Difference Between Electric and Spring Airsoft Guns

Everyone enjoys a game of battlefield in simulation. Practising the shots with the guns is entertaining. Everyone fancies the military stimulation and the paintball with the realistic guns.


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‘Airsoft guns’ are replica firearms utilized in simulation games. Safety is the primary concern with the firearms utilized in simulation games.

Based on the operation and shots, airsoft guns get classified as spring, electric, or gas-powered.

Key Takeaways

  1. Electric airsoft guns use a battery-powered motor to compress a spring and fire pellets, while spring airsoft guns use a manually operated spring to fire pellets.
  2. Electric airsoft guns are more expensive but have a higher rate of fire and require less effort to operate, while spring airsoft guns are less expensive and simpler to maintain.
  3. Electric airsoft guns are better suited for experienced players, while spring airsoft guns are better for beginners and target shooting.

Electric vs Spring Airsoft Guns

The difference between electric and spring airsoft gun is that electric guns are battery-operated. They have selective firing capabilities, and the gun can switch between modes. The spring airsoft guns work on mechanical power and need to be cocked back every time after a fire shot.

Electric vs Spring Airsoft Guns

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Electric airsoft guns have gears that trap the air inside, and the firing shots are powerful and fast. The guns can be easily upgradable and handy in maintenance.

But without proper care, they are easily malfunctioning. They are expensive, but the joy of a fully automated gun is worth every penny.

Spring airsoft guns are perfect for beginners and occasional players. They utilize the power spring to propel the bullet down the barrel.

Springers are a disadvantage in a competitive arena. Depending on the spring, it can be the worst or the best-performing gun.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonElectric airsoft gunsSpring Airsoft Guns
OperationIt is battery-operated.It works on mechanical power and needs no battery.
FunctionThese guns are fully automated.It is a single-action gun.
UsageIt is best suited for gamers who are serious.It is the best for beginners.
Firing TimeThese guns are accurate and very quick.These are less accurate and firing time is slow.
TimeThese are the current trending guns and there is constant innovation in this field.These guns can be considered outdated.

What are Electric airsoft guns?

Electric-powered guns utilize a spring-loaded piston pump like spring guns. They are battery powdered instead of manual operation and it is a rechargeable battery.

There are selective firing options like 3-round burst and semi-automatic options. These guns are popularly called AEG (automatic electric guns).

The AEG developed by a Japanese company Tokyo Marui gets the credit for creating the original system. In the earliest structure of the gun, the gearbox gets loaded in the piston against the spring.

The spring gets released when loaded. It then pushes the plunger forward and propels the bullet through the barrel and out of the muzzle. 

Many manufacturers utilize the basic system with minor improvements. The muzzle velocity is between 150 to 600 ft/s.

The guns get charged with Nickel-metal hydride, and the most common is an 8.4 V large battery pack. The recent Lithium polymer batteries are getting popular as the battery charge lasts longer.

The metal bodies and the high-quality plastics make the AEG look realistic and have been a popular choice. Tokyo Marui produces AEG replicas of their counterparts.

With each addition, there is an improvement in the visual appeal of the automatic electric guns.

The low-powered electric guns are expensive and powerful AEG, but there is no difference in their mechanical operations.

Many companies produce mid-priced electric guns, and it gets considered a duplication of higher-range guns.

What are Spring airsoft guns?

The spring airsoft or air cocking guns are single-shot devices it utilizes the potential energy stored in the spring, and when the trigger gets released, the pressure within the pump cylinder blows the pellets through the barrel.

The user must manually reload for each shot as compared to the automatic firing design.

Spring-powered airsoft guns are more powerful than electric airsoft guns. The stiffer springs are powerful, with a muzzle velocity of 400-700 ft/s.

Spring guns are inexpensive and are not long-lasting due to the constant pressure exerted on the gun parts by the powerful spring. It can be easily modified and upgraded to last long and shoot powerfully.

The lower-end spring guns are cheaper but less suited for any competition as they don’t provide the accuracy and power for long-range use.

The high-end spring is expensive and releases competitive muzzle velocities. They are exceptionally best for short, and long-range distances and extremely reliable during cold weather.

The crucial advantage of spring guns is their usage in any situation without relying on batteries or gas. Spring guns are not affected by water, like a battery-operated gun which could malfunction when wet.

The spring-powered are cheaper and readily available, get utilized as training guns for beginners. 

Springers are the other name for the guns in the United Kingdom and a favourite choice while beginning the game. Spring guns are considered the primary weapons due to their reliability, high accuracy, power, and low noise.

The ease of repair and modification is the added advantage.

Main Differences Between Electric and Spring Airsoft Guns

  1. Electric guns are fully automatic and can fire multiple shots. Spring guns are manual and single-action.
  2. Electric guns are the favourite opinion of serious airsoft gamers. Spring guns are a safe bet for beginners.
  3. Electric guns could easily malfunction. Spring guns are durable and easily upgradeable.
  4. Electric guns are in current trend and innovative. Spring guns are comparatively crude and old-fashioned.
  5. Electric guns are quicker on shots. Spring guns have a slow firing time.
Difference Between Electric and Spring Airsoft Guns
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