Difference Between YouTube and YouTube Red

YouTube nowadays has become an amazing source of entertainment and learning. One can find a variety of videos according to his/her interests.


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It’s a great source especially for those who can’t afford to spend a lot of money on their education or for learning a skill. Some of the famous YouTube channels are T-series, Pewdiepie, BTS, Lilly Singh, etc.

Even celebrities upload vlogs to increase their fans and popularity. Some celebrities are celebrities because of YouTube. YouTube provides original content to the viewers and also has a lot of restrictions and guidelines for the creators.

This ensures that the content reaching the audience would be original well as it would not be obscene or demeaning to any person. Still, YouTube has some limitations which cannot be simply ignored.

YouTube vs YouTube Red

The difference between YouTube and YouTube Red is that YouTube is a free platform where you can view and upload videos while YouTube Red is a paid platform where you get several advantages. YouTube shows a lot of ads on its videos and to get rid of this, you can buy a YouTube subscription. You will get other benefits also when you get the subscription

YouTube vs YouTube Red

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison YouTube YouTube Red
PriceYouTube is free of cost. All you need is a smartphone and internet connection.YouTube Red costs 9.99 US Dollars per month and of course, you need a smartphone and internet.
Launch dateYouTube was launched on14th February, 2005.YouTube Red was launched on 28th October 2015.
AdvertisementsYouTube is full of advertisements and it sometimes is very annoying.You can watch videos without getting to see ads.
Main features YouTube gives you an amazing platform to show your talent and creativity to the world that is also free of cost. You can upload videos, watch any kind of video, and learn a lot. Also, you can like, share, and comment on the videos of your favorite creators to boost their confidence.Apart from all these features provided by YouTube, YouTube Red provides you an ad-free experience, downloading feature, offline viewing of downloaded videos, and background playing of those videos.
Background playing You cannot play videos in the background while you open some other app or website.You can play videos in the background while using some other app.
Offline videos In some countries, you just can not download any video while in some countries, you can download certain videos but they will be deleted automatically after a certain period.You can download whichever video you like and view them when you are offline. Also, you can download in any quality up to 1080p.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is an app owned by Google where you can share videos as well as watch different types of videos. It can be a great source of income if you are skillful and talented.

One can use YouTube to share their capabilities, their opinions, their knowledge or so to millions of people without paying a penny.

YouTube has given identities to a significant number of efficient people who have worked hard enough. Be it entertainment, motivation, education, cooking, or learning a particular skill like dancing, singing, learning a language, etc., you can get to learn any of these.

The only drawback is that there are a lot of promotions on the videos available on YouTube.


What is YouTube Red?

YouTube Red is now known as YouTube Premium and it is an advertisement-free version of YouTube.

To take the subscription to YouTube Red, you will have to pay 9.99$, and then along with the ad-free experience, you would get many more benefits.

You will get one month of the free trial if you take the subscription and you will also get access to Google Play Music and YouTubeMusic Premium.

Having subscribed to it, your video will keep on playing in the background even if you toss different apps.

With YouTube Premium or as earlier called, YouTube Red subscription, you can download any video in any quality up to 1080p to view it offline.

Attending online concerts of your favorite artists and getting access to special videos of your favorite YouTubers is also a plus point.

youtube red

Main Differences Between YouTube and YouTube Red

  1. YouTube is free of cost platform while you need to pay to get a subscription to YouTube Red.
  2. You just need a smartphone and an internet connection to get access to YouTube while for YouTube Red, you also need to pay a certain amount of money apart from a smartphone and Internet connection.
  3. Videos on YouTube are flooded with so many ads that it may be irritating to some of us while there are no ads if you take YouTube Red subscription.
  4. You can download any videos on YouTube Red and watch them in the background while using some other apps while on YouTube, you will not get these features. You can download some videos for a limited duration in some countries.
  5. For watching online concerts of some of the famous YouTubers or famous music bands, you need to have a subscription to YouTube Red while simply using YouTube, you just cannot attend those concerts.
Difference Between YouTube and YouTube Red


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