Difference Between Beats Solo 3 and Studio 3

Beats Solo 3 vs Studio 3

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What is Beats Solo 3?

With as long as 40 hours of battery duration, Beats Solo3 Remote is your ideal ordinary earphone. With Quick, a 5-minute charge allows you 3 hours of playback.


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The on-ear, padded ear cups are movable so you can tweak your fit for the entire day’s comfort. They quickly set up — simply power on and hold close to your iPhone — then, at that point, at the same time, associated with your Mac Watch, iPad, and Mac.

The Apple W1 chip highlights Class 1 Bluetooth availability, the business driving characterization for reach and sign strength. With this top-tier matching innovation, you can consistently adjust your gadgets to move around and make all the difference for the music.

Beats sound, which has won awards, is at the core of the Beats Solo3 wireless. This headset offers prevalent playback with finely tuned acoustics that underlines clearness, width, and equilibrium.

They have a bass-weighty sound profile, which can have sloppy vocals and lead instruments. Their application likewise doesn’t permit you to redo their sound profile to more readily suit your necessities.

The Beats Solo3 is suitable for driving and travel. While they’re agreeable, some might find they throw a tantrum, which can be exhausting when worn for a few hours all the time.

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What is Studio 3?

Beats Studio 3 Bluetooth Speakers are flawlessly planned in vault shape, finely created with premium materials and beguiling light Impacts that give you a polished, contemporary viewpoint in your home.

The surrounding light with Undulating Impacts gives you a beguiling Look both to your eyes and your Ears. You will adore it. The craft of lovely sound. With a domed plan, premium materials, and surrounding light impacts.

The notorious Beats Air Studio 3 offers a cutting-edge expression in your home. The Studio 3 speaker is powered by a 100-watt subwoofer that licenses you to experience bass, high pitch, and volume sound.

Beats Quality Studio 3 speakers discharge remarkable 360-degree sound. Accept calls, skip melodies, control volume, and initiate Siri utilizing the helpful multi-capability controls.

Appreciate the unique sounds thanks to a robust subwoofer for a genuinely vivid listening experience. Its item highlights remote gushing with Bluetooth version 4.2. You can stream music using Bluetooth with no connector. The working distance ultimately depends on 1 foot. 

Beats Studio 3 comes with a lot of functions. Thus, it makes it a premium product and one of a kind. Therefore, the price is costly to buy this product.

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Difference Between  Beats Solo 3 and Studio 3

  1. The sound balance in Beats Solo 3 is not that high compared to the Beats Studio 3, which provides the best sound balance and bass even at high volumes.
  2. The cost of Beats Solo 3 is cheap as it does not provide that many functions, whereas the Studio 3 is a premium product,, so the price is also higher.
  3. Beats Solo 3 has less range, whereas Studio 3 has a better connectivity range even if your mobile or tab is at a longer distance.
  4. Beats Solo 3 lacks functions like activating the Siri command, whereas Studio 3 gives you many functions like call acceptance and Siri on the go, even if you are away from your device.
  5. Beats Solo 3 has less battery life when compared to Studio 3, which can last for 8-9 plus hours on a single charge.

Comparison Between Beats Solo 3 and Studio 3

Parameter of ComparisonBeats Solo 3Studio 3
WeightThe beats of solo 3 are lighter as compared to Studio 3.The Studio 3 is much heavier because of the earcups covering your full ear.
Sound BalanceBeats solo 3 lacks that premium sound quality and sound balance.Studio 3 has the perfect balance of sound and base for the best music experience.
PriceSolo 3 is comparatively cheaper than Studio 3.Studio 3  is a bit expensive.
RangeThe Solo 3 comes with Bluetooth, but the range is less.Studio 3 has a more extended range of Bluetooth connectivity.
Power BackupThe battery can last for 3-4 hours on a single charge.Solo 3 has a good battery life and can last 8+ hours on a single charge.
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