all the tasks that are also provided to the agents. They are more aware of all the processes involved in real estate policy and purchase.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonReal Estate AgentReal Estate Broker
Job descriptionThey do not have many responsibilities like real estate brokers do, they have less brokerage-based work to handle.Real estate brokers are well trained and they handle plenty of duties required for the client to purchase the property.
IncomeThe scale of pay is less compared to real estate brokers.The scale of pay is high since they exhibit more trained skills required for the position.
Market strategyThey are supposed to have good marketing skills in order to match the sellers and buyers.They have good marketing exposure since they are trained and they have gained more experience in the real estate business.
Dependency level They have to adhere to the brokers who assign them and are supposed to exhibit the required work as instructed by them.These brokers have the privilege to work either independently or assign agents to take the roles.
QualificationThey aren’t qualified to the extent of brokers so they possess negligible knowledge in the area.Brokers know a lot of information about real estate through the course of their experiences in this field.

What is Real Estate Agent?

Real estate agents are those who try and work to connect people from the seller end to the buyer end. They act as a facilitator between these ends to enable potential buyers to buy their property.

These agents work under a broker for a brokerage. They require to finalize the sales for clients, and they tend to negotiate between the buyer and seller.

The agents serve to work for brokers who are more experienced than them. They work with the client team that requires property.

They involve in all the certification and paperwork when clients need to buy a property.

These agents facilitate the job provided to them by their brokers, who appoint them for jobs. These agents do not require a membership like a broker who needs to get it without fail.

They also do not have a certain set of ethical codes. These agents do not require training as they work for trained brokers.

Real estate agents have two roles, namely, the listing and selling agents. Both have different roles and responsibilities to perform. These agents help the client with real estate property searches.

These agents start their careers with a licensed broker and serve as an agent. They help the customers pick their property and then with the further tariff and licensing process.

real estate agent 1

What is Real Estate Broker?

Real estate brokers are those people who are certainly more and well experienced when compared to the agents who work under them. These are certified or licensed agents by a common body.

The brokers are experienced hands who are licensed by the state policies. They also have a sound educational background.

These brokers have also studied further real estate terms and policies. These brokers, after studies and licensing, have individual business setups, and they work independently, or they tend to appoint agents to work under them.

These brokers also have the privilege of opening their brokerages and appointing agents to work under them for real estate. They are well-trained, and they are aware of the aspects of sales.

They also have responsibilities to take up and enhance sales and marketing. They have higher incomes when compared to that of an agent.

These people deal with all the immovable things, and it also includes all the things associated with the property.

They have more qualifications when compared to brokers, and they have more responsibilities to address and adhere to. They are highly experienced, and they are more exposed to technical and enhanced marketing skills.

Brokers are those who handle a brokerage and manage the agents associated with it.

real estate broker

Main Differences Between Real Estate Agent and Real Estate Broker

  1. Real estate agents are those people who are less experienced when compared to brokers.
  2. Brokers are more independent, whereas agents work under brokers in brokerages, so they are kind of dependent.
  3. Brokers earn more income when compared to those agents who work under brokers in real estate.
  4. Agents possess less experience and qualifications in the real estate business when compared to those of real estate brokers.
  5. Brokers are able to find more marketing exposure since they are well-trained in the field compared to the agents who work under them.
Difference Between Real Estate Agent and Real Estate Broker

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