Difference Between Solo 2 and Solo 3 Wireless

Headphones are a type of device that is worn over or around the head for listening to songs. It can be said as the mini version of loudspeakers.


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Electroacoustic transducers are fitted inside the headphones that convert the electrical signals to produce a sound. The special quality of headphones is that it allows the users to listen to the songs or any audio clip privately without disturbing anyone.

They are also called earphones or earspeakers, earpieces, earbuds etc. Beats Electrical company has two versions of headphones, i.e., Solo 2 and Solo 3 wireless.

Solo 2 vs Solo 3 Wireless

The difference between solo 2 and Solo 3 wireless is that Solo 3 is a better version of solo 2. Solo 2 has a battery life of 12 hours. While solo 3 wireless has a battery life of about 40 hours. Solo 3 wireless comes with the extra chip of W1 wireless, which is absent in the solo 2. The sound of solo 2 headphones are good, but the bass quality may sound harsh and intense. While solo 3 wireless has heavy bass, rich sound, and produces balanced and smooth sound.

Solo 2 vs Solo 3 Wireless

Solo 2 is a Wireless headphone produced by the Beats electronics company. It is the American audio company that manufacturer most of its products in California. Solo 2 is one of the versions of ear style headphones.

Solo 2 is part of the new type of generation of the Beats. Because these headphones have been made in collaboration with Apple Inc. Solo 2 is the first type of headphones made by the Beats company that has the feature of active noise cancellation.

Solo 3 Wireless headphones are sole alongside solo2. It is made with the new flagship, i.e. Apple-owned Beats. It has a very good battery life as compared to solo 2. It provides an exceptional battery life of 40 hours.

It also has a W1 wireless chip with the signature of Apple. Because of its extra chip, it provides better Bluetooth connectivity.

Beats and Apple are changing the world of headphones with their seamless pairing with the devices, especially with Apple products.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonSolo 2 WirelessSolo 3 Wireless
Charging Doesn’t have fast chargingCharges fast with the technology called fast fuel.
SoundLow bass, no clear sound.Heavy bass, smooth and balanced
Battery Life12 hours40 hours
FeatureTalk feature is on cable.Talk feature is on headphones
ColoursBlack and white.Black, violet, Gloss black, gold, rose gold, gloss white, silver, red.

What is Solo 2 Wireless?

Solo 2 is manufactured by Beats Company, established in the year 2006 by Dr Dre. The company was founded by the music producer and record company executive.

Since its launch, it has been an audio company and made products with the monster cable. Then beats company entered the online music market in 2014, providing the music on the subscription service.

It had a collaboration with a lot of companies like HTC, NPD Group, Carlyle Group etc. 

But the acquisition came in the year 2014 when apple company purchased the stocks and assets of the company, making it one of the largest acquisitions in apple’s history. Apple is the parent company of Beats.

Both the companies started to make changes in the music world by bringing the model of Solo HD. Solo HD paved the way for Solo 2 wireless headphones.

It is a lightweight headphone and more versatile than its previous version of Beats. Solo 2 comes in a sleek and sturdy design consisting of the signature of Beats.

For connecting solo 2 to the device, a cable is required that has a built-in remote and microphone. Remote allows users to adjust the volume of the music, skip the songs etc. This feature of solo 2 works better on iOS devices.

Solo 2 can be folded and carried into pockets. It also comes with a carrying case.

Solo 2 is more focused on the portability and versatility of the headphones without compromising their style. Solo 2 Wireless is a bulkier headphone and has some problems while connecting to the BlueTooth devices.

What is Solo 3 Wireless?

Solo 3 Wireless is the better version of the solo Model. It is one generation better than Solo 2 Wireless. Solo 3 is an upgraded version of Solor because of its versatility, design, cushioned earcups, streamlined and flexible headband.

With the flagship of Apple, it comes with a W1 wireless chip and the signature of apple company.

Solo 2 has beautifully moulded cans made up of plastic that can be folded easily and carried along everywhere, making it portable. Solo 3 has some of the features that cannot be found in solo 2.

Solo 2 consist of a button on the headphones, which is multi-purpose on the right side. Solo 3 wireless is very lightweight. It is slightly heavier than its wired one.

Solo 2 wireless version focuses on the loudness of the sound and not on clarity. It comes with heavy bass, its sound is very clearer as compared to solo 2 when connecting with Bluetooth. But it lacks the treble

Overall it provides a smooth experience to the listeners. The box of Solo 3 is made in keeping in mind with the apple.

Because it has a matte look, a free soft carrying case, a 3.5 mm cable to connect to other devices, a carabiner, an information booklet, a charging cable and the complementary Beats sticker.

Main Differences Between Solo 2 and Solo 3 Wireless

  1. Solo 2 doesn’t have fast charging. After charging, it lasts up to 3 hours. Solo 3 Wireless has a fast charging technology called Fast fuel, which lasts up to 12 hours.
  2. Solo 3 is cheaper than Solo 3 wireless. Solo 3 is expensive.
  3. Solo 2 has a good sound with low bass and not much clear sound. Solo 3 wireless has an energetic, heavy bass, rich, smooth and balanced sound.
  4. The battery life of Solo 2 is 12 hours. The battery life of Solo 3 wireless is more than 40 hours.
  5. Remote Talk Feature is provided on a cable in solo 2. While in Solo 3, it is provided in the headphones with multi-purpose buttons on the right side.
  6. Solo 2 is available in only two colours, i.e., white and black. Solo3 wireless is available in many options like black, violet, Gloss black, gold, rose gold, gloss white, silver, red.


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