IRobot Roomba i7+ vs i3+: Difference and Comparison

When it pertains to robot blowers, iRobot is unquestionably the leading manufacturer. And, even though Roombas have been available for a few decades, their enthusiasm faces the prospect of waning.

On minimum and maximum carpets, the i7+ performs better, and it brightens more cat litter from unprotected spaces. It is capable of establishing virtual borders. The i3+ is significantly better at removing heavy trash off hard surfaces, such as cereal.

Key Takeaways

  1. Roomba i7 offers advanced features like smart mapping and room-specific cleaning, while Roomba i3 lacks these capabilities.
  2. Roomba i7 has a more powerful suction than i3, providing better cleaning performance.
  3. Roomba i7 can automatically empty its dustbin, whereas Roomba i3 requires manual intervention for emptying.

IRobot Roomba i7+ vs i3+

The iRobot Roomba i7+ and i3+ are both robotic vacuum cleaners with mapping technology and self-emptying dustbins. The i7+ includes more sophisticated navigation features, allowing it to clean more efficiently and effectively. The i3+ has less features than i7+ but it comes with budget friendly price tag.

Fishing vs Fly IRobot Roomba i7 vs i3

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In i7+, the fresh ground fully automated dirt decommissioning on the IRobot Roomba i7+ enables the i7 to remove itself throughout up to 60 days, allowing you and the i7 to overlook concerning sweeping for months at a time.

With a Superior 3 step cleaning technology with 10X the maximum horsepower, it provides stunning performance and retrieval that sucks in obstinate and messes.

In i3+, with the Tidy Foundation Automatic Trash Removal that permits the i3+ to unload itself towards up to 60 days, the IRobot Nano i3+ eliminates the need for mopping for extended periods.

It has a clean-up that is specific to you, and it takes vacuuming away your stress with tailored cleaning ideas driven by the unique understanding of iRobot Ingenuity, which recognizes your preferences and behaviors.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonIRobot Roomba i7+IRobot Roomba i3+
Bags IncludedIn i7+, the bags included in the dirt compartment is 3.In i3+, the bags included in the dirt compartment is 2.
WeightIn i7+, the total weight in portability is 7.28 lbs (3.30 kg).In i3+, the total weight in portability is 7.05 lbs (3.20 kg).
Carrying HandleIn i7+, yes there is a carrying handle.In i3+, there is no carrying handle.
Battery LifeIn i7+, the battery life duration is 74 minutes.In i3+, the battery life duration is 87 minutes.
Recharge TimeIn i7+, the recharge time duration is 87 minutes.In i3+, the recharge time duration is 94 minutes.

What is iRobot Roomba i7+?

The Roomba i7 is a quite enhanced rendition of the i3, with longer run times, improved navigation, and smarter regulation mechanisms.

The i7 employs vSLAM® routing, a patented technology that uses sensors to trace out your whole house before creating a personalized navigation plan that can maximize cleaning.

You may divide your lounge area from your galley. This allows you to selectively cleanse one area at a time, rather than the robot needing to thoroughly clean the residence in each session.

The i7 has a ventilation system, dual multi-surface scrubbing sponge, and personalized cleaning routines.

With the i7, you can establish personalized cleaning sectors, allowing you to wipe certain portions of your home rather than the entire location each time.

The i7 has a much clever slam maneuvering system that uses cameras to visualize your shelter and generate a specific map to ensure a more effective cleaning course.

With a vacuuming force of 1800 Pa, the iRobot Roomba i7+ offers 10X the washing strength of the iRobot Roomba 600 model. You may use Amazon Alexa or Google Voice to give it assistant instructions.

It has a significantly longer execution speed of 180 minutes, which makes it ideal for bigger houses. Notwithstanding its longer-run life, the i7’s charge controller is just significantly longer than that of the i3, at 90 minutes’ vs 1 hour for the i3.

irobot roomba i7

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What is iRobot Roomba i3+?

The Roomba i3 is the entry-level version of iRobot’s intellectual I category, which also comprises the i3, i3+, i7, i7+, i9, and others.

This collection of suction robots can plot out the entire house in logical rectangular pathways, allowing you to scrub in a better orderly manner.

Aside from Smart Guidance, the i3 features 10X the ventilation system of previous Roombas like the 600 models, as well as clever capabilities like Amazon Alexa or Voice Control amazon echo capabilities.

When it comes to maintaining carpets and tricky places, the Roomba i3 also includes the two brush mechanisms that most consumers rave about.

Roombas outperform practically all of their rivals in the industry in this area. It features intelligent navigation without the need for cameras. It is significantly more protected since no one can sneak into the private living area because there are no monitors.

The i3 spectrum does this through the use of floor detectors.

The Roomba i3+ includes two multi-surface sweeps that are capable of eliminating debris from the hardest locations, such as carpets, and you can establish no-go zones for the vacuum to prevent using the software.

It employs Dirt DetectTM intelligence to recognize issue regions with high levels of debris and efficiently detoxifies them. It regenerates before continuing to clean in the exact location where it was left out.

Except clearing out the dirt hoarder, you can practically rest it alone.

irobot roomba i3

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Main Differences Between iRobot Roomba i7+ and i3+

  1. The dust/dirt capacity of the IRobot Roomba i7+ is 13 oz. whereas the dust capacity of the IRobot Roomba i3+ is 13.5 oz.
  2. The power of the IRobot Roomba i7+ is 1800 pa. Whereas the power of the IRobot Roomba i3+ is 10X of 600 series.
  3. In IRobot Roomba i7+, the run time is 180 minutes. Whereas in IRobot Roomba i3+, the run time is 90 minutes.
  4. In IRobot Roomba i7+, the large debris at 0.2 gals is 57 percent. Whereas in IRobot Roomba i3+, the large debris at 0.2 gals is 96 percent. 
  5. Allergen barrier, North American wire cord1 additional, high-efficiency filter1 additional bonus brush are among the tools and accessories included with the IRobot Roomba i7+. Whereas the tools and accessories included with the IRobot Roomba i3+ include a clean base, automated dirt disposal2, dirt management bags1 additional, and a high-efficiency filtration.

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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