iRobot 675 vs iRobot e5: Difference and Comparison

The iRobot 675 is a reliable entry-level robot vacuum with effective cleaning capabilities and basic navigation features, making it suitable for smaller spaces and routine maintenance. On the other hand, the iRobot e5 offers advanced performance with a more powerful suction system and a larger dustbin, making it well-suited for larger homes and tackling more demanding cleaning tasks.

Key Takeaways

  1. The iRobot 675 and e5 are both robot vacuum cleaners, but the e5 is an upgrade to the 675 models with additional features.
  2. The e5 has a more powerful suction system, making it more suitable for homes with pets or carpets, while the 675 is better suited to homes with hard floors.
  3. Both models have similar smart features, such as voice control and smartphone app integration, but the e5 has a longer battery life, making it more suitable for larger homes.

iRobot 675 vs iRobot e5

The difference between iRobot 675 and iRobot e5  is their navigation and brush-roll features. iRobot 675 has a stronger bumper, while the iRobot e5 has an onboard navigation system. In the case of the brush roll, the e5 has a rubber brush roll which does a better job than the bristle brush of the 675. 

iRobot 675 vs iRobot e5

Comparison Table

FeatureiRobot 675iRobot e5
PriceGenerally less expensiveGenerally more expensive
App ControlNoYes (via iRobot Home app)
Voice ControlNoYes (with compatible smart speakers)
Brushroll TypeDual bristle brushesDual rubber brushes
Filter TypeStandard HEPA filterHigh-efficiency HEPA filter
Dustbin Capacity300 ml500 ml
Cleaning ModesClean, Spot CleanClean, Spot Clean, Schedule
Virtual Wall BarrierNot includedIncluded

What is iRobot 675?

The iRobot 675 is a robotic vacuum cleaner designed to automate the process of cleaning floors in homes and offices. This smart home device is part of iRobot’s Roomba series, known for their advanced features and efficient cleaning capabilities.

Key Features of iRobot 675

1. Cleaning Efficiency

The iRobot 675 is equipped with a powerful cleaning system that includes a combination of brushes and suction power. Its dual multi-surface brushes are designed to effectively lift and remove dirt, dust, and debris from various floor surfaces, including carpets and hard floors.

2. Adaptive Navigation

With its adaptive navigation technology, the Roomba 675 can navigate seamlessly around obstacles and furniture. The built-in sensors help the robot vacuum detect and avoid potential obstacles, preventing collisions and ensuring thorough cleaning of the entire space.

3. Wi-Fi Connectivity and Smart App Control

This robotic vacuum cleaner is designed for smart home integration. Through Wi-Fi connectivity, users can connect the iRobot 675 to their home network and control it remotely using the iRobot HOME App. This allows for convenient scheduling, monitoring, and customization of cleaning preferences from a mobile device.

4. Edge-Sweeping Brush

The edge-sweeping brush is a feature that ensures the iRobot 675 can effectively clean along edges and corners, leaving no areas untouched. This design is particularly useful for capturing debris in hard-to-reach places, providing a comprehensive cleaning experience.

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5. Dirt Detect Technology

iRobot’s Dirt Detect technology is incorporated into the Roomba 675, enabling the vacuum to identify areas with higher concentrations of dirt or debris. When such areas are detected, the robot will intensify its cleaning efforts in those specific spots, ensuring a more thorough cleaning process.

Specifications of iRobot 675

– Dimensions: The iRobot 675 has compact dimensions, allowing it to navigate and clean in tight spaces. The exact dimensions can be found in the product specifications provided by iRobot.

– Battery Life: The robot vacuum is equipped with a rechargeable battery that provides extended cleaning sessions. The battery life may vary based on usage and cleaning settings.

– Dustbin Capacity: The dustbin on the iRobot 675 has a certain capacity for holding dirt and debris. Regular emptying of the dustbin is recommended for optimal performance.

– Weight: The weight of the iRobot 675 is designed to be manageable for easy handling and transportation.

irobot 675

What is iRobot e5?

The iRobot e5 is a robotic vacuum cleaner designed and manufactured by iRobot Corporation, a leading company in the field of home automation and robotics. This smart device is part of iRobot’s Roomba series, known for its advanced features and efficient cleaning capabilities.

Key Features of iRobot e5

1. Powerful Cleaning Performance

The iRobot e5 is equipped with a robust cleaning system that includes a combination of dual multi-surface rubber brushes and a high-efficiency filter. This combination enables the robot to effectively capture dirt, debris, and pet hair from various floor surfaces, providing a thorough and efficient cleaning experience.

2. Dual Rubber Brushes

The dual multi-surface rubber brushes are designed to adjust and flex to stay in constant contact with different floor types, whether it be hardwood, tile, or carpet. This ensures optimal cleaning performance on a variety of surfaces, leaving floors spotless.

3. High-Efficiency Filter

The high-efficiency filter plays a crucial role in trapping 99% of allergens, pollen, and dust particles as small as 10 microns. This feature contributes to creating a healthier indoor environment, making the iRobot e5 an ideal choice for users with allergies or respiratory sensitivities.

4. Adaptive Navigation

The e5 is equipped with iRobot’s adaptive navigation technology, which enables it to navigate seamlessly around furniture, obstacles, and other potential hazards in your home. This ensures efficient coverage of the entire cleaning area without getting stuck or missing spots.

5. Wi-Fi Connectivity and Smart Home Integration

With built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, users can control and monitor the iRobot e5 through a dedicated mobile app. This app allows users to schedule cleaning sessions, customize cleaning preferences, and receive notifications about the robot’s status. Additionally, the iRobot e5 is compatible with popular smart home platforms, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, providing convenient voice control options.

6. Recharge and Resume Functionality

The iRobot e5 features a recharge and resume functionality. When the battery is low during a cleaning session, the robot automatically returns to its charging dock, recharges, and then resumes cleaning from where it left off. This ensures that the entire cleaning area is covered, even in larger homes.

Main Differences Between iRobot e5 and iRobot 675

iRobot e5

  1. Powerful Performance: The e5 is known for its strong suction power, making it effective in picking up dirt and debris.
  2. High-Efficiency Filter: Comes equipped with a high-efficiency filter that captures allergens and particles as small as 10 microns.
  3. Rubberized Dual Multi-Surface Brushes: Features rubberized brushes designed to handle both hard floors and carpets effectively.
  4. Advanced Navigation: Utilizes advanced navigation technology, including sensors and mapping, for efficient cleaning.
  5. Long Battery Life: Offers a longer battery life compared to some other models, allowing for extended cleaning sessions.
  6. Smart Home Integration: Compatible with smart home systems, enabling voice control and remote operation through apps like Alexa and Google Assistant.
  7. iAdapt Technology: Utilizes iAdapt technology to adapt to different floor types and navigate around obstacles intelligently.

iRobot 675

  1. Budget-Friendly: Generally priced more affordably than the e5 model, making it a cost-effective choice.
  2. 3-Stage Cleaning System: Features a 3-stage cleaning system to agitate, brush, and suction dirt and debris effectively.
  3. Dual Multi-Surface Brushes: Equipped with dual multi-surface brushes suitable for various floor types, although not rubberized.
  4. Basic Navigation: Uses basic navigation sensors for maneuvering around the home without advanced mapping capabilities.
  5. Wi-Fi Connectivity: Connects to Wi-Fi, allowing users to control and schedule cleaning sessions through the iRobot Home app.
  6. Voice Control: Supports voice control via popular smart home assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant.
  7. Adaptive Cleaning Technology: Adapts cleaning patterns to different areas and adjusts its performance based on the floor type.

Shared Features

  1. Cliff Detect Sensors: Both models are equipped with cliff detect sensors to prevent falls down stairs or other drop-offs.
  2. Auto-Adjust Cleaning Head: Automatically adjusts the height of the cleaning head to maintain optimal contact with the floor surface.
  3. Edge-Sweeping Brush: Both models have an edge-sweeping brush to capture debris along walls and edges.
  4. Dirt Detect Technology: Features dirt detect technology to identify high-traffic areas and focus on thorough cleaning in those regions.
  5. Auto-Adjust Cleaning Head: Both models have an auto-adjust cleaning head that adapts to different floor surfaces for efficient cleaning.

Last Updated : 02 March, 2024

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    • The rubber brush roll has proven to be highly efficient in capturing dirt and pet hair. It’s definitely a notable advantage of the e5 over the 675.

  5. The iRobot 675 seems to be a great entry-level option for individuals new to Roombas. It offers impressive features at an affordable price point.

  6. The iRobot e5’s superior battery life and navigation make it a more compelling choice for larger homes. The investment seems justified for those with specific cleaning needs.

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