Difference Between Microsoft Office Student and Business

Microsoft is a multinational corporation that produces software, computer peripherals, and applications suitable for different needs.

Microsoft Office is one of the popular products of the company that provides various applications like Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, SharePoint, and many more in one place to increase productivity.

Microsoft offices have different plans like business, education, enterprise, and home. Each plan varies in access and applications.

Microsoft Office Student vs Business

The main difference between Microsoft office student and business is that the Student suite provides access to all office applications to students for free when connected with institutional Id, whereas MS-office for business includes all the office applications on subscription. For the student’s suite, there are no Access and Publisher applications, but it is present in the Business Suite.

Microsoft Office Student vs Business

Microsoft Office Student is a cloud service available for educators and students to improve the learning experience and increase collaboration among students.

Students can access the office applications on PC and mobile devices from anywhere. The Office suite is available for free to the students to explore learning and understand the concepts with teh help of Microsoft assistance.

Microsoft Office Business suite is for business organizations both, small and large, to reduce the cost of IT and increase productivity within the organization. The business suite will come in four plans with different application accessibility.

The suite provides one TB of cloud storage, ensures security, compliance to data, and gives access to data from anywhere.

Comparison Table Between Microsoft Office Student and Business

Parameters Of ComparisonMicrosoft Office StudentMicrosoft Office Business  
Useful forIt is a useful tool for students and educators to explore innovative learning and collaboration from anywhere.It is useful for business organizations to do work virtually, securely access business documents from anywhere.
Apps and servicesWord, PowerPoint, Excel, outlook, one drive, OneNote, Exchange, Teams, SharePoint, forms, data sync, power app, stream, power automateword, outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, one drive, Access, Publisher, SharePoint, exchange, teams
CostFreePaid with a free trial of a moth
License typeStandardsubscription
Cloud storageone TBone TB

What is Microsoft Office Student?

In this modern era, schools and educational institutes prefer to teach with the help of technology. Educators are preparing presentations, assigning assessments online, and evaluating the performance using the technology.

Microsoft Office is a cloud-based application from Microsoft Corporation that provides a secure means of connection to educators and students.

It allows educators, students, and IT staff of the institute to enhance the classroom experience, improve learning outcomes, and save time and cost.

For educators and students, Microsoft Office 365 is available for free. Students from recognized institutes can access Microsoft office 365 from anywhere to enhance their learning experience.

It will not only provide learning tools but also saves the work in the cloud. Some of the applications available in Office 365 are outlook, word, excel, access, teams, PowerPoint, OneNote, and publisher.

These tools are available in 45 languages.

There are learning tools that help readers and writers to improve their reading and writing skills and improve communication.

There is math assistance available that helps students in understanding and solving math problems.  Microsoft will help educators and students to set up a safe, secure learning environment by providing free training.

MS office 365 has different prices for students and educators. For students, it has three plans like MS office 365 A1, A3, and A5 that cost from free to paid.

What is Microsoft Office Business?

Remote work is becoming popular in the business industries as it is found to be productive. Virtual work not only increases productivity but also increases innovation within the workplace.

It connects management and employees to explore new ideas.  Microsoft Office 365 also has a business suite. The business suite will enhance cybersecurity, improve productivity and reduce the cost of IT.

MS office for business will securely connect the employees via chat, call, or meeting. It allows the teams to share documents over the cloud securely.

All business applications and services are available in one place thereby, reducing the IT cost, maintenance issues.

The applications are available in desktop and mobile versions. Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel are available in the web version also. All the applications are updated automatically.

Employees are restricted to copy the document.  It has a free trial for one month, and then the application is charged a suitable subscription fee.

The Microsoft office 365 for business comes in four plans, every plan has a free trial version of a month. The basic plan has applications and services like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, outlook, one drive, teams, exchange, and SharePoint.

The standard plan has all the basic plan applications and services along with Access and published that are accessible only on PC.

The premium plan has all the applications and services of the standard plan along with Intune and Azure information protection. MS Office 365 for business has word, excel, PowerPoint, one drive, outlook, Access, and Publisher.

It also provides 1 TB of cloud storage, anytime support on phone or web, and standard security.

Main Differences Between Microsoft Office Student and Business

  1. Microsoft office student is a package for students and teachers to increase collaboration and enhance learning from anywhere, whereas Microsoft office business is a package for organizations to access, meet, and share business documents over the cloud securely.
  2. MS office Student does not have Access and Publisher applications, whereas MS office Business does.
  3. MS office Students has more services than MS office Business.
  4. MS office student is cost-free for registered institute students, whereas MS office business plan charges subscription-based with a free trial of the month.
  5. MS office student is installed only on one pc per user, whereas MS office business can be installed on a minimum of five PCs.


Microsoft Office is one of the popular and profitable applications for business and education. It provides all the desktop applications and services in one place. These office suites are accessible over the cloud securely.

The users get unlimited storage of cloud-based on their subscriptions and also support from Microsoft to install and set up.

Microsoft office suite has made education, learning easier than before. Students can connect with their classmates and teachers anytime to clear their doubts. They can assess their learnings and improve.

MS office business also increases productivity, creativeness by allowing employees to do work from anywhere and anytime.


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