Smart Band vs Smart Watch: Difference and Comparison

From normal to digital and smartwatches, technology is becoming advanced day by day. There are various types, categories, shapes, styles, and sizes of technical devices and accessories.

Many users get confused between the smart band and smartwatch as both lies under the same category.

Key Takeaways

  1. Smart bands are lightweight, fitness-focused devices, whereas smartwatches offer more comprehensive features, including smartphone-like functionality.
  2. Smart bands have a longer battery life than smartwatches due to their limited features.
  3. Smartwatches have a larger display and more advanced user interfaces than smart bands.

Smart Band vs Smart Watch

Smart bands are fitness trackers that focus on health and activity monitoring. They have limited features like step tracking, etc. Smartwatches are more versatile with advanced features. They have a larger screen, longer battery life, and can function as a standalone device.

Smart Band vs Smart Watch

A smart band is also called a fitness band or fitness-tracker. Smart band, also has the features of time, fitness-tracking, connection to the smartphone, but it does not have complex features as the smartwatch.

It is relatively smaller and thinner in size than the smartwatch. As its name indicates, it is a “band” sized watch.

A smartwatch is a wrist-watch like smartphone. Smartwatches are versatile devices used for a time, fitness tracking like tachymeter, heart rate monitor, pulse rate checker, pedometer, Bluetooth calling, and can connect to smartphones.

In short, all the features can perform using a smartwatch. A smartwatch has a big display, so the battery does not last long.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonSmart BandSmart Watch
DefinitionThe smart band is a fitness tracker used during sports activities.Smartwatch is a daily wearable watch with mobile phone features.
DisplaySmart band has a display size of 0-1 inch.Smartwatch has a display of 1-3 inches.
Battery lifeSmart band lasts for 4-5 days on a single charge.Smartwatches last 1-2 days on a single charge.
Band materialMostly, bands are rubber material. Bands are made of rubber, leather, and stainless steel.
Screen typeSmart bands have a rectangular screen.Smartwatches have circular, square, or rectangle screens.
PriceComparatively cheaperComparatively expensive

What is a Smart Band?

A smart band is also called a fitness/activity tracker that monitors various health conditions.

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Along with showing time, it has additional features like keeping a record of walking and running distance covered, heart rates, sleep monitors, calorie counter, etc. In short, it is used in all workouts, sports, and fitness activities.

Smart bands are thin in size compared to regular watches. It makes it easy to carry fitness bands while performing complex moves.

The display of the smart bands is 0-1 inch. The shape of the screens is majorly rectangular due to their slick body. They don’t have touchscreen features rather have a side button to control all the features.

Unlike smartwatches, bands have black and white display color. Smart bands have sensors fixed in them, responsible for the detection of the medical conditions of the user.

Smart bands have longer battery life than smartwatches. It lasts for 4-5 days easily on a single charge. The bands are made up of rubber material.

Smart bands also come with GPS connectivity and a feature called PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) that keeps a record. Some brands of fitness bands have features like touchscreen and water resistance.

The use of smart bands has drastically increased due to the consciousness of people regarding health. They provide insights and data regarding your health.

smart band

What is a Smart Watch?

Smartwatch is a type of watch worn on the wrist. It is not like the wrist analog watch. It possesses additional features like tracking heart/pulse rate, pedometer and tachymeter, calling, texting options, Bluetooth connection, etc.

Today’s generation mostly prefers the smartwatch due to its additional features that ease out the busy schedule of the people. The display of the smartwatch ranges between 1-3 inches.

The screens are of various shapes and sizes like circular, rectangle, square, etc. The screens of the smartwatches are touchscreen and big enough to be controlled by fingers. A smartwatch has more features and functions than a smart band.

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Smartwatch comes with a camera, calling and texting features, apps, WIFI connectivity, health tracking, and some smartwatches have sim slots in them.

Smartwatches can be worn every day and are durable as well. They either have detachable straps made up of leather, rubber, or even stainless steel. A smartwatch is worn on the occasions like meetings, events, parties, etc.

As the screen is big enough in a smartwatch, the touchscreen experience is smooth. One can use WhatsApp, text messages, and emails and type on them just like a smartphone.

A smartwatch has a large battery capacity. But, as it performs many advance technical features and functions, the battery does not last long. So, it can go only 1-2 days on a single charge.


Main Differences Between Smart Band and Smart Watch

  1. A smart band is used during physical activities which contain health-related records. Smartwatches have more advanced technical features like heart rate, pedometer, calling and texting, tachymeter, smartphone apps and much more.   
  2. A smart band acts as a health tracking system, whereas a smartwatch acts as a smartphone.
  3. Smart bands have a smaller display size than the smartwatch.
  4. Smart bands have a black and white display, whereas smartwatch has colorful displays.
  5. The smart band does not have touchscreen features, while smartwatches have.
  6. A smart band is fitness-oriented, whereas a smartwatch is a multipurpose device.
  7. A smart band is inexpensive as compared to a smartwatch.
Difference Between Smart Band and Smart Watch

Last Updated : 20 July, 2023

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