Spring Water vs Purified Water: Difference and Comparison

Water is the primary thing for every living being on the earth. Due to pollution, we are in the stage of purifying everything. Many brands and methods or techniques are available for purifying the water.

Key Takeaways

  1. Spring water originates from a natural underground source and maintains its minerals.
  2. Purified water undergoes a rigorous filtration process to remove impurities and contaminants.
  3. Spring water offers a fresh taste and mineral content, while purified water ensures consistent quality and purity.

Spring Water vs Purified Water

Spring water naturally flows from an underground spring, is collected at the source and is bottled directly without any additional processing. Purified water is water that has been treated and purified to remove impurities and contaminants, and can be done through various methods.

Spring Water vs Purified Water

Springwater is a natural resource. It is fresh water. The spring water is only available underground from the earth. It is a natural discharge point that is directly taken from the world.

Springwater is a natural discharge. It is present on the surface of the earth or underground of the planet. The water that originates from the Himalayas and rainfall is also called spring water. The spring water contains permeable rock, sandstone, limestone, etc.

Purified water is nothing but mechanically filtered water. It undergoes many filtration processes. It removes various particles like bacteria, pollutants, copper, and viruses.

Many countries create separate organizations to check water quality before providing it as drinking water. Bottled water is needed to be recycled after its usage.

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonSpring WaterPurified Water
SourceSpringwater comes from an underground sourcePurified water comes from any source
TreatmentNo treatmentStringent treatment
MineralsSpringwater has more mineralsPure water has fewer alkaline
AlkalineSpringwater has more alkalinePure water has more chemicals
ChemicalsSpringwater has no chemicalsPurified water has more chemicals

What is Spring Water?

The healthy water is also called springwater. The water in the well is directly raised without pumping when the pressure is high inside. These types of wells are called artesian wells. It is a naturally present underground water table.

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A borehole is a direct method of taking water from the spring water. The springwater undergoes a natural purification process. It needs to cross limestone, sandstone, and clay.

Before bottling the spring water,, it must be verified by Environmental Protection Agency(EPA).

The natural layers have been present for about 15 years, which are the natural purifiers of spring water. Compared to purified water, spring water is rich in good minerals and healthy for the human body.

The spring water has a pH of 7.2 and natural electrolytes, which give the taste to the water. The natural springs are formed only when underground water flows on the earth’s surface.

Precipitation is the primary reason for the spring and spring water. The rain and the melted snow will increase the range of the underground water. It is essential that every house need rainwater harvesting treatment to increase the level of the groundwater.

The different layers present underground the earth is called bed, which is nothing but an aquifer. The spring water helps in the various irrigation system used for agriculture.

Springwater is the only source for agriculture until the rain comes. The farmers depend on the groundwater for their farming.

But due to global warming. The sea level rises, and saltwater enters the groundwater ecosystem. It destroys the freshwater.

spring water

What is Purified Water?

The purification process undergoes several processes. Coagulation, sedimentation, filtration, and disinfection are the primary processes. The chemical dirt is removed in clotting.

The settlements are removed in sedimentation, and The sand dust and bacteria are removed from infiltration. Viruses and chemicals are released in disinfection.

Only a limited amount of chlorine can be present in the water. Excess chlorine may also lead to death. These are the pre-checking process of purified water.

The purification process has various methods. Reverse osmosis, distillation, deionization, and ozonization are different methods or techniques used to purify water. In reverse osmosis, the excess minerals are removed.

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In distillation, the water undergoes a heating process and removes unwanted particles. In deionization, all the minerals are extracted. In ozonization, ozone infusion is happening.

The absolute 1-micro filtration is a unique technique pressuring the water to 1 micron.

Purified water is another drinking source for human beings. Compared to spring water, pure water has high chemical content and is not much healthy for the human body.

The purified water is available in bottles and cans. Pure water need to undergo many process and purification steps.


Main differences Between Spring Water and Purified Water

  1. Compared to spring water, the purified water has a less sweet taste.
  2. Since spring water does not undergo any purification methods, the chemicals are less in spring water and more in purified water.
  3. On comparison Spring water, purified water is not healthier for the human body.
  4. The spring water is less alkaline, whereas purified water is more acidic.
  5. Springwater does not undergo any treatment, whereas purified water undergoes stringent treatment.
Difference Between Spring Water and Purified Water
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Last Updated : 30 June, 2023

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