1080P vs 4K Security Cameras: Difference and Comparison

Security cameras are an excellent and powerful tool to have when you want to ensure your home and business are safe. It is becoming more and more popular in the commonplace, like workspaces, public areas, and even on the street.

1080p security cameras and 4k security cameras are the two best resolutions to choose from.

Key Takeaways

  1. 4K security cameras provide significantly higher resolution than 1080p cameras, allowing for more detailed images.
  2. 4K cameras have a larger field of view, which can reduce the number of cameras needed for a surveillance system.
  3. 1080p cameras are more affordable than 4K cameras, making them a more budget-friendly option.

1080P vs 4K Security Cameras

The difference between 1080p security cameras and 4Ksecurity cameras is that 1080p security cameras, also known as High Resolution (HD) security cameras have built-in advanced video analytics, whereas 4k security cameras are Ultra High-Resolution (UHD) have a four-view angle, and they give more detailed information of surveillance.

1080P vs 4K Security Cameras

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A 1080p (pixel) security camera is a surveillance device that records in full high-definition with a display resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. It is upgraded from 720p and has around 2.2 megapixels.

Also known as full HD, 1080p security camera or HD CCTV is a high-quality type of camera with many benefits for your home or office security system.

A 4K (4000 Pixels) security camera is a type of security camera with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.

As an ultra-resolution, it is 3 times better than the 1080-pixel surveillance camera and can deliver crystal clear footage even when enlarged.

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison1080P Security Cameras4k Security Cameras
MeaningThe 1080p stands for 1,080 lines of a horizontal picture resolution. This technology was first introduced in 2006 as a replacement for 720p. At the time, the 1080p was considered to be the best picture quality available on the market.The 4k security camera technology was first introduced in 2013 by Sony. The first commercial 4k television sets were sold in 2014, although they were very expensive. Although the technology is still relatively new, it has quickly made its way into many smartphones and digital cameras.
Pixel ResolutionThe 1080p camera produces a video a high Resolution with 1920 horizontal and 1080 vertical pixels.The 4k camera has Ultra-High Resolution with 3840 horizontal and 2160 vertical pixels
Camera Viewing angle1080p security camera has 90 degree viewing angle under analog system110 degree viewing an angle under a digital system, which is narrower than 1080p.
Viewing distanceThe 1080p resolution has a maximum viewing distance up to 60 meters.4K resolution has a maximum viewing distance up to 40 meters.
Image sensor
A 1080p security camera has sensor that is equal to that of 1/3 inch CCD (10x6mm).The sensor size in a 4k security camera is equal to that of 35mm film (36x24mm).

What is 1080p Security Camera?

The 1080p security camera is an outdoor security camera. These HD cameras have become the new trend in video surveillance. They’re more affordable than their 4K counterparts, use less power, and are easier to store and manage.

1080p is a resolution that is commonly used for high-definition itself and is a great resolution to use for surveillance.
This HD security camera records 30 fps (frames per second).

These 1080p cameras produce much clearer videos with sharper images.

One of the reasons why HD cameras are better than their SD counterparts is because they are relatively cheap yet still offer crystal clear footage. The picture is detailed and clear, with little or no distortion.

This is especially true when using the camera’s night vision capability. The 1080p resolution is a significant improvement over most standard security cameras.

1080p security cameras

What is 4k Security Camera?

4K security cameras, also known as 4K HD CCTV cameras, 4 K IP cameras, or 4K network video recorders (NVR), provide extremely high-definition video recording and real-time live viewing at a fraction of the bandwidth needed for traditional HD surveillance systems.

These cameras can shoot video in the range of 100 to 150 megabytes per second. Compared to the traditional HD 720P or 1080P surveillance camera, the output image quality of the 4K security camera is better by 150% to 200%.

4K is the latest technology in security cameras. A 4K security camera will give you an extremely clear picture, making it easy to identify intruders and track what is happening.

It also has a wide viewing angle so that you can cover a large amount of space with just one camera.

These security cameras can help you keep an eye on your property and protect it from criminals. The 4k security cameras have various sights and can be used in various situations.

You can use these 4K security cameras to track people or animals, objects, or property in a large area that you want to monitor. These cameras come with night vision lenses, letting you monitor the activity around the clock.

4k security cameras

Main Differences Between 1080P and 4K Security Cameras

1. 1080p security camera footage is stored as 720p. This means that if you record at 1080p in your camera and need to store it on an external drive, there will be some loss of quality when you transfer it to the computer. The 4k security cameras store footage as a 4k
2. A full HD video requires about 2.2 GB per minute. With this technology, you can see even the smallest details and read license plates from up to 60 feet away (18 meters). The 4k video needs about 18 GB per minute of recording time. Due to the higher resolution and smaller pixel size, you can see all the details even from further away.
3. The color temperature captures images during the daytime, where blue and green light is used for and red light is used for recording images.
4. the 1080p camera will come with a fixed lens, so the field of view is going to be the same no matter what distance you are away from the camera. The 4k camera comes with a zoom lens, so you can zoom in on an area of interest without moving the camera.
5. 4k security cameras are a bit more expensive than 1080p resolution security cameras.

Difference Between 1080P and 4K Security Cameras
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Last Updated : 24 June, 2023

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