Beats Solo vs Beats Studio: Difference and Comparison

Beats Solo and Beats Studio are two different models of high-end personal headphones that entered the consumer market in 2016 and 2017, respectively.

They are the brainchild of the Apple-owned company “Beats”, initially owned by Dr Dre and Jimmy Lovine under the name “Beats by Dre.”.

Both options were reputed to be amongst the best model personal headphones available at the time of their respective releases to the public. They are still held in very high regard today.

This differs from the Beats Studio’s “over-ear” design, which encloses the listener’s ear within the space inside the circle of outside padding.

Key Takeaways

  1. Beats Solo are on-ear headphones designed for portability and comfort; Beats Studio is over-ear headphones focusing on enhanced sound quality and noise cancellation.
  2. Beats Solo offers a lightweight, compact design for easy transportation; Beats Studio prioritizes immersive audio experiences with advanced features.
  3. Both headphone models are part of the Beats by Dr. Dre product line, but Beats Solo caters to casual listeners, while Beats Studio target more discerning audiophiles.

Beats Solo vs Beats Studio

The difference between Beats Solo and Beats Studio is that Beats Solo is on-ear headphones which rest against the ears. Beats Studio is wireless, over-ear headphones which are pretty big and, cover the ears entirely in them and turn, do not put any pressure on the ears.

Beats solo vs Beats studio

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Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonBeats SoloBeats Studio
Earpiece design“On ear”“Over ear”
Noise cancelling featureNoYes, active noise cancelling
Battery playback time48 hours22 hours
“Quick charge” feature5 minutes10 minutes


What is Beats Solo?

Beats Solo was released to the public market in early 2016 and was quickly touted as one of the best available personal headphones ever released.

The Beats Solo headphones boast forty-eight hours of playback time from a single charge, and like many other Beats products, they also have a “quick charge” feature, which allows for three hours of use after only a five-minute charge.

The design of the earpieces of the Beats Solo headphones is known as an “on-ear” design, which means the padding of the earpieces will sit, touching the listener’s ears.

Despite the high-quality padding used in the earpieces, this design has been reported by many users to be uncomfortable over long periods of use when compared to other earpiece designs.

Due to the smaller earpieces, the headphones are moderately smaller and lighter than other high-end headphones and may benefit people using them in more active settings, such as travelling or working out.

Another critical point to note is the price of the Beats Solo headphones.

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What is Beats Studio?

Beats Studio arrived on the consumer market a little later in September 2017. It immediately surpassed the high benchmark set by previous Beats headphones to be amongst the best in the world.

The Beats Studio headphone’s signature design is an “over-ear” earpiece, which means that the cushioning does not touch the listener’s ear, instead enclosing around it.

This gives the Beats studio supreme comfort levels with extended listening as there is no physical pressure on the person’s ear, unlike the “on ear” design.

This feature assists in probably the unique quality of these headphones, the active noise cancelling ability.

This means that the headphones will change the level and intensity of noise cancelling in response to changes in background noise, such as moving from a quiet apartment to a busy street.

This background noise cancelling also plays a part in the sending and transmission of clear sound too. Many users report that the audio received from the inbuilt microphone is still evident on the receiving end when the user is making calls.

It is also well documented that the Beats Studio has slightly better audio quality overall, even though the Beats Solo also has a very high audio rate.

This is likely because the design team had approximately 18 extra months to develop the audio technology in the Beats Studio vs the Solo.

Due to the active noise cancelling feature of the headphones, they do tend to run through the battery charge faster, with a twenty-two-hour playback time off of an entire order.

You can turn off the active noise cancelling feature, which, if done so, will increase battery life to 44 hours. Almost equal to the Beats Solo.

The Beats Studio also has a “quick charge” option, which requires ten minutes of charge time to gain three hours of playback. The price point is the final detail of note with the Beats Studio.

On, they can be found as cheap as USD 350 brand new, which is significantly more than the Beats Solo; however certainly not out of the question for many music fans.

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beats studio

Main Differences Between Beats Solo and Beats Studio

  1. The Beats Solo has an “on-ear” design, which means the padding of the earpiece rests touching the listener’s ear, whereas the “over-ear” design of the Beats Studio encloses it.
  2. The Beats Studio has active noise cancelling technology, which will adapt to changing sounds from the external environment, whereas the Beats Solo does not.
  3. Brand new, early editions of the Beats Solo can be found for one hundred and seventy dollars on amazon, whereas the best price on Beats Studio is three hundred and fifty.
  4. The Beats Solo has a massive forty-eight hours of music playback after a full charge, whereas the Beats Studio has twenty-two with active noise cancelling enabled or forty-four disabled.
  5. To get three hours of playback with the “quick charge” feature, the Beats Solo requires a five-minute charge, whereas the Beats Studio requires ten minutes.
Difference Between Beats Solo and Beats Studio

Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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