Oura Ring vs Motiv: Difference and Comparison

The ages of awe with fitness bands and watches are long gone. They have led to the birth of another innovative creation, fitness and sleep rings.

These got an overwhelming response in the market, and many people found the classical fitness bands fascinating. Oura ring and Motiv are some popular products when talking about these rings.

Key Takeaways

  1. Oura Ring is a smart ring that tracks sleep, activity, and heart rate, while Motiv is a smart ring that tracks activity and heart rate.
  2. Oura Ring has a longer battery life of up to 7 days, while Motiv has a battery life of up to 3 days.
  3. Oura Ring is slightly more expensive than Motiv but offers more features and longer battery life.

Oura Ring vs Motiv

The Oura Ring is a small ring-shaped wearable device that tracks sleep, heart rate, body temperature, and activity levels. Motiv is a smart ring that tracks activity, heart rate, and sleep. It is designed to be worn all day and uses advanced sensors to track fitness and health metrics accurately.

Oura Ring vs Motiv

Our rings are the leading successful product in the market. They are the most highly sold health, wellness, and smart ring. Its main focus is to calculate sleep duration and track activities.


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The one based in Finland is appreciated and recognized as the best among all the models. 

Motiv is mostly known for its daily activity-tracking features and sleep-tracking features. It also measures and detects if you had a night of disturbed sleep and measures your heartbeat during sleep.

It is ideal for people who would like to have a systematic dataset of their daily habits to reflect upon them.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonOura RingMotiv 
Meditation AidIt is provided with a well-curated meditation aid that is extremely useful for habitual meditators.   It does not have an inbuilt meditation aid.
Heart RateIt calibrates and stores the heart rate and monitors it only during rest moments and sleeps.  It measures and monitors heart rate instantaneously.
Device Login   It does not have an individual device login.It has a device login option that enables the user by giving them a special and personal account.      
PasswordThe user cant log in without typing in the password.  It provides the user with a passwordless login option.
Authentication SupportThe two-factor option for authentication is not provided. It comes with a fully equipped two-factor authentication facility.

What is Oura Ring?

 Oura Ring allows the user to check in and keep track of all the daily activities like rest hours and meditation, and work and practice on your breathwork.

The app does wonders as it systematically arranges and organizes the facts about your body and presents data to conclude your overall health level and well-being.

 It has a stunningly great design and is made of titanium, which is extremely light in weight. It is also coated with a diamond-like form of carbon that protects the ring from scratches and abrasions.

It is available in quite a few color variations. Infrared PPg is used by smart rings to measure and maintain heart rates.

It is much more accurate than the LEdD sensors used in high-end products. It is water-resistant for about a depth of 1000 meters. The electronic components and protected well and coated so that they have an appreciable level of wear and tear.

The battery lasts for up to 7 long days, and this is what makes it incredible. The memory has enough storage space to accumulate the entire data for 6 weeks, and it also charges itself in a window of a maximum of 80 minutes and is extremely user-friendly.

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oura ring

What is Motiv?

This smart device was curated and produced after a good three years, after which the researchers collected relevant data sets and worked on its function and design.

It does much more than activity and sleep tracking. It is such a versatile model for people who are aware of their health and well-being.

It monitors daily activity and calculates everything from the very second you jolt out of bed to the second you hit the sheets. It also gives data on your disturbed sleep, your inability to sleep, and your sleep hours.

The app is compatible with Android and also with its users. It is extraordinary as it also has the capacity to detect and measure brushing, showering, and running.

It calibrates your active time and the calories you shred throughout the day. It counts your footsteps and also your active heart rate. You can install your biometrics for that privacy and security.

Touch and face ID scans can also be leveraged for ios supporting devices. It provides easy and passwordless sign-in options. It is protected with a 2.5 mm titanium layer that makes it scratch-resistant.


Main Differences Between Oura Ring and Motiv

  1. Oura Ring comes with an inbuilt meditation aid, whereas in Motiv, a meditation aid is absent.
  2. In Oura Ring, heart rate is measured during sleep time and rest time, whereas, in Motiv, it is calculated throughout the day and also at night.
  3. Oura Ring doesn’t ask for any device login option, whereas Motive requires a device login procedure.
  4.  Oura Ring asks for the password for login, while Motiv does not.
  5. Oura Ring consists of a gyroscopic sensor and also two-factor authentication support, whereas Motiv lacks moth the presence of a gyroscopic sensor as well as the two-factor support feature.
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