Wish vs Amazon: Difference and Comparison

The term e-commerce or electronic commerce describes the business models allowing individuals and companies to sell and buy services and goods over the Internet.


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E-commerce generally has four major segments of the market. It can be conducted over tablets, smartphones, computers, and other intelligent devices.  

Many e-commerce companies across the Internet include eBay, Walmart, Shopify, Flipkart, The Home Depot, and many more.

When it comes to ContextLogic’s Wish as well as Amazon, the two are different e-commerce companies. In this article, the chief focus is on differentiating Wish and Amazon. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Amazon is a more established and popular e-commerce platform than Wish.
  2. Amazon has a wider selection of products and better customer service than Wish.
  3. Wish offers lower prices than Amazon but often has longer shipping times and lower product quality.

Wish vs Amazon 

The difference between Wish and Amazon is their services. The services of Wish are only limited to shopping. On the other hand, some Amazon services are Amazon Alexa, Amazon App Store, Amazon Music, Amazon Prime Video, Amazon.com, Amazon Luna, Amazon Prime, and Amazon Web Services. 

Wish vs Amazon

Wish is the first online marketplace with high growth that allows shoppers to buy and browse items from sellers of a third party.

On the marketplace, it regularly runs a promotional campaign and external advertising campaign with the help of platforms like Facebook. 

Niche products it is predominantly known and also budget items, spanning categories consisting of gadgets, beauty, fashion, and more.

In the world, the largest online retailer is Amazon. It was initially a bookseller company, but it has expanded to sell a range of consumer goods.

It also sells digital media, some of which are its own electric devices like Kindle Fire tablet, Kindle e-book reader, Fire TV, and many more. 

Amazon Air, Amazon Flex, Amazon Prime Air, and Amazon Logistics are four different transportation services Amazon uses to deliver packages.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonWishAmazon
FoundedOn July 4, 2010 On July 5, 1994
FounderSheng Zhang and Piotr SzukzewskiJeff Bezos
HeadquarterSan Francisco, U.SSeattle, Washington, U.S
PopularityThe biggest market for Amazon in the United States with net sales of 263.5 billion (2020)The biggest market for Amazon is the United States, with net sales of 263.5 billion (2020)
ParentContextLogic Inc.Jeff Bezos

What is Wish? 

Wish is an American platform of online e-commerce that facilitates transactions between buyers and sellers.

The browsing technologies employed by this platform visualize shopping for each customer compared to relying on a format of the search bar.  

Wish allows sellers to list on which their products and sell them to consumers directly. For handling payments, it works with service providers and fails to stock the products themselves or returns management.

Registration must be required in Wish.  

Merchants with more than 1 million number list their products on the platform Wish for selling, and for the seller, it eliminates distributor fees.

The merchandise bulk available through Wish comes from China and other overseas distributors.  

There are customer complaints related to communication lack from sellers as well as quantity. From Wish, it is possible to purchase illegal items in the purchaser’s country.

A man from Nelson in January 2020 purchased a stun gun through Wish and, was sentenced to 11 months in prison. 

wish logo

What is Amazon? 

Amazon is an American multinational technology company focusing on digital streaming, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and e-commerce.

In the United States, it is among one of the Big Five information technology companies, along with Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Apple.  

In Bellevue, Washington, he founded it from his garage, which was initially a book online marketplace. Further, it has expanded into a product category multitude.

It earned its reputation as well established industry disruptor through mass scale and technological innovation.  

Amazon is the world’s largest AI assistant provider, Internet company, live streaming service, cloud computing platform, and online marketplace as of 2021, which is measured by market and revenue share.

In 2021, it also surpassed Walmart.  

Amazon announced the Astro launch in September 2021, which is the first household robot powered by the technology of its Alexa smartphone.

It can check on people, home security, or pets when not at home as it is remote-controlled. If something unusual is detected, then it is sent the owner a notification. 


Main Differences Between Wish and Amazon 

  1. Wish is a kind of online shopping industry. On the other hand, industries included in Amazon are cloud computing, E-commerce, entertainment, artificial intelligence, supermarket, digital distribution, consumer electronics, and self-driving cars.  
  2. Only two subsidiaries included in Wish are Wish Express and Wish Outlet. Conversely, the subsidiaries included in Amazon are AbeBooks, Amazon Air, Goodreads, Woot, Zoox, Body Labs, Audible, Ring, IMDb, and many more.  
  3. The only two subsidiaries included in Wish are Wish Express and Wish Outlet. Conversely, the subsidiaries included in Amazon are AbeBooks, Amazon Air, Goodreads, Woot, Zoox, Body Labs, Audible, Ring, IMDb, and many more.  
  4. The benefit of shopping from Wish is that the brand-free products collection is affordable and comes directly from China. On the flip side, the benefits of shopping from Amazon are a huge selection, reliability, and fast and cheap shipping.  
  5. Regarding services, the services Wish is only limited to shopping. In contrast, Amazon Alexa, Amazon App Store, Amazon Music, Amazon Prime Video, Amazon.com, Amazon Luna, Amazon Prime, and Amazon Web Services are some of the services of Amazon. 


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