Difference Between Roomba iRobot 670 and iRobot 675

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This makes cleaning more difficult than anything, not cleaning houses and dust on time can lead to spoiling of wooden flooring and carpets laid down and leading to a lot of money loss and repairs. 

Hiring another person can sometimes be difficult and a lot of money, so in today’s scenario, cleaning robots, which seems to be a very heavy investment, the one-time investment can help cleaning.

With all AI technology that cleans mops and runs back to its charging station, the battery is low. 

Cleaning robots can be expensive and difficult to find a great one. The Roomba is the best brand that manufactures cleaning robots with anti-fall detection and bumps detection leading to saving the machine’s components. 

The iRobot 670 and 675 are the best-selling cleaning robot with AI technology in the market.

Key Takeaways

  1. The Roomba iRobot 675 has a slightly longer battery life than the iRobot 670, which allows it to clean for a longer period before recharging.
  2. The 675 also supports voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, while the 670 does not.
  3. While the 670 is less expensive than the 675, the 675’s longer battery life and support for voice assistants make it a better choice for users who want a more advanced and convenient robotic vacuum.

Roomba iRobot 670 vs iRobot 675

The difference between iRobot 670 and iRobot 675 is that the iRobot 670 offers two colours options which is an important feature to many users as having colour options makes it easy to match with the interiors. In contrast, irobot675 offers only one single colour option. iRobot 675 comes with great cleaning capacity and filters than the iRobot 670, which offers quite normal filters.

Roomba iRobot 670 vs iRobot 675

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Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonRoomba iRobot 670Roomba iRobot 675
MeaningThe iRobot 670 is a cleaning robot powered by WIFI and a smart app, which cleans all the floor while roaming and offers sensors like bump and fall detection.The iRobot 675 is a cleaning robot powered by WIFI and a great AI technology which offers better cleaning features and motors with a bump and anti-fall detection.
Run TimeIt offers an 80 minutes run time on hardwood and 60 minutes on matting.It offers a 90 minutes run time on the hardwood, and a 75 minted run time matting.
Battery CapacityIt offers a standard 1600 mAh battery.It offers a great 1800 mAh battery.
Charge TimeIt takes up to 2.5 hours for a full charge.It usually takes 3 hours for a full charge because of a big battery.
Color OptionsIt offers two color options which is a quite important feature for many users.It offers only a single-color option.
Sensors OfferediRobot 670 offers two sensors, that is the bump sensor and anti-fall sensors.The iRobot 675 offers the same bump and anti-fall sensor, which are more advanced.
Voice ControlThe iRobot 670 offers voice control which can activate the robot through voice and start cleaning.The iRobot 675 offers the same voice assistant but better and can be activated from a distance.

What is Roomba iRobot 670?

The Roomba is the bestselling brand that manufactures cleaning robots with active artificial intelligence technology, voice assistant Wi-Fi and smart apps to control the machine.

The robot 670 is the bestselling budget robot with great features like the 1600 mAh battery which takes up to 2.5 hours to fully charged.

It also comes with great sensors like bumps sensors and anti-fall sensors that protect the machine from falling from stairs or bumping into an object because machinery inside the robot is quite expensive and important.

The robot works as when left on the floor which then roams around the house it collects the dust and minute particles black dog hair or cat hair which then select gets collected into a bin that can be cleaned afterwards.

It also comes with active voice assistant so the machine can be activated with voice.

The machine is animals safe, so it doesn’t cause any harm the pets in the house. Overall, it is a great package, for those who are busy with their work-life. Do not get too much time cleaning around the house.

What is Roomba iRobot 675?

The Roomba iRobot 675 is the second best-selling premium cleaning robot in the market. It comes with a great massive 1800 mAh battery that takes 3 hours to charge with a runtime of more than 90 minutes.

It is also a certified Wi-Fi product with active assistant technology. The bump sensors and anti-fall sensors which tried and tested by the company many times.

The machine also so is pet safe so doesn’t cause any harm the pets in the house.

It keeps on roaming in the whole house collect the dust, and the bin is later on empty, which has a capacity of 0.5 liters. The machine’s best-selling part is that the machine itself runs to the charging station when the battery is low.

It is also made up of a very good quality raw material that is durable and even important to protect the precious machinery inside. The product also offers a one-year warranty overall the room by robot 675 is an advanced and better version than the robot 670.

irobot 675

Main Differences Between Roomba iRobot 670 and Roomba iRobot 675

  1. The iRobot 675 offers much better-cleaning capacity and filters to clean onto the surface with better picking of dust and other minute stuff like dog‘s hair. In contrast, iRobot 670 is not a bad product, but the cleaning capacity is quite satisfactory.
  2. The iRobot 675 offers better AI technology meaning better sensors utilization like bumping into objects and anti-fall detection with better cloning results. In contrast, the iRobot offers a quite satisfactory AI technology utilization as the sensor’s utilization is quite satisfactory 1 in 1000 times use the machine can bump into objects. Moreover, the iRobot 675 offers a great voice command like turning on the machine and putting it to work changing modes, on the other hand, the iRobot 670 offers the same commands and features, but the voice can be heard from a distance.
  3. The iRobot offers a great 1800 mAh battery capacity making it great for long runs and takes up to at least 3 hours for a full charge because of the big battery. In contrast, the iRobot 670 offers a standard 1600 mAh battery and takes at least 2.5 hours before a full charge.
  4. The iRobot 675 offers a 90 minutes run time whereas the iRobot 670 offers an 80 minutes run time on the hardwood.
  5. The iRobot 675 offers great built quality, making it resistant to bumps and scratches to protect the internal machinery. In contrast, a Robot 670 is built out of standard building blocks which are not too durable.


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