Difference Between Fitbit Versa and Apple Watch

This compatibility difference is reflected in the features and specs supported by each variant. As the Apple Watch is compatible with other iOS devices of the user, it makes data integration across the platform much smoother.


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This is absent in the case of the Fitbit Versa.

Fitbit Versa vs Apple Watch

The difference between Fitbit Versa and Apple Watch is that the former is compatible with both the Android and iOS platforms, while the latter is solely compatible with the iOS platform.

This implies that a Fitbit Versa can be effectively paired with any Android or Apple device, however, contrarily an Apple Watch has a very limited pairing window.

Fitbit Versa vs Apple Watch

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Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonFitbit VersaApple Watch
CompatibilityThe Fitbit Versa is compatible with both the Android and iOS platforms.The Apple Watch is solely compatible with various iOS devices. It cannot be integrated with an Android device.
DisplayFitbit Versa sports an LCD display.An Apple Watch has an OLED display.
Screen SizeFitbit Versa has a screen size of 1.34-inch.Apple Watches have a display screen size of 1.5-inch.
ResolutionA Fitbit Versa has a resolution configuration of 300×300.An Apple Watch has a resolution configuration of 390×312.
Streaming MusicA desktop app is needed to stream music to a Fitbit Versa. This makes streaming music an arduous task.A mobile application is needed to stream music. This makes the process hassle-free and convenient for the user.
Battery LifeLonger battery life than an Apple Watch.Shorter battery life than a Fitbit Versa.
GPS TrackingThis feature is not available.GPS tracking is available.
PriceFitbit Versa is more lucrative and economical than an Apple Watch.An Apple Watch is quite expensive.
Smartwatch FeaturesThe Fitbit Versa does not support extensive smartwatch features.An Apple Watch has more smartwatch features like dictation or scribbling of responses.

What is a Fitbit Versa?

The Fitbit Versa is a health and fitness smartwatch that offers extensive compatibility with both the android and iOS platforms. It was initially launched by Fitbit as a potent competitor to the other smartwatch options available in the market.

With a 1.34-inch LED display, Versa is a top contender for the ace position within the growing smartwatch industry. The niche secured by Versa is the cost-effective price point of its sales.

The design of the watch is similar to Pebbles. It has one button on the left side and two buttons on the right side. The charging port is located at the bottom of the watch.

As a primarily fitness oriented smartwatch, the Fitbit Versa offers features like heart rate monitoring, tracking of steps, calories, etc.

The Versa interface is easier to navigate as all the necessary data can be found in a single app. This eliminates the hassle of downloading multiple applications.

fitbit versa

What is an Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch series was launched in 2015 as a primary partnered smartwatch that was compatible with other Apple devices.

Owned and marketed by Apple Inc. the watch amalgamates a set of distinct features including, fitness tracking, wireless communications, and the integration of iOS devices of a user.

The Apple Watch features a superior OLED display of 1.5-inches with a 390×312 pixel resolution. There are several variants under each series of the smartwatch.

The distinctive design of the watch coupled with its enhanced smartwatch features -over the fitness features- makes it a popular choice.

There are multiple apps that can be downloaded by the Apple Watch user to monitor and track different health parameters.

Downloading multiple apps can be tedious for the user. Thus, this range lacks the streamlining that Fitbit Versa has to offer.

apple watch

Main Differences Between Fitbit Versa And Apple Watch

  1. The main difference between the two products is that the Fitbit Versa is compatible with both the Android and iOS platforms, while an Apple Watch is solely compatible with the Apple interface. Thus, an Apple Watch can only be used with an Apple device.
  2. The display capacity of each is quite different. While an Apple Watch sports an OLED display, a Fitbit Versa has an LCD display. The sizes of the screens are slightly different as well. The former watch has a display screen of 1.5-inch, while the latter has a 1.34-inch screen.
  3. The display resolution of an Apple Watch is much more superior to a Fitbit Versa. The former range sports a display of 390×312 resolution, while the Fitbit Versa has a display resolution configuration of 300×300.
  4. Apple Watches are equipped with GPS tracking facilities. This option is unavailable on a Fitbit Versa.
  5. The two products also differ in terms of their market prices. An Apple Watch is sold at a much higher end of the price spectrum than a Fitbit Versa. Thus, the latter product is the more affordable option between the two.
  6. The battery life offered by a Fitbit Versa is far superior to that of an Apple Watch. Battery drain is much more accelerated on an Apple Watch, especially if features like GPS tracking are frequently used.
  7. The desktop app needs to be used for a Fitbit Versa to be able to stream music. Alternatively, streaming music is extremely convenient on the Apple Watch as it uses the iTunes gallery on the user’s phone to effectively sync data.
  8. An Apple Watch has more smartwatch features than a Fitbit Versa. It allows the user to dictate or scribble responses. These features are absent from the Fitbit Versa interface. The Fitbit Versa is primarily a fitness-oriented range.
Difference Between Fitbit Versa and Apple Watch
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