Difference Between Kenmore Elite and Non-Elite

Kenmore is a brand of appliances which is sold by the chain of departmental stores called Sears. The brand is responsible for the production of household appliances that people can use on a daily basis.


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The brand is highly trusted by customers, and most of its portfolio is sold by Kmart, Amazon, and Sears. 

There are 2 versions of the appliance that the brand offers to its customers. It is the reason why there is a concept of Kenmore Elite and Non-Elite. The thing is that the two might seem similar but, are quite different in many ways.

Kenmore Elite vs Non-Elite

The difference between the Kenmore Elite and Non- Elite is that Kenmore Non- Elite quality is far inferior in comparison to the Elite version. Kenmore Elite is a more up-scaled version of Kenmore non-elite appliances and they are more popular among the customers.

Kenmore Elite vs Non Elite

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Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonKenmore EliteKenmore Non-Elite
QualityThis is far more superior in quality.The non-elite version is not as superior in quality as the Kenmore Elite version.
PopularityThe Kenmore elite version is more popular among the customers of the brand owing to many reasons.The non-elite is not as famous as the elite version of the appliances because of being the lesser of the two.
MaterialThe material used in the manufacture of the Elite version of Kenmore appliances is of better quality. Their manufacture is done using inferior materials like plastic instead of metals.
CostThe cost of the Kenmore Elite models is far higher than the non-elite model. This is because of many factors which the non-elite versions lack.The cost of non-elite versions is lesser and is fit for a small budget.
EleganceThe Elite models are quite elegant. The material used in their manufacture ensures that they attracted their customers easily. The non-elite models are not that elegant and don’t give the same vibe as the elite models.
FeaturesOf course, the higher the rate, the more features. Along with the basic functioning, one can expect many things from the appliance. If the non-elite versions are taken into account, they are not equipped with many features. Hence, the low price.

What is Kenmore Elite?

Kenmore Elite is a brand that consists of household appliances. They are produced by big names like Whirlpool, LG, and other brands. The portfolio of the Kenmore Elite is often sold by Sears, KMart, and of course Amazon, and are produced by the likes of Panasonic, Electrolux

The Kenmore products come in 2 forms: The Elite and Non-Elite. The people with a higher budget choose the Elite version. The Kenmore Elite products include refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, grills, and many other household materials.

There are many more products that are released each year and hence, it is the reason the products are so famous.

kenmore elite

What is Kenmore Non-Elite?

Kenmore Non-Elite version the down-scaled version of Kenmore elite. The basic functionality of the product is mostly the same. The only differences are in the quality and other such features. Also, there is also a low price for the customers of the Kenmore non-elite version.

The Non-Elite version of Kenmore includes the same product, ie, refrigerators, grills, TVs, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, etc.

All of these products are produced by big companies like LG, Panasonic, Whirlpool, etc. Also, all of these are sold by the same chains of stores, like Sears, Amazon, and KMart.

kenmore non elite

Main Differences Between Kenmore Elite and Non-Elite

  1. The cost of the Kenmore Elite version is far more as compared to the Non-Elite version. This is because the non-elite version is not as fancy as the elite version and hence, it is cheaper. It is not that their basic performance is undervalued but, this is because they are not as elegant as the elite version. This is better for those people who have a low budget but, seek a good performance.
  2. The Elite products are of very fine quality. This means that the quality of the Non-Elite products is not as detailed as compared to the Elite version. For example, the body could be made out of aluminum in the elite case while in the case of non-elite, it could be made from simple plastic. Plastic is not as good as aluminum in any case as aluminum is a metal.
  3. When it comes to features, the Elite version takes a turn here. The Elite version products have many great features to put up in front of their customers. This is why most people buy the Elite version. The features that the Elite versions come up with are too good to pass on.
  4. Considering the manufacturing of the products, the Elite version products are made of great and quality materials like Aluminum and other metals. The Non-Elite materials are manufacture with the help of plastic and other poor-quality materials. 
  5. Since the manufacturing of the material is done using great quality products, the result is elegance in the case of Elite products. Though the functionality of non-elite appliances is not affected, definitely, this is a drawback that non-elite models have.
  6. Overall, the popularity of the Elite products exceeds the popularity of the Non-Elite products, and hence, we can say that the Elite products are very much superior. The overall design along with the material used gives the appliance a classy feel on a whole.
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