Fitbit vs Mi Band: Difference and Comparison

People worldwide are becoming health conscious because they want to live healthy lives.

The current scenario of the world has driven several overweight and obese people to hit the gym and maintain a healthy body.

So, when everything and everyone is health conscious in today’s world, why not take the fitness industry to the next level?

You do not need anyone to guide you to fitness because you want to pay any monthly fees to anyone (trainer) who makes you work hard day and night.

In this digital world, there is a solution for everything, and by saying ‘solution for everything,’ I mean helping solve your problems digitally.

Several companies have developed smartwatches that will help users keep everything in check just like a trainer does. Two of the most famous brands of smartwatch companies are Fitbit and Mi Band.

Key Takeaways

  1. Fitbit is a fitness tracker with features like heart rate monitoring, GPS, and sleep tracking, while Mi Band has similar features but at a lower cost.
  2. Fitbit has a more polished design and a larger selection of models, while Mi Band has a more minimalistic design and fewer models.
  3. Fitbit has a larger user community and better customer support, while Mi Band offers better value for money and longer battery life.

Fitbit vs Mi Band

Fitbit offers a range of products, including fitness trackers, smartwatches, accessories, and a mobile app to track and share fitness achievements. Mi Band is a line of fitness trackers developed by Xiaomi that offer features such as step tracking, heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and notifications.

Fitbit vs Mi Band

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonFitbitMi Band
Brand nameFitbitXiaomi
Owned byGoogleXiaomi
Apps Limitation15 apps onlyNo certain limitation
Battery Lasting10 days20 days
Ease of UseComplex sometimesVery easy to use
Women Menstrual TrackingYesNo

What is Fitbit?

Fitbit is a consumer electronics company recently acquired by Google on Nov 1. It is one of the largest technology companies that played a major role in the smartwatch industry. Fitbit’s latest models will Charge 4.

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 As the name of the company tells us that the company produces products related to gyms, health fitness trackers, and other such features.

Fitbit’s watches are expensive, but users love them because of their design and quality.

Fitbit lacks a little in offering more features than Mi Band, but most fitness freaks, joggers, and other people who are into health fitness will opt for this brand.

The battery life of the products of Fitbit is quite decent and can easily last up to 10 days without charge.

So, no need to worry about charging every day and going to jog because once the battery is full, you can go jogging for 10 days without wasting time and energy charging the product.

The Fitbit’s battery life is more reliable than any other smartwatch brand.

The smart-watches of Fitbit come in various designs and styles with different colours too. The watch strap can be changed with another one depending on your suit or dressing style.

Due to its lightweight products, Fitbit can easily impress you, making you wear smartwatches every time and everywhere.


What is Mi Band?

The Mi Band is a smartwatch that will help you keep track of your fitness daily. The Mi Band is quite a budgeted product, and it offers more features to its users where they can play music just by swiping on the screen.

The battery life is the main feature of Mi Band because it can last up to 20 days after it is fully charged.

Once the battery is full, there is no tension in charging the watch for 20 days. But, it has been found that the battery is less reliable compared to Fitbit.

You can charge your Mi Band daily, and Xiaomi will give you a decent battery backup. The charging is also fast, and thus, there is less waste of time and energy.

Now, talking about the ranges and sizes of the Mi Band then, there is not much to offer by Xiaomi.

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The bands are quite comfortable, and it is lightweight too, which will give you the best experience while jogging or performing some other kinds of activities.

The Mi Band will offer you to check out their wide range of tracking capabilities and allows you to check your performance.

mi band

Main Differences Between Fitbit and Mi Band

  1. Fitbits are much more reliable than the Mi Band because Fitbit’s watches are much more advanced than Mi Band.
  2. Xiaomi will offer you their products at a budgeted price, whereas the Fitbit watches are expensive.
  3.  Most fitness people will prefer Fitbit over Mi Band because Fitbit offers a variety of designs, whereas Mi Band does not have a variety of designs and colours.
  4. The Fitbit smart-watches come with the latest added feature of Alexa, where you can say anything to perform on your watch.
  5. Mi Band lacks a bit in their quality, and users can face several issues on their devices, whereas Fitbit is much of a reliable brand.
Difference Between Fitbit and Mi Band

Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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23 thoughts on “Fitbit vs Mi Band: Difference and Comparison”

  1. I’m not sure how I feel about replacing human trainers with smartwatches. Personal guidance is so important in staying motivated and reaching fitness goals.

    • I understand your concern, but for many people, the convenience and accessibility of these smartwatches make them a great tool for staying on top of their fitness.

    • While a personal trainer can provide tailored advice and motivation, these smartwatches offer a more affordable and accessible option for many individuals.

  2. This post provides a comprehensive comparison of Fitbit and Mi Band, shedding light on the key parameters for consideration. It’s a valuable resource for anyone looking to invest in a fitness smartwatch.

  3. The information about Fitbit and Mi Band’s reliability is intriguing. It’s essential to evaluate the performance and robustness of these devices before making a decision.

    • Fully agree. Reliability is a critical factor for something that’s meant to support health and fitness goals, and it’s important to have a clear understanding of each brand’s track record.

  4. The breakdown of Fitbit and Mi Band’s features is really helpful. It clarifies the key differences and strengths of each option.

    • Agreed, having a clear understanding of what each smartwatch offers can guide consumers in making the right choice for their fitness journey.

  5. The discussion about Fitbit and Mi Band’s battery life and comfort is enlightening. These aspects are crucial for a positive user experience with a smartwatch.

  6. The comparison between Fitbit and Mi Band is really informative. It’s great to have a breakdown of the differences to help consumers make an informed choice.

    • Absolutely, having these details laid out makes it much easier to understand the benefits and drawbacks of each option.

  7. It’s interesting to see the differences in battery life and user community between Fitbit and Mi Band. These factors can really influence the decision-making process for consumers.

  8. I think it’s great to see people taking control of their health and improving their fitness. Wearable technology like these smartwatches is really a game-changer!

  9. The balance of features, battery life, and design between Fitbit and Mi Band is presented in a very informative way. It offers consumers a detailed comparison to guide their decision-making process.

    • I appreciate the depth of insight provided in this post. It makes navigating the options of Fitbit and Mi Band much clearer for prospective buyers.

  10. I’m skeptical about the reliability of these smartwatches. How accurate are the fitness tracking features compared to traditional methods?

    • I can see why you’d have reservations. It’s important to consider the scientific evidence behind the fitness tracking features to assess their trustworthiness.

    • It’s a valid concern. Accuracy and reliability of the data collected by these smartwatches are definitely points to consider before choosing to invest in one.


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