Difference Between HP Elite and HP Envy

HP is a huge company with a lot of laptops in its arsenal and to help you water it down and find the best one for you, we are going to review two of HP’s workstation laptop series. Don’t let the word workstation fool you, because these laptops can house some great performance.


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Key Takeaways

  1. HP Elite laptops target business professionals with enhanced security features, durable build, and business-oriented software.
  2. HP Envy laptops cater to consumers seeking performance and style with high-end specifications and elegant designs.
  3. Elite laptops focus on business use, while Envy laptops emphasize a balance of performance, design, and entertainment capabilities.

HP Elite vs HP Envy

HP Elite laptops are designed for business and professional use, with high-end hardware and security features to protect sensitive information. HP Envy laptops are designed for general use and consumer applications, offering a balance of performance, design, and affordability.

Whenever you shop for a laptop you quickly realize that many of them have a lot of similarities. That would not be the case between these two series. The overall difference would be the size and performance, HP Elite series can be quite smaller which means less performance.

The Elite series are tiny in size and what’s even more impressive is the 0.64-inch slim body.

When you see that and hold it in your hands, weighing in at 2.2 lbs, you quickly understand why the performance cut.

On the other hand, the Envy series is not the same as the elite. It can go up to a 17-inch display and weigh over 5 lbs but that brings in a lot more performance than the Elite series.

Also, because it’s easier to fit all the components in a bigger laptop, the Envy series tends to be cheaper as well.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonHP EliteHP Envy
Tested battery life14+ hours10+ hours
Display Size13.5 inch16 inch
Amazon Price (new)$1839.99$1749.99
GPUIntel Iris Xe Integrated GraphicsNvidia RTX 3060
Weight2.2 lbs5.5 lbs

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What is HP Elite?

Hp Elite laptops are a series of workstation laptops HP has made for those groups of people that like the smaller versions. Since it’s much smaller than your typical laptop it also sacrifices a lot of the power one usually comes with.

With this series being smaller the price automatically grows larger. It’s difficult to fit all the components in such a small box and keep the price low.

It houses a small but powerful 12th-generation i5-1235U Intel processor which will handle most of the workload you throw at it. As for the graphics card, it’s Intel’s Iris Xe Integrated Graphics.

Even though small this series of laptops doesn’t lack when it comes to RAM. It holds a single 16 GigaByte onboard RAM and when it comes to internal drive storage it comes with a 256 GigaByte NVMe Solid State Drive. 

The display on this particular series is 13.5 inches in size, anti-glare, Full HD and it is also a touch screen. It’s 100% RGB as well with 400 nits.

All of this doesn’t require that much battery compared to other laptops so it comes with a humble but long-lasting 68 Wh Li-on polymer battery.

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What is HP Envy?

Contrary to the Elite series, this laptop series is more of a powerhouse workstation series rather than compact. It is a lot more upgradable and more affordable.

This series isn’t shy with its processing power, starting with Intel’s 12th generation processor, Intel i5-12500H, with the possibility to upgrade to the Intel i7-12700H.

When it comes to the graphics card, this series isn’t shy in that department either. While this series also has Intel Iris Xe Integrated Graphics, it also has an Nvidia RTX 3060 GPU which is a lot more powerful than the integrated one.

It has a 16-inch display which has a resolution of 2560Ă—1600, a bit higher than the Elite series, 400 nits, and also 100% RGB. Not to forget, this series display also comes with a 120Hz refresh rate.

Unlike the Elite series, this laptop’s got more room which means bigger storage too, it houses a 1 TeraByte NVMe Solid State Drive. When it comes to RAM, on the other hand, it’s the same as the Elite series with 16 GigaBytes of RAM.

The battery life on this series isn’t as great, naturally considering the power it comes with. However, it still manages to pack a good lifetime of 10+ hours but what’s good about it is that it will charge 50% of its battery in only 30 minutes.

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Main Differences Between HP Elite and Envy

  1. This goes without saying but the main difference between these two series is size. Smaller size means more compact but less performance and some people like it that way but for others, more performance is needed and that’s where Envy comes in.
  2. The biggest difference you will first see is the display. The Elite series only has a 13.5-inch display while the Envy series has up to 17-inch displays. Not to forget, the Envy series have a 2560Ă—1600 display while the Elite has a 1920Ă—1280 display.
  3. The processing power is a big difference too with these two series with the Elite only offering up to Intel i5-1235U while the Envy offers up to i7-12700H which blows the Elite out of the water.
  4. The Graphics card difference might be the biggest difference performance-wise with the Elite series only having the integrated graphics while the Envy series has both the integrated graphics card but also have an extra graphics card which is the Nvidia RTX 3060 and that’s superior in every way.
  5. Another difference would be the storage, the Elite only goes up to 256 GigaBytes of storage while the Envy series goes up to a whopping 1 TeraByte of storage which is quadruple that of the Elite series.
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