YouTube TV vs Google TV: Difference and Comparison

We have examined every service to assist you to decide between both the two and have a deeper understanding of how Google TV and YouTube TV work and function.

However, the inclusion of the word “TV” in the name of Google TV brought instant similarities to YouTube TV, as well as queries regarding the distinctions between the two items. Let’s compare both of them.

Key Takeaways

  1. YouTube TV is a live television streaming service that offers various channels, while Google TV is a platform that aggregates streaming content from multiple sources.
  2. YouTube TV requires a monthly subscription fee, whereas Google TV is free on Android and Chromecast.
  3. Google TV provides access to various streaming services, including YouTube TV, which can be added as a separate subscription.

YouTube TV vs Google TV

YouTube TV is a live TV streaming service that offers access to live TV channels, while Google TV is an operating system for smart TVs that integrates streaming services and live TV channels.YouTube TV is currently available in the United States, while Google TV is available globally.

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YouTube TV is a live television broadcasting option provided all over the world. It’s a World wide web broadband or direct broadcast satellite substitute that operates on smartphones, tablets, televisions, and web services, enabling everyone to watch TV the very same way that has always had, from anywhere you get an online connection, whether it be at house or on the travel.

Google TV is a typical standard digital marketplace that sells and rents movies and television shows.

Its capability to show material from interconnected services that make recommendations based on Google’s customer data stands it different from its competitors.

Nevertheless, Google TV is held back by the limited availability of its applications, which limits the functions that can be utilized on various gadgets.

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonYouTube TVGoogle TV
Definition It is known as a television app that can be downloaded on the smart television. It is known as the television stick.
Login AccountNot necessarily requiredGoogle account is compulsory for login
CompetitorsSling TV, Fubo TV, and Vidgo TV.Fire TV stick and MI box.
Live CoverageSome channels have live content, however, it contains advertisements.It does not allow live TV or broadcasts.
SpecialtyUnlimited numbers of programs can be downloaded without losing more storageIt is an improved version of Chromecast that includes a remote also.

What is YouTube TV?

YouTube TV was launched in 2017. It was only accessible in a few places in the United States at first. But,  In 2019, a big wonderful expansion encompassed coverage for 210 markets in different countries.

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It has significantly expanded its station portfolio over the decades. YouTube TV now offers over 85 stations, which includes four key public national broadcasters. Examples like ABC, NBC, and Fox.

YouTube TV is known as the greatest premium live TV broadcast provider to purchase since it features the most programs and limitless Storage.

Ever since its inception in 2017, YouTube TV has shown to be among one of the best major Streaming services, including exceptional distribution and incomparable customer engagement.

In terms of application and hardware functionality, YouTube TV is the most stable. The customer experience is also fairly similar across app versions.

It necessitates a greater connection to the internet services and is a useful replacement to basic cable for those consumers going to have cut the cord.

YouTube TV does indeed have an amount of paid bring programs. These are some programs that require a cost supplementary to the YouTube TV subscription amount.

Nevertheless, this is the only best way to enjoy and watch uncensored and uncut films and many programs on YouTube TV.

What is Google TV?

Google TV is a system that is based on media suggestions and customer personalization. It’s always been there, and it was formerly known as Google Play TV.

Google’s current tv and movie marketplace remains available, and customers may install or download and then enjoy a variety of online platform services if the material is live broadcasting or even online or on-demand.

Google TV collects and organizes multiple programming series and films together into a single menu that is personalized for the viewers for Google TV

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Furthermore, it is an intelligent suggestion technology that provides texture features on the wonderful watching patterns and queries. In the end, Google TV is the platform through which anyone can interact with Android TV also.

Google TV, much like most of Google’s operating systems like software and hardware which means it is fully integrated with Google Assistant.

Google TV users have the benefit that they can use voice recognition and controls for a range of purposes by clicking a single button.

Users may choose to use Google TV, for instance, to ask Google Assistant to somehow get selected films of a different category.

Customers can also engage Google Assistant for basic tasks like browsing menus or activating certain software by voice.

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Main Differences Between YouTube TV and Google TV

  1. YouTube TV is compatible with a wide range of smart TVs including Samsung, HiSense, Android TV, and Vizio, whereas Google TV  is integrated into  Chromecast Google TV sticks.
  2. YouTube TV software is supported by Xbox and PlayStation systems, while the Google TV software is compatible with all Android smartphones and IOS.
  3. YouTube TV provides the basic subscription with over 85 live streams, whereas Google TV provides buy and rent movies and many television shows.
  4. YouTube TV Package features more subscription services as updates, whereas Google TV links with all the other services to deliver too much on programming.
  5. YouTube TV doesn’t include media viewing functionality, whereas Google TV does include it.
Differences Between YouTube TV and Google TV

Last Updated : 20 July, 2023

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