Difference Between Amazon Echo and Amazon Tap

If you are a music lover, speakers are a must-have for you. From leisure time to traveling and parties, speakers are a boon. Music adds life to every emotion, every occasion, every trip, and everything.

Amazon has provided us with a lot of useful products and the Amazon Echo and the Amazon Tap are the two of them which are equipped with Alexa.

You might be thinking that when the two products are both smart speakers, there may be very few differences between them. Of course, both are amazing products with few similarities but the differences are also not less.

The fact that there is a difference in the prices of both the speakers is because of the features they provide and it makes one of them, more desirable than the other.

Also, by buying them, you get much more than just a music experience, these smart speakers offer features like listening to podcasts, news, setting reminders and alarms, etc.

Amazon Echo vs Amazon Tap

The main difference between Amazon Echo and Amazon Tap is that Amazon Echo, also known as the Echo is costlier and bigger than Amazon Tap. Amazon Echo is required to be plugged in, is always on, and is a better one for home while Amazon tap needs to be activated by pressing a button, can be charged and is small and handy, is a better one to be carried outside home.

Amazon Echo vs Amazon Tap

Echo need not be tapped to use it while you need to press the microphone button to ask for any song or anything.

Comparison Table Between Amazon Echo and Amazon Tap

Parameters of ComparisonAmazon EchoAmazon Tap
Activation Amazon Echo needs to be activated by plugging it via an adapter and connecting it to the internet and then it remains on.Amazon Tap is a Bluetooth speaker and you need to press its button to activate it and to request songs.
Price comparisonAmazon Echo is more expensive than Amazon Tap.Amazon tap is less expensive in comparison to Amazon Echo.
Portability Since it is larger and needs to be plugged in all the time, Amazon Echo is less portable.Being small and handy, it’s portable and it can work for around 9 hours once charged.
Size9.5 inches x 3.27 inches x 3.27 inches6.2 inches x 2.6 inches x 2.6 inches
Colour optionsAmazon Echo is available only in black color.Though Amazon Tap is available in black color, it comes along with sling bags with various colors like blue, black, green, white, etc. for which you would have to pay an extra 20 US Dollars.
Sound quality Amazon Echo being loud and clear with greater coverage has a good sound quality but not as good as Tap.Amazon Tap because of having dual stereo speakers has a better sound quality.

What is Amazon Echo?

Amazon Echo is a branded smart speaker that was released on 6th November 2014 and is operated through voice commands.

It needs to be plugged in via an adapter and then you just need to ask for songs or podcasts or weather telecasts or anything as such. It’s always on once plugged in.

It has a wide coverage of voice recognition and thus it can respond to your requests even if you are in another room in your house. Also, it’s sound is louder and clearer. It is labeled as a home automation controller by the company. 

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What is Amazon Tap?

Amazon Tap is a smart speaker that is portable and can be taken anywhere outside the house because of its small size. Its sound quality is quite good because of the dual stereo speakers.

It is not that expensive but if you want the sling bag that is available with it, you’ll have to pay a little extra money. The sling bag comes in various colors like white, magenta, blue, black, green, etc.

It is smaller and can be carried to beaches, trips, picnics, or anywhere outside the home. It is chargeable and it offers a battery backup of around 9 hours. You will have to press the button to activate it and to ask for anything.

It’s labeled as a portable Bluetooth speaker and is best for college going students, bikers, hikers, and people who stay outside the house most of the time.

Main Differences Between Amazon Echo and Amazon Tap

  1. Amazon Echo is more expensive than Amazon Tap.
  2. Amazon Echo is more of a home compatible device while Amazon Tap is compatible for home as well as outside home.
  3. Amazon Echo is always on. It just needs to be plugged in and connected to the Internet while you’ll have to press the microphone button to play a song on Amazon Tap.
  4. The sound quality of Amazon Tap is a bit better than that of Echo though Echo is louder than Amazon Tap.
  5. Amazon Tap is more handy and portable than Amazon Echo because of the difference in their sizes.
  6. Both Amazon Tap and Echo are black but Amazon Tap comes with sling bags of various colors. You’ll have to pay extra for the sling bag.


Both Amazon Echo and Amazon Tap are smart speakers that offer a lot more features than just playing music. They are equipped with Alexa and you can listen to podcasts, news, weather telecasts, set alarms and reminders, and so much more.

To choose between the two would be difficult and one would want to have both since both have their unique features.

Amazon Echo is bigger, more expensive, always-on, needs to be plugged in, offers a larger coverage, offers louder sound, and is best to better for home.

On the other hand, Amazon Tap is smaller, less expensive, needs to be tapped to activate or request a song, has a little better sound quality because of the dual stereo speakers, is chargeable and handy, and can be carried outside the home.


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