Beats Studio 2 vs Beats Studio 3: Difference and Comparison

Headphones have become a must in today’s time; they not only privatize the material one is listening to but also effectively reduce the noise and disturbance from others around.


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Over time of evolution and technical advancement in ergonomics, comfort became a prime factor in design. Headphones went through an evolution in shapes, mechanics, and soundproof systems that emerged with more battery life and wireless.

Launched by one of the famous music icons Dr Dre who influenced a whole generation of artists, his designs became reliable and special.

Beats Studio, apart from the company’s major product range, is a lineup focusing on headphones and providing various ranges.

Beats Studio 3 is the latest version of headphones after a series of Studio 1 and 2; the changes are in sound quality, ergonomics, battery life, external noise redundancy, etc.

Key Takeaways

  1. Beats Studio 2 are over-ear headphones that offer adaptive noise cancellation, Bluetooth connectivity, and a 20-hour battery life.
  2. Beats Studio 3 builds upon Studio 2 features, adding Apple’s W1 chip for improved connectivity, Pure Adaptive Noise Cancelling, and 22-hour battery life.
  3. Both headphones deliver the signature Beats sound, but Studio 3 offers enhanced noise cancellation, battery life, and better integration for Apple devices.

Beats Studio 2 vs Beats Studio 3

The difference between Beats Studio 2 and Beats Studio 3 is their release chronology. While Beats Studio 2 belongs to the 2nd generation range by Dr Dre, Beats Studio 3 is the latest 3rd generation of the original Studio.

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Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonBeats Studio 2Beats Studio 3
ChronologyIt is the 2nd generation that Beats Studio released after the success of the original one.It is the third generation of the Beats Studio.
ComfortabilityIt is comparatively less comfortable with more bulk.The earpads feel softer and fit well, thus making them comfortable for long work hours.
Battery LifeNo fast charging feature, and the battery runs away quite frequently.The battery life is way better and more advanced, which allows a longer run with no interruption to charge.
W1 ChipThe W1 chip is missing in Studio 2, thus reducing the connectivity speed.For the first time, Apple’s proprietary chip was introduced in Studio 3. It enables instant pairing with Bluetooth.
NoiseIt lacks the Pure ANC ( Pure active noise cancelling) feature; thus, the external noise can affect the ultimate quality.Better noise-cancelling feature due to using 2 microphones rather than 1 and pure ANC.


What is Beats Studio 2?

Beats Studio 2 is Dr Dre’s (the rapper) second generation of beats, an advanced version of the prior 1st generation’s Beats.

It was launched in 2013, nearly after 5 years of successful marketing boost in sales.

It is an improved version of the predecessor in terms of design aesthetics with a streamlined shape, more curvy, sleek, and lighter with a super gloss finish.

The earpads are oval, designed according to ergonomics, adjoining the ear, and are smooth leather-textured within, a foam layer that reduces the claiming to an extent.

Earcups have a silver metallic ring that gives a sleek appeal, reflecting light well due to polishing. There is attention to detail, and we’re launched many colour schemes with the “B” logo in each earcup that became a brand image.

beats studio 2

What is Beats Studio 3?

The 3rd generation to the original lineup by Dr Dre, Beats Studio 3, is the most advanced version. They were released in the year 2017 in September, and the sales only grew.

The plus point for the sales was the legacy of the brand and the kind of headphones it manufactured that made a benchmark for others in the race.

The ergonomics are well analyzed and worked upon with the soft matte feel, the air cup padding is very comfortable than any other version, and the clamping is almost nil.

They can get very compact and portable due to the adjustable headband; the headband is the only negative part about this version as it’s uncomfortable.

The shape is asymmetric, and the iconic “B” logo on the earcup acts as a button to play or pause. They also consist of a W1 chip, becoming the only version that facilitates Bluetooth connectivity.

Main Differences Between Beats Studio 2 and Beats Studio 3

  1. The main difference between Beats Studio 2 and Beats Studio 3 is their order of release by the brand. Beats Studio 2 was released in 2013 and thus became the 2nd generation of the Beats family, whereas Beats Studio 3 was released much later in 2017 and became the 3rd generation.
  2. Both have good noise redundant capability, but the Beats Studio 3 version is more capable of giving a better user experience.
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