Amazon Prime vs Zee5: Difference and Comparison

OTT platforms gained immense popularity worldwide. All the platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Zee5, Disney Hotstar, etc., became a source of entertainment for all of us.

The movies and web series keep everyone hooked to their seats but comfortably at their homes. Both Amazon Prime and Zee5 are OTT platforms, but with a few differences.

Key Takeaways

  1. Amazon Prime offers a global selection of movies, TV shows, and original content, whereas ZEE5 focuses on Indian content.
  2. Amazon Prime membership includes additional benefits like free shipping and access to Amazon Music, while ZEE5 solely provides video streaming.
  3. Both platforms offer monthly and annual subscription plans with competitive pricing.

Amazon Prime vs Zee5

The difference between Amazon Prime and Zee5 is that the subscription rate of Amazon Prime is higher and contains content for people across the globe. On the other hand, Zee5 offers the subscription rate at a cheaper price and dedicated to India only. People across the world are using OTT platforms more than ever nowadays. Amazon Prime and Zee5 offer a wide variety of movies, web series, sports, etc.

Amazon Prime vs Zee5

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Amazon Prime is the OTT platform where a person is able to watch movies, TV serials, sports and web series. When a person buys Amazon Prime subscription, the Amazon site gives free delivery on most of the products purchased from it.

This platform is quite popular because of these benefits. The subscription rates also vary according to the usage of the person.

Zee5 is the OTT platform where a person is able to watch web series, TV serials, movies, etc. There is no other spinning off site for Zee5.

The subscription rate also varies than other OTT platforms and according to the requirements of the person. Zee5 is a bit less popular because it has less features when compared with other popular OTT platforms.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonAmazon PrimeZee5
Parent SiteAmazon is the parent site of Amazon Prime.There is no parent site of Zee5
Number of users66 million users worldwide200 million users worldwide
DiscountPurchase from Amazon Prime membership avails the benefit of free shipping.There is no such site from where a person can do online shopping.
Other benefitsAmazon music, Amazon gaming, Unlimited Kindle e booksAll the TV serials of ZeeTV are telecast before they are on air on TV.
OwnerAmazon, Jeff BezosZEE Media corporation 

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is a subscription service that is available across the world. It is a paid service that has Streaming music, video, e-books, grocery shopping services, gaming, same-day, one-day and two-day delivery of goods.

According to Amazon in April 2021, Prime had more than 200 million users worldwide.

Amazon Prime Video is the on-demand service that offers the most value to its users at a reasonable price. Apart from video streaming, it also offers a number of different features like music streaming and faster order delivery.

Amazon Prime has two tier available, i.e., a monthly plan and an yearly plan as of now.

Amazon Prime is very popular among people due to many other benefits. Amazon raised the annual US Prime membership fee in February 2022, the first increase in nearly four years.

Higher labor and shipping costs accounted for the increase. Amazon Music is also quite popular among musical platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

Amazon Prime has a great facility at reading too. Kindle unlimited is the facility where a person can read as many e-books as they want. There are free editions and paid editions as well to enjoy them.

Apart from reading, Amazon Prime Pantry is also a popular service where a person can buy grocery stuff at reasonable prices. Prime Gaming is included for free with Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscribers.

amazon prime

What is Zee5?

Zee5 is an Indian subscription based service where a person can watch movies, web series and TV serials of ZEE Enterprises too. This platform has twelve languages and works on iOS, android and web.

Nanna Koochi (Telugu), Dhatt Tere Ki (Tamil) and America Mappillai (Tamil) were among the first web series that was streamed on the platform in 2018. (Hindi).

Zee5 started Kallachirippu, a web series that was produced by famous filmmaker Karthik Subbaraj. Sunny Leone’s biopic was also aired on this platform.

This platform is now in collaboration with ALT Balaji and started sharing content. This alliance made people access to ALT Balaji content available on Zee5 too.

The platform also features a number of original shows and films exclusively created for Zee5. It costs cheaper and plans are available monthly and yearly depending upon the requirements.

Zee5 is a great platform where a person can watch a ZEETV serial’s episode telecast before it is aired on TV. People can also explore blockbuster movies in the app.

This app is quite interesting if a person is a true Bollywood fan. Many latest movies are released on this platform because of the popularity of the Indian Population. 


Main Differences Between Amazon Prime and Zee5

  1. Amazon Prime has 200 million users, whereas Zee5 has 65 million users all over the world.
  2. Amazon Prime gives free shopping while shopping from Amazon on a number of products, whereas there is no shopping site hosted by Zee5.
  3. Amazon Prime has other features like music streaming, Kindle ebooks, grocery shopping, etc, whereas Zee5 has not yet started these services.
  4. Amazon Prime is more popular in terms of movies and web series, whereas Zee5 is less popular because it has a bit less variety of content.
  5. Amazon Prime contains Hollywood and Bollywood stuff, whereas Zee5 contains Bollywood and TV serials from ZEETV.

Last Updated : 14 July, 2023

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