Dream vs Wish: Difference and Comparison

Both dreams and wishes, in common terms, mean hope or desire, but they are different things. We want a dream to become true in the future, while a wish is an expression of want or desire.

Both are very important in life as they give life some meaning and reason to work hard towards achieving them.

Key Takeaways

  1. Dreams are subconscious thoughts or images experienced during sleep, while wishes are conscious desires or hopes for something to happen.
  2. Dreams can be influenced by memories, emotions, and external stimuli, whereas wishes reflect personal aspirations and values.
  3. Both dreams and wishes can inspire action, but wishes require more active planning and goal setting.

 Dream vs Wish

The difference between a dream and a wish is that a dream is a subconscious phenomenon that is not under one’s control, while when one makes a wish, he or she has complete control over what to wish or hope for and whether or not to make the wish come true.

Dream vs Wish

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A dream is an event that happens in your mind while you are asleep. This could be a short-term image or idea, like a nightmare, or it could be a long-term memory or series of events that go together, like a book you read as a child.

It is a subconscious thing and not really under one’s control. However, having a dream can also mean having a wish that you really want to achieve.

A wish is something you want to happen. It’s something that’s not happening right now, and you want it to happen. For example, you might say, “I wish the government would stop charging so much tax.”

When you make a wish, you’re saying something you don’t want to happen will happen because you want something else to happen.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonDream Wish
TimeDreams occur in our sleep.Wishes occur when we are conscious.
ConsciousnessDreams are the embodiment of our wishes by our subconscious mind.Wish are under our conscious control.
ControlDreams which occur during sleeping are not under our direct control.Wishes can be fully controlled, changed, or enhanced.
Based OnDreams are based on reality to depict something bigger and are easier to achieve.Wishes are also based on reality but are tougher to achieve.
Other meaningsWhen we want to achieve something, we can also say we dream of having that thing.Having a desire for something to happen like buying a book or owning a dress can be also be said wishes.

What is Dream?

A dream is a series of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations experienced during sleep. Dreams normally happen during the REM phase of sleep.

When dreams occur during this phase, it is called a hypnagogic dream. Dreams result from the activation of specific parts of the brain during REM sleep due to an imaginative response subconsciously.

The content of such REM dreams is impossible to prove, as there is no way to remember what you dreamed when you wake up, although you can retain sensations, like smells and temperatures, for seconds after you wake up, even if you don’t remember them.

But a dream can mean many things in common language. It can be hope, a goal, or a memory. It can be something you have, or something you do, or something you are.

A dream is something that you hope will come true soon. A dream can be a way you relax or have fun. It can be an object that you find or an object that you make.

A dream can also be an idea in your head, like a memory of something you’ve done. A dream can be something that’s just for you or something you share with others.

A dream can be a person, a place, or a thing. A dream can be a feeling. A dream can be a wish that you want to achieve. A dream can be almost anything.


What is Wish?

While it is true a wish can be defined as hope or desire, it is much more than that. A wish is a feeling of bliss that comes from a desire. It is a feeling of delight and euphoria that accompanies the pursuit of a goal, especially when you’re doing it with a friend.

A wish can be whatever you want it to be.

It’s a simple and fleeting moment that can be unique to everyone. A wish can always be a positive thing. It’s a feeling of reaching your goals and not being afraid to speak your mind to your friends and family.

A wish is the embodiment of yourself and your dreams into a simple and beautiful moment.

A wish has many definitions. One description is “a hope or desire for something.” And while a wish has many meanings, the hopefulness and desire of what one can accomplish are ever-present.

One can have a wish, and no matter the circumstance, the outcome is always in your hands.

A wish can be specific or general. Some wishes are made for oneself, like wishing for a sandwich for lunch. In contrast, others are made for others, like wishing someone a happy birthday.

Wishes don’t have to be big; some wishes may not be granted, but they still make us feel good.


Main Differences Between Dream and Wish

  1. A dream is something that occurs when you sleep, while wishes are made when you are awake.
  2. Dreams are set for a bigger goal in life, while wishes are for simpler, smaller things.
  3. Dreams are unique to each individual, while wishes can be similar among individuals.
  4. A dream comes with a sense of expectation, of anticipation, and at times, anxiousness about whether or not it will come true. Wishes tend to be more fantasy-based or unrealistic.
  5. A dream that is not fulfilled could mean disappointment; however, a wish unfulfilled will likely not mean disappointment to the one who wishes.
Dream vs Wish – Difference Between Dream and Wish
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Last Updated : 25 November, 2023

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