Difference Between Full Time Student and Part-Time Student

The education system has gradually changed with time looking back from the ancient education system to the present education system.


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In ancient times the students needed to be living in certain Gurukuls and performing all the daily chores along with studying, but in the present education system, all such activities are ended, and only students are enrolling in different institutions for studying. 

Full Time Student vs Part-Time Student

The difference between Full Time students and Part-Time Student is that there are many factors associated with it. The swift changing of career options are not available in the case of the full-time student also they have fixed duration and fees of the respective course while comparatively, on the other hand, the swiftness in career change is available for part-time students and they do not have a fixed duration of time and fees.

Full Time Student vs Part Time Student

Full-Time Student is meant to be students who visit school, colleges, institutes regularly. The students are offered many extra benefits like – library access, scholarships, hostels for students while quarters for teachers, transport facilities, etc.

Also, the amount of work pressure faced by any regular or full-time student is much more.

Part-Time Student is the students who usually don’t visit school, colleges, or institutes to complete their respective study or course.

But additionally, they complete their studies and courses from the comfort of their home along with doing something extra of their choice. They also often have the choice to change their career.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonFull Time StudentPart-Time Student
Career ChangeThey aren’t able to change it more often.They can change it more swiftly.
DurationIt is often fixed and shortIt is not fixed and may take a longer time.
Cost of EducationMore but economicAlmost half or one-third of the actual fee
Student ServicesEligibleNon-eligible
Internships and PlacementsThey are offered to them based on some criteria.They are not offered this by the institution but rather achieve them by their own.
Scholarship OfferedYesNo
Work PressureMuch pressureNot much pressure
International CollaborationSome schools, institutes, and colleges offer such programsSuch students are not offered such programs

What is Full Time Student?

Full-Time students are the terms referring to the students who visit the schools, college, or institute regularly. They used to pursue their studies regularly.

Being regular or full-time students, they do not have the option for changing their career options as swiftly as the part-time students can. Sometimes they have to face the repercussions along with their such decisions.

The duration of these courses is fixed, and the fees for such courses are also specified before the time of enrolment.

These students have the benefit of getting many additional things such as – access to the library, gym services, play area with swimming pool, transport facilities, hostel facilities, scholarships, internships, placements, and many more.

Among these institutes, some even offer international collaboration for the students, and they are welcome aboard on different institutes for further studies. Even the work pressure faced by the students is immensely more.

What is Part-Time Student?

Part-time students terms are meant for the students that are studying in different schools, colleges, or institutes offering the distance learning course.

Such courses are availed by the students who are working or need to pursue something additionally on a side basis. They also have the swift option of changing their career path whenever they want.

The duration of the course is also more than usual while the cost for the courses is also almost half the fee or even one-third of the actual fee for the same regular course.

Unlike, full-time students they are not offered the additional student benefits or scholarships or internships or placements.

Even they are not a part of any international collaboration that is offered by some institutes. Also, the work pressure upon such students is much less.

Main Differences Between Full Time Student and Part-Time Student

  1. For a Full-time student, a career change must be not a swift mode of change while comparatively, on the other hand, for a Part-time student, a career change option is a much more swift option. 
  2. The duration of the course for the full-time students is majorly fixed for a certain time while comparatively, on the other hand, the duration of the course for the part-time students is not fixed and as well as is longer than a regular course.
  3. The fee for different regular courses is quite expensive but is regarded as a more economical option while comparatively, on the other hand, the fee for different part-time courses is much less than a regular one and sometimes it is even near about one-third.
  4. A full-time student is offered many services like – hostels, library, transport, and many others while comparatively, on the other hand, a part-time student is not offered such extra student services when they enroll. 
  5. After almost completing the pursuing course, the full-time students are given opportunities to do different internships and are also asked to sit in placements while comparatively, on the other hand, the part-time students are just offered course degree after completion, and they often achieve such internships and placements on their own.
  6. As full-time students are said to be regular, thus they are offered many scholarships to support and provide financial aids to many students while comparatively, on the other hand, as part-time students, no students get such benefits during their pursuing course duration.
  7. The work pressure maintained on a full-time student is quite more while comparatively, on the other hand, the work pressure faced by any part-time student is less.
  8. Some schools, colleges, institutions offer international collaboration for students, and this benefit is entertained for full-time students while comparatively, on the other hand, part-time students missed this opportunity also. 


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