Google Nest Mini vs Google Nest Hub: Difference and Comparison

Intelligent home speakers are one of the latest technological innovations. Every top-notch company is trying to take the lead by attracting consumers with more and more new features.

Amazon, Apple, Mi, Google, etc., are ruling the world of smart home speakers.

Google has launched a complete series of smart speakers, originally named Google Home but later renamed Google Nest.

Google Nest Mini and Google Nest Hub are the two iconic products of this series; however, there are some differences between the two versions.

Key Takeaways

  1. Google Nest Mini is a smart speaker with voice assistant capabilities, while Google Nest Hub has a built-in screen for displaying information and media.
  2. Google Nest Mini is better suited for audio-based tasks like music playback and voice commands. At the same time, Google Nest Hub is more versatile with its screen for displaying videos, photos, and visual information.
  3. Google Nest Hub has a higher price point and larger screen, while Google Nest Mini has a smaller form factor and lower cost.

Google Nest Mini vs Google Nest Hub

Google Nest Mini is a compact device, primarily a voice-controlled speaker that provides a 360-degree sound, making it an ideal choice for listening to music or audiobooks. Google Nest Hub is a smart display with a touchscreen interface and a speaker system.

Google Nest Mini vs Google Nest Hub

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Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonGoogle Nest MiniGoogle Nest Hub
What it refers to?Google nest mini is a second-generation speaker of Google’s best range of speakers. It was unveiled for the first time in 2019. It has a speaker, microphone and machine learning chip for voice recognition.Google nest hub is also a speaker of the same nest range. It was launched in 2018. One of the important features of the Nest hub is its 7 inches touchscreen display. 
Weight and dimensions Google Nest Mini weighs 6.1 oz, and its dimensions are 3.9″ * 3.9″ * 1.6″. The weight of Google Nest Hub is 16.9 oz, and its dimensions are 7.02″ * 4.65″ * 2.65″. 
FeaturesGoogle Nest Mini has three microphones, a mute button, 1*1.58″ speakers, Bluetooth Chromecast, smart home controls, and google assistant; it is available in four colours.Google Nest Hub has two microphones, 1*1.57″ speakers, a 7″ touch screen with 1024*600p resolution, Bluetooth Chromecast, and Google Assistant; it is also available in four colours.
ProsGoogle Nest Mini has the following advantages – better bass and smart processing; it also comes with a wall mounting facility, available at an affordable price.Google Nest Hub has a Smart touch screen, a Google Photos display feature, easy to use controls for smart homes.
ConsThis speaker lags when it comes to touch controls since the touch system is fidgety. Also, it has no feature to display information, and it also has no camera.Google Nest Hub also lacks a camera. While the camera is present in other speakers of the same price range, it is more expensive since the features provided are limited.

What is Google Nest Mini?

Google Nest Mini is a second-generation smart speaker launched in 2019 by Google as a part of the Nest series. The Home Mini model was rebranded as Nest Mini with some new features.

The new Google Nest Mini consists of three microphones and is also equipped with a better processor. It has a mute button.

The dimension of the Nest Mini is 3.9″ * 3.9″ * 1.6″, and the speaker has dimensions 1*1.58″. Google Nest Mini has Bluetooth Chromecast and Google Assistant-enabled in it. It comes in four colours.

An overall comparison of Google Nest Mini with Google Nest Hub shows that Nest Mini has better speakers and smart processing. Also, it is a better-performing speaker. It is available in an affordable price range.

google nest mini

What is Google Nest Hub?

Google unveiled Google Nest Hub in 2018, featuring a 7 inches screen making it one of the best smart screens currently available; however, it has not been updated since its launch. 

The Google Nest Hub only has two microphones and a mute button. It is also enabled with Bluetooth Chromecast and Google Assistant. The dimension of this version is 7.02″ * 4.65″ * 2.65″. It also comes in four colours. 

Google Nest Hub has been provided with a screen but still lacks a video call camera. One also has to pay a much higher price than its features. 

google nest hub

Main Differences Between Google Nest Mini and Google Nest Hub

  1. Nest Mini and Nest Hub are the smart speakers of the Nest series by Google.
  2. Google Nest Mini was launched in 2019, while Google Nest Hub was launched a year before, in 2018.
  3. Google Nest Mini is just a smart home speaker, whereas Google Nest Hub is a smart speaker with a touchscreen. 
  4. The dimensions of Google Nest Mini are 3.9″ * 3.9″ * 1.6″, whereas the dimensions of Google Nest Hub are 7.02″ * 4.65″ * 2.65″. 
  5. The second-generation Google Nest Mini has three microphones, whereas Google Nest Hub has only two.
  6. The dimensions of the speakers of Google Nest Mini are 1*1.58″, whereas the dimensions of the speakers of Google Nest Hub are 1*1.57″.
  7. Both speakers lack video chat cameras. 
  8. Google Nest Hub has a 7 inches touchscreen display with 1024*600p resolution, whereas Google Nest Mini does not have a touchscreen. 
  9. Google Nest Mini and Google Nest Hub have Bluetooth Chromecast and Google Assistant for audio calls.
  10. Google Nest Mini is available in 4 colours, Coral, Sky, Charcoal and Chalk, whereas Google Nest Hub is also available in four colours, Sand, Aqua, Chalk and Charcoal. 
Difference Between Google Nest Mini and Google Nest Hub

Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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  9. The advancements in smart home technology, as exemplified by Google Nest Mini and Google Nest Hub, mark an intriguing progression in the realm of consumer electronics, showcasing the evolution of interactive home devices.

  10. The detailed comparison between Google Nest Mini and Google Nest Hub offers a comprehensive examination of their respective features and functionalities, providing consumers with the necessary insights to make informed decisions.

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