Difference Between Theragun Pro and Elite

Percussive Therapy has been around for some time and it has helped people with their ailments and more. Percussion is a method of tapping body parts to determine the size, consistency, and borders of the body parts and it is done with fingers, hands, or small instruments.


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And it is done by the average person more than they realize something as simple as clapping of hands, snapping of fingers, tapping fingers on the table are all examples of body percussion.

The various advantages of percussion include delayed onset muscle soreness, improves flexibility, increases blood circulation, gives way to a better lymphatic flow, offers quick relief to muscle soreness.

Now for these reasons and more, we have massage guns in the market, two of them being the Theragun Pro and Elite. Theragun has an assortment of therapeutic guns which include models like the PRO, Elite, Prime, Mini, and other special editions. 

Theragun Pro vs Elite

The difference between Theragun Pro and Elite is the power or the torque delivered by both machines, the Pro delivers a higher amount of power as compared to the Elite, which basically means that when using the Pro the user will receive 60 lbs of force while the Elite is only able to deliver about 40 lbs of force, 20 lbs of force lesser than its counterpart.

Theragun Pro vs Elite

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Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonTheragun ProTheragun Elite
PowerDelivers more power of 60lbs of force.Delivers the power of 40lbs of force.
PriceMore priceyMore affordable
Battery Life150mins on a single battery comes with two batteries.120 mins and has only one battery in the box.
Attachment Heads6 attachment heads.5 attachment heads.
Versatility Adjustable shaft.Non-adjustable shaft.

What is Theragun Pro?

The Pro has a rotating arm ergonomic multi-grip and the power on it is really impressive, it has a commercial-grade brushless motor with QuietForce technology and maintains the power without diluting the speed or quality.

It delivers effortless performance while being 55% quieter than the other models, and it also reaches 60% deeper into the body tissue than the average therapeutic gun. 

The box comes with two swappable batteries with a battery life of 150 minutes each, thus combing to 300 minutes between the two of them. Other than the batteries the items in the box include six attachment heads, a charging cable, and other standard stuff. 

The OLED screen conveniently displays the current speed and a responsive force meter which helps the user see the essentials while using the machine. The Theragun app helps the user keep track of their journey and guides the user as well. 

The different attachment includes supersoft, dampener, standard ball, wedge, thumb, and cone among which the supersoft is best suited for the bones and other sensitive areas. It also comes with a standard warranty of 2 years.

theragun pro

What is Theragun Elite?

The box here comes with five attachments instead of six in the Pro, however, this does not make it any inferior to it, especially given the price range, it is quite good.

The real eye-catcher here is that this machine is 75% quieter than the other therapeutic massage guns. The 5 attachments with this Theragun are the Dampener, Standard Ball, Wedge, Thumb, and Cone, all of which are made up of non-porous, closed-cell foam. 

The machine delivers 40 lbs of force, without diluting or stalling at a speed of 40 times per second. The smart app, Theragun app integrates with Apple Health or Google Fit and appropriates itself with the lifestyle of the user.

The battery life of 120 minutes is good for the price as well. The ergonomic grip is Elite’s patented triangular grip which helps the person hold in various positions as per the relaxation and pain relief. 

This Therapeutic gun has a QuietForce Technology QX65 which is patented and provides the best force at the quietest sound. The drivetrain is very well made and so it can withstand additional force without diluting force or speeding quality.

The customizable speed range, smart app integration all help the experience a better one. It comes with only one year warranty. 

Main Differences Between Therapeutic Elite and Pro

  1. The power provided by the Pro is more than the Elite and thus it is professional grade.
  2. The price for the Pro is on the higher end than the Elite.
  3. The number of attachments in the Elite is 5 while in the Pro there are 6 attachment heads.
  4. The battery life on the Pro is 150 mins while on the Elite it is 120 minutes. 
  5.  The Therapeutic Pro has an adjustable shaft while the Elite has a non-adjustable shaft.
  6. The warranty on the Pro is two years while in the Elite it is only one year. 
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