Shark IQ vs Roomba i7: Difference and Comparison

Technology has advanced greatly in the twenty-first century, infiltrating all aspects of our lives and industries. People have noticed a rise in the number of smart devices in their homes over time.

Starting with smartphones, smart TVs, and smart refrigerators, the list goes on and on. Smart vacuum cleaners, also known as Roombas and Sharks, have benefited from these home-based technological advancements. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Shark IQ features self-cleaning brush rolls, whereas Roomba i7 offers advanced navigation with Imprint Smart Mapping.
  2. Shark IQ is more affordable than the Roomba i7, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious shoppers.
  3. Roomba i7 boasts superior filtration systems, better suited for allergy sufferers and pet owners.

Shark IQ vs Roomba i7  

Shark IQ performs better on carpets, while Roomba excels on hard floors. Shark IQ has a better suction power and uses mapping technology to steer around your home. Roomba uses a random pattern to clean and relies on sensors to avoid obstacles. Shark IQ is less costly than Roomba in-store.

Shark IQ vs Roomba i7

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The Shark IQ Robot Self-Empty features a self-empty base, powerful Shark cleaning, total-home navigation, and self-cleaning brush roll, allowing users to vacuum for up to a month without having to worry about it. A self-cleaning brush roll, room-by-room navigation, and the ultimate convenience—a self-empty dock—are just a few of the features.

When the battery runs out, it recharges and continues where it left off. 

The Roomba i7 was the first vacuum cleaner with a self-emptying collection bin on the market. The collection container has a hole in it.

The hole is noticed when the Roomba i7 docks on the Clean Base charging station and the motor inside the Clean Base starts. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison Shark IQ Roomba i7 
Cleaning Mechanism Combination roller with bristles and rubber paddles Dual-rubber extractors.   
Battery Life 60 minutes per charge 2 hours per charge 
Robot Linking Not available Imprint Smart Mapping and Imprint Link  
Carpet Boost Feature Shark IQ doesn’t use a carpet boost feature It has a feature known as caret boost. 
Affordability More affordable Less affordable 

What is Shark IQ? 

Shark, the leading provider in home cleaning solutions, has introduced the Shark IQ Robot Self-Empty, the company’s smartest and the most self-sufficient robot yet. 

The robot empties into a bagless base after each cleaning session, ready for the next clean. In comparison to previous robots’ aimless bouncing, which can miss entire sections, the new IQ Navigation provides incredible row-by-row coverage.

Your robot generates a blueprint of your floors using powerful Home Mapping skills to give row-by-row, room-by-room cleaning. When it’s time to recharge, Shark IQ Robot returns to its base, empties, recharges, and then begins the cleaning job where it left off.

You have complete control over the cleaning process with Room Select. 

This vacuum can hold up to 30 days’ worth of debris and has a self-emptying base that clears the dust bin automatically. It is driven by IQ NAV, which allows the robot to map your entire home and allow you to select which areas to clean. 

The robot features a wifi capability that allows you to operate it using the Shark Clean App or Alexa or Google Assistant voice commands. It also comes with self-cleaning brush rolls that sweep away pet hair and long hair.

With all of these wonderful characteristics, you will undoubtedly want to have it in your home. 

shark iq scaled

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What is Roomba i7? 

Roomba provides you with a variety of containment options. You can restrict access to entire rooms, portions of rooms, or individual items on the floor within those rooms.

The Roomba has a mobile app interface.

After the mapping runs are finished, you can go over them and repair any errors. Keep Out Zones, a new feature for the Roomba i7 and s9 models, is now available.

You will be able to build squares of any size in any room using this capability. These areas will be avoided by the robot. 

In September 2018, iRobot introduced a new Roomba series, consisting of three models: the i7, the i3, and the e5. The i7 model has the same motor as the 980, but it features enhanced brush extractors.vSLAM navigation is used on the i7, as it is on the 900 series. 

The Roomba i7 appears to be very similar to its predecessors at first sight, but if you turn the machine upside-down, you’ll notice a number of differences. Before we get into it, one notable difference in the vacuum’s shell is that the LED now blinks and shines different colors based on its present state. 

When you turn the vacuum over, you’ll see that the rubber rollers that pull in dirt have been improved, with more – and more refined – grooves for greater pickup. The dust bin that comes with the vacuum has also been enhanced, making it easier to empty both manually and automatically. 

roomba i7 1

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Main Differences Between Shark IQ and Roomba i7  

  1.  The Shark IQ uses a combination roller along with bristles and rubble paddle as the cleaning mechanism, whereas Roomba i7 consists of dual-rubber extractors without the bristles. 
  2. The battery life of Shark IQ will last for up to 60 minutes, I.e., 1 hour and the battery life of Roomba i7 will last for up to 2 hours. 
  3. Shark IQ has no linking technology available for robots, while Roomba i7 has imprint Link and Imprint Smart Mapping, which are completely exclusive to it. 
  4. Shark IQ has no carpet boost feature available for their products. On the other hand, Roomba i7 has a caret boost, which is a feature that helps improve the motor speed and suction power whenever the robot is selected for cleaning the carpet. 
  5. Shark IQ is more affordable than Roomba i7, which is comparatively more expensive. 



Last Updated : 14 July, 2023

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