iRobot 675 vs iRobot e5: Difference and Comparison

Gone are the days when people had to toil long and hard to keep their horses clean and sanitary, especially when there was a toddler or a pet. Housework is easier than ever before with the iRobot series.


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An iRobot is a patented 3-Stage cleaning system with sweeping brushes, multi-surface brushes, and a vacuum cleaner. 

It can suck from small to large debris from carpets and hard floors, which can be done with good old-fashioned vacuums. With an irobot everything is automatic; one can switch it on, set the timer, and forget about it.

The irobot has various Roombas for these purposes, and two popular models here are the irobot 675 and irobot e5.

Key Takeaways

  1. The iRobot 675 and e5 are both robot vacuum cleaners, but the e5 is an upgrade to the 675 models with additional features.
  2. The e5 has a more powerful suction system, making it more suitable for homes with pets or carpets, while the 675 is better suited to homes with hard floors.
  3. Both models have similar smart features, such as voice control and smartphone app integration, but the e5 has a longer battery life, making it more suitable for larger homes.

iRobot 675 vs iRobot e5

The difference between iRobot 675 and iRobot e5  is their navigation and brush-roll features. iRobot 675 has a stronger bumper, while the iRobot e5 has an onboard navigation system. In the case of the brush roll, the e5 has a rubber brush roll which does a better job than the bristle brush of the 675. 

iRobot 675 vs iRobot e5

Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisoniRobot 675iRobot e5
NavigationThe navigation here is a simple bumper that tries again to change the course when it comes in the path of any obstacle.It has an onboard navigation computer and thus is surely better equipped.
BrushrollIt has a bristle brush roll.It has a rubber brush roll.
Battery sizeLesser battery capacity.Twice as much battery capacity.
Carpet BoostNot as good as the other model.It has a better capacity for carpet cleaning.
ScheduleWeekly scheduling.More flexible and granular scheduling.
PriceEasy to affordA bit more high-end.

What is iRobot 675?

This machine is best suited for those trying to get into Roombas for the first time, one can schedule with the irobot app or a voice assistant, and the work gets done without much fuss.

It has a 3-stage cleaning system and dual multisurface bristle brushes to grab dirt from carpets and hard floors. The Edge sweeping brush cleans the corners and edges. The recharging is automatic, too, after a runtime of ninety minutes.

They are compatible with major voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant. These machines can also sense if more pollen or pet sheddings are in the air and suggest extra cleaning.

Also, with the patented Dirt Detect technology, the 675 can sense and detect dirt around the house and clean it quickly. With auto-adjusted cleaning heads, the Roomba can change its height for floor or carpet cleaning purposes. 

Even with the ease of use, good cleaning properties, and long run time, there are some disadvantages, like it can get noisy, clogs occasionally, the debris bin gets filled up quickly and can get difficult to clean. 

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What is iRobot e5?

This series is a bit more expensive than the 600 series, and rightfully so; with better specs and cleaning technologies, this is the better choice if one has the budget for it.

With powerful performance and pickup, it hardly misses a spot and drags in the dirt, even from the most difficult corners and edges. 

The rubber brush does not get tangled up while cleaning, especially for homes with pets; the shedding is cleaned religiously and leaves the area spotless.

The Roomba weighs around 7.2 lbs and is easy to operate, hassle-free, and cleans efficiently. The customer gets an iRobot Roomba e5, Home Base charging system, line cord, owner’s guide, and documentation in the box.

The Machine learns and adapts to the household, and not only can it be operated via smart voice assistants, but it can also detect whether there is any need for extra cleaning in case of pollen or pet sheddings.

There are some drawbacks, as it can occasionally miss a spot, small debris bin is difficult to clean. 

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Main Differences Between iRobot e5 and iRobot 675

  1. The navigation is better on the e5 as it has an onboard navigation computer, while the iRobot 675 has bumper navigation which is not as fine of a technology.
  2. The price of the e5 is slightly higher than that of the iRobot 675.
  3. The bristle brush roll is not as efficient as the rubber brush roll of the iRobot e5.
  4. The scheduling feature is more granular in the iRobot e5, while the iRobot 675 has only weekly scheduling.
  5. The battery capacity is twice as much on the iRobot e5 as on the iRobot 675. 
  6. The Carpet boost technology in the iRobot 675 is not as good as in the e5.
  7. The maximum battery life on the iRobot 675 is 121 minutes, while on the iRobot e5 is only 90 minutes.
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