Difference Between Oura Ring and Fitbit

Anything but a healthy lifestyle offers positive vibes within ourselves. Tracking our daily lifestyle’s involuntary workouts shall add value and satisfaction in a day’s life.

Oura Ring vs Fitbit

The main difference between Oura Ring and Fitbit is the place where you wear it on your body. As the name suggests, Oura Ring is worn on the finger of your dominant hand, while Fitbit is a band that is worn on the wrist. You may think if this is the difference, what does it make different from one another. The place where you wear has its distinguishing features in terms of the tracking system.

Oura Ring vs Fitbit

Oura Ring is a finger-based fitness tracker that helps to track your well being overall. In the world of fitness tracking, Oura Ring is considered to be compact and elegant fitness trackers available in the market.

Fitbit, on the other hand, is an activity tracker like the Oura Ring. You can indeed track the activity levels in real-time, and you can get to see it as against the Oura Ring.

Comparison Table Between Oura Ring and Fitbit

Parameters of ComparisonOura RingFitbit
Activity MetricsActivity Score, Steps, Walking Equivalency, Total Calorie Burn, Inactive Time, Dynamic Activity Goal, Goal ProgressSteps, Active Minutes, Calories, 24/7 heart rate, Resting heart rate
Sleep Monitoring SystemNot as effective as the Fitbit bandsIt is a highly effective device for sleep monitoring.
Real-Time Monitoring SystemYou must use the App to check for progress.The band has a screen, and you can check the scores in real-time.
MaterialTitaniumAluminium and Stainless Steel
Battery LifeBetter Compared to FitbitFitbit has less Battery Life compared to Oura Ring.

What is Oura Ring?

Oura Ring is a fitness tracking device that can be worn on your hand’s fingers. Made out of titanium, Oura Ring adds to your jewellery collection too. Yes, you can find an Oura Ring with diamond-studded too.

Oura Ring is considered comfortable to wear. You can also wear it on your non-dominant hand as well. Oura Ring comes in two models

  1. Balance
  2. Heritage

The looks are different, but the features are similar to one another. The Oura Ring does not have a screen like the fitness bands.

Excellent sensors are used that shall help track your fitness. The accelerometer coupled with gyroscope sensors helps monitor your steps.

The application in your smartphone offers a wide range of data. You can set your fitness goal and perform your daily activities. The app shall notify your progress.

oura ring

What is Fitbit?

Fitbit is a fitness tracker developed by Fitbit Inc. Like the other fitness bands, you need to wear it on your wrist. It helps you to track the fitness levels in real-time as it has a screen to view.

Though the sensors used in the band is more or less similar to that of the Oura Ring, the heart rate monitoring system is excellent in this device.

One of the sensors that are not available in the Oura Ring is the oxygen tracker as you sleep. As the device also tracks your sleep, the SpO2 sensor tracks the oxygen variability in your body.

Also, the device being water-resistant, Fitbit tracks your swimming activity. The sleep monitoring system is the one that is praiseworthy as we compare the same with Oura Ring.

The sensors are so sensitive that it tracks your sleep between deep and light sleep too. If you want to check your restless time during your sleep, you can very well do it using the Fitbit fitness bands.


Main Differences Between Oura Ring and Fitbit

  1. Exercise tracking scores are not elaborate and informative like the Fitbit.
  2. The data offered by Oura Ring is a touch accurate than the Fitbit fitness bands.


When we compare the hardware of the trackers, it is completely person-specific. If you like it to make it discreet, then use an Oura Ring, simple as that.

However, the price factor is the one that makes people go for Fitbit. The Oura Ring has an additional cost as you will receive a sizing kit to measure your finger size.

This adds to the existing whopping cost that you are going to spend on purchasing the device. There are elegant models in Oura Ring, though. Fitbit or Oura Ring depends on your usage and lifestyle.


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