Theragun vs Massage Guns: Difference and Comparison

Our Human body is unique, embedded with complex mechanisms, with many happening spontaneously and synchronously to each other for proper functioning and living. Sometimes, the body requires some rejuvenation to sustain proper functioning of the body.

There are several other benefits included in massaging. It includes improvement in blood circulation, stimulating the lymphatic system, reducing depression and anxiety due to reduction in stress, boosting the immune function etc.

Like conventional massage, massage guns aim to flush out lymph and extra-cellular fluids from the soft tissue, thereby reducing inflammation. Massage guns are available in all price ranges.

Key Takeaways

  1. Theragun is a brand name for a specific type of massage gun. In contrast, massage guns are a general category of handheld percussive massagers that use rapid vibrations to relieve muscle tension and soreness.
  2. Theragun’s distinctive triangular design allows for better grip and control, while other massage guns may have different shapes and sizes.
  3. While Theragun is known for its high price point and professional-grade performance, many other massage guns on the market offer similar benefits at a more affordable price range.

Theragun vs Massage Guns

Theragun is a brand of massage guns known for its percussive therapy devices that provide deep muscle treatment. The term ‘massage guns’ refers to a broad category of handheld devices used for self-myofascial release and can include a variety of different brands and models, including Theragun.


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Theragun vs Massage Guns

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonTheragunMassage Gun
DefinitionIt is a higher-end massage gun with several technological features.Massage guns range from low to high prices, and the quality varies from one brand to another.
TypePercussion therapySome massages belong to the vibration category, whereas very few belong to percussive ones.
FunctionIntended for deep-pain relief in muscles. (Deeper massage)Intended to alleviate stress by contracting and releasing muscles.
Technology FeaturesMany features are present, which include an OLED screen displaying a force meter, customizable speed range etc. (in a few models only)Common massage guns do not come packed with rich features.
BatteryTwo interchangeable batteries are present. (in select models only)Common modules do not come equipped with batteries.
Motor NoiseSilentLittle noisy when compared to the ragu.
OLED ScreenPresent.Absent.
AmplitudeProvides deep massage with 16 mm amplitude (i.e. the effect can be felt on muscles at a deeper extent).Does not possess deep massage capabilities.
ForceSixty poundsCommon massage guns do not produce much force.
Smart App IntegrationYesCommon massage gun does not have this feature.
Additional PackageProtective Case, travel pouch, extra attachments.Protective Case (only for )
CostVery HighMedium to high.

What is Theragun?

Theragun is one of the most potent massage guns in the commercial market. There are two different kinds of principles adopted in electronic massaging devices.

It is because of the quick force technology adopted by theragun, resulting in quieter yet more powerful motors. Theragun also allows the user to set a customizable speed range, up to five different ranges in select models.


What is Massage Gun?

A massage gun is a hand-held device that enables the user to massage on their own without expecting the help of others. Massage guns come in two modes.

massage gun

Main Differences Between Theragun and Other Massage Gun

  1. Theragun has many technological features missing in other commonly available massage guns.
  2. Theragun has offered better massage without much noise from its motor compared to its peers.
  3. Theragun can produce a massive thrust, up to sixty pounds, which is impossible in common massage guns.
  4. Common massage guns do not come packed with batteries for supplying power to the source.
  5. Though theragun has many features, it is very costly compared to standard massage guns.
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