Instagram vs YouTube: Difference and Comparison

Instagram and YouTube have grown a different fan base globally due to their easy access. The talented people who could not show their talent anywhere are now inspiring millions and earning a lot too.

However, there are a lot of differences between these two great platforms, even when they have almost the same purpose. Both these platforms are quite informative for everyone if used precisely.

These are heavenly for people seeking a place to showcase the talent they carry within themselves.

Key Takeaways

  1. Instagram focuses on sharing photos and short videos, while YouTube is a platform for uploading and watching video content.
  2. Instagram provides a more curated and visual experience, while YouTube offers a wider range of content, including educational and entertainment videos.
  3. YouTube offers monetization opportunities for creators through ads and subscriptions, whereas Instagram monetization is primarily based on brand partnerships and sponsored content.

Instagram vs YouTube

Instagram is a social media platform which is designed for short-form content, with videos limited to 60 seconds and stories to 15 seconds. YouTube is a global online video sharing and social media platform designed for longer-form content, with videos ranging from a few minutes to several hours.

Instagram vs YouTube

Instagram is a platform that is quite beneficial for brands and influencers. This platform has become quite popular because of short videos, sponsored videos, and direct messaging facilities.

In addition, Instagram is a boon due to its many exciting features like stories, short videos, IGTV, etc. Instagram has a benefit that a person can make multiple accounts without any issue and present different fields of interest to us.

YouTube has been with us for a much longer time and has gathered a large world population. Billions of people use YouTube as a source of entertainment, learning, fashion, etc.

However, many people have no idea how to make an Instagram account, and for them, YouTube is a rescuer. YouTube is an old buddy for all of us and also the visual content started from that first.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonInstagramYouTube
Number of Users WorldwideOver 1 million usersOver 2 million users
Average Engagement Rate3%18%
Short Video Instagram reelsYouTube Shorts
Number of accounts per personMultiple accountsSingle account
Suitability according to type of contentShort-form contentLong-form content

What is Instagram?

Instagram is the platform where a person can post pictures, videos, and the facility of chatting with other people. Instagram has a lot of engagement these days.

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The attention has increased after the latest feature was added to this platform, i.e., Instagram reels. Instagram highlights and IGTV launch have added icing to the cake.

These highlights and IGTV make this platform great for influencers and the Influencer Marketing Platform. In addition, some stories in these highlights become permanent and make it easy for the brands to choose what is best.

These days, it is easy for anyone to become an influencer and earn from it because of the easy access.

Instagram gives users access to chat, unlike YouTube. This platform has a feature where a person can hide their account. If the version is for business purposes, it can be made public, and if it is for personal use, it can be made private.

People can create multiple accounts on different subjects and post pictures or videos accordingly.

Instagram is for versatile influencers to post anything related to fashion, food, art, photography, etc. Here, influencers can post in three different ways and choose whatever suits them.

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What is YouTube?

YouTube is a platform that came to life in the year 2005. On this platform, we find videos, short films, full movies, web series and teasers, etc. YouTube is the second most visited website first being google.

There are over 2 billion people who use YouTube every month. It is useful for boosting the sales due to the product reviews coming every now and then.

YouTube is a platform having a great social impact because a wide range of population use it. It has the power to create pop culture, latest trends and super rich celebrities.

This platform is also criticized sometimes due to misleading videos, violation of privacy and child safety breaches. YouTube has always been under surveillance due to these reasons.

YouTube has a broader base than Instagram because a person needs an email account which is nowadays mandatory in every smartphone.

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The popularity of YouTube can be seen by its higher engagement rate than any other platform. Moreover, YouTube is an excellent platform for video marketing because visual content is always sold.

YouTube is great for posting high-quality content because of its evergreen nature. The videos related to fashion, lifestyle and fitness are gaining high popularity nowadays.

This platform is search-friendly and has a long life span needed to get an increased audience.


Main Differences Between Instagram and Youtube

  1. Instagram has over a million users, whereas YouTube has over two million users all over the world.
  2. Instagram has low engagement rate of 3% when compared to YouTube which is 18%.
  3. Instagram has low cost content for influencers, whereas YouTube costs almost double than Instagram.
  4. Instagram has a larger audience for short-form content, whereas YouTube is great for long-form content.
  5. Instagram has followers, whereas YouTube has subscribers. The earnings depend upon the number of followers and subscribers.
  6. Instagram videos have a shorter life span, whereas YouTube videos have a longer life span.
  7. Instagram allows you to make short videos called Instagram Reels, whereas YouTube allows you to make short videos called YouTube Shorts.
Difference Between Instagram and YouTube

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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