Zee5 vs Zee Plex: Difference and Comparison

With the evolution of human needs, sources of entertainment for mankind have also evolved. The traditional television sets have now taken a backseat being overtaken by various OTT platforms.

Zee5 and Zee Plex are two such platforms available to users today. While the functioning of Zee5 and Zee Plex may seem synonymous, there are considerable differences between the two entertainment sources. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Zee5 is a subscription-based streaming platform offering various films, TV shows, and live channels, while Zee Plex is a pay-per-view service for the latest movie releases.
  2. Zee5 provides content in multiple languages and genres, whereas Zee Plex focuses on offering premium movie content.
  3. Zee Plex requires users to pay for each movie separately, but Zee5 offers unlimited access to its content library with a monthly or annual subscription.

Zee5 vs Zee Plex 

ZEE5 is a streaming service offering original content across various languages. ZEEPLEX is a pay-per-view service that allows users to rent or buy new movies that are released in theaters. ZEE5 is available globally in over 190 countries, while ZEEPLEX is only available in India.

Zee5 vs Zee Plex

Zee5 is an online video streaming over the top platform. The platform is available in 12 languages and is operational in many countries across the globe.

Zee5 offers an option to view free of cost or buy premium plans. Different premium plans allow users to choose a plan which suits them best.

Users can access lifestyle shows, Live TV, Zee5 Exclusive content and kids entertainment programs. 

Zee Plex is a pay per view movie service offered by Zee Entertainment Enterprises. Every d2h subscriber is eligible to avail of the Zee Plex movies option.

The price of every movie on Zee Plex varies and is intimated to the viewer at the time of payment. Most of the ZEE5 gift cards, prepaid codes, and promo codes are not applicable for Zee Plex rentals. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonZee5 Zee Plex 
Function Zee5 is a television channel that originated in India. Zee Plex is an online platform that offers movies in several languages. 
Costs Zee5 shows and movies may be paid or unpaid. Zee Plex movies are always paid.
Choice Zee5 offers a wider range of entertainment options than Zee Plex. Zee Plex offers only movies as a source of entertainment. 
Download Options The provision to download shows and movies is available.There is no provision to download movies. 
Relationship Zee5 includes Zee Plex as one of its services.Zee Plex is a part of Zee5.

What is Zee5?

Zee5 is an Indian television channel that provides video-on-demand as well as over the top streaming service to its users. Zee5 is a well-known OTT platform. The channel is available in India from 14 February 2018.

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The channel serves in several languages including Hindi, Kannada, Bengali, Punjabi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, English, Gujarati, Odia, Marathi, and Bhojpuri. 

The headquarters of Zee5 is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Currently, Zee5 is operational in more than 190 countries worldwide.

The mobile app of Zee5 is available to users operating on Android, iOS, Android, Smart TV, and so on. The owner of Zee5 is Zee Entertainment Enterprises.

Users are required to register on Zee5 to access various shows and movies. 

The products and services offered by Zee5 are streaming media, film production, video on demand, digital distribution, television production, and film distribution. Users can access more information about the channel at https://www.zee5.com/.

From an entertainment perspective, Zee5 offers a vast multitude of TV shows, web series, movies, news, live TV, and music to choose from. 

While some entertainment programs on Zee5 are available free of cost, users need to buy the premium membership of the channel to view most of the recently released movies and web series.

The only requirement to access Zee5 is a compatible device and a stable Internet connection.

With features like amazing speed, crystal clear sounds, and various video quality options, Zee5 provides users with a flawless watching experience.  

What is Zee Plex?

Zee Plex is a premium movie-in-demand service launched by Zee Entertainment Enterprises. The most immediate benefit of Zee Plex is that viewers can enjoy Blockbuster movies from the comfort of their homes.

Every Zee Plex movie is marked with the Zee Plex icon. Individuals can visit Zee Plex and rent any movie of their choice at minimal prices. 

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Zee Plex offers limits such as Rental Validity and Watch Time Validity. Rental Validity implies that viewers have a specified number of days within which they are required to finish the movie once it has been started.

This validity is different for every Zee Plex movie. Watch Time Validity implies that users have to complete the movie which they have started within a definite number of hours. 

Any movie purchased on Zee Plex can be watched on two devices simultaneously. Viewers can enjoy Zee Plex movies on various devices such as Android App, iOS App, Website, Smart TV, and Media Streaming Devices.

Viewers can pay for any Zee Plex movie via multiple payment options, including credit cards, select debit cards, UPI, net banking, and wallets.

Some points must be taken into account concerning Zee Plex. Firstly, users must log in to access or watch any Zee Plex movie.

Secondly, not only are Zee Plex movies non-downloadable but also non-refundable. Lastly, any Zee Plex movie is not a part of the Premium subscription.

Thus, Zee Plex shall serve as a lucrative application for movie geeks.  

Main Differences Between Zee5 and Zee Plex

  1. While Zee5 offers both paid and unpaid services, Zee plex offers only paid movies. 
  2. There is no Rental Validity and Watch Time Validity feature on Zee5. On the other hand, both these features are found in Zee Plex. 
  3. Viewers can download shows and movies on Zee5. In contrast, no movies can be downloaded on Zee Plex. 
  4. Additional features of Zee5 can be availed via a premium membership. However, Zee Plex movies are not included in this membership. 
  5. Zee5 is a streaming platform. In contrast, Zee Plex is a paid movie service. 
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Last Updated : 15 July, 2023

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