Difference Between Dolphin and Shark

Dolphin & Shark belongs to the same category of marine animals. They both live under the sea, breathe under the sea, eat under the sea & without water; they won’t be able to survive. They both eat, breathe & live under the same sea, they have the weight but still, they are different in many terms.


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Despite belonging to the same place, it still has a lot of differences. They both have different characteristics, which make them unique in nature. They may be the worse enemies of each other but they require each other too in order to maintain the marine life balanced.

Dolphin vs Shark

The difference between Dolphins and Sharks is that Dolphins are considered intelligent & are very friendly to humans, belongs to the family of Cetacean. The Cetacean Family fishes have bones instead of cartilage and are mostly mammals that give birth to young ones. Whales also belong to the same family. Sharks are not friendly; in fact, they are the deadly ones. They belong to the Chondrichthyes class of fishes. Fishes of this category have cartilage, not bones. Just like other fishes, they lay eggs that produce children.

Dolphin vs Shark

Comparison Table

Terms of comparisonDolphinsSharks
BreathingDolphins are considered mammals like us humans & animals. They breathe through air & are warm-blooded creatures.

On the other hand, sharks are fishes, which means they have gills to breathe under the sea and are cold-blooded creatures.
Giving BirthSince Dolphins are mammals, they give birth & nurse the young ones just any other animal.Sharks come under the category of fishes, which means they lay eggs to produce young ones.
Body StructureDolphins have a wide tale that is horizontal in shape. That’s why they flap their tales in an up-down motion. The shape of their tale helps in changing the directions swiftly. On the other hand, Sharks have a wide tail that is vertical in shape, which enables them to move their tail side by side. Because of this, sharks can’t really change directions swiftly.
Combating PowerDolphins are considered very social & because of that, they travel in groups, also known as pods. Staying in groups makes them stronger from any danger. Also, they have long snouts, which they use in combat. They have horizontal tails, which makes them agile, another plus point for combat. While being the same size as Dolphins, Sharks are not very agile because of the vertical shape of their tail. However, they can be very fast in one direction & have a bigger mouth with a stronger grasp.
Sharks are predators who always travel alone.
Behaviour PatternDolphins are very intelligent & love to stay in the group, also known as Pods.
They are friendly in nature & only attack when any danger or aggressive environment is sensed.
Sharks are termed predators, are very deadly attacking creatures.
They often travel alone.
Not very agile, but they are very powerful in terms of impact.
They possess a stronger while attacking.
HabitatsDolphins travel in their pods n usually stay near the surface because every now then,, they have to come out to breathe.Sharks have gills to easily breathe in the water and stay deep only surface when any prey is seen.

What are Dolphins?

Dolphins, an aquatic mammal, is known for their intelligence & friendly behaviour, especially with humans. They usually stay by the water’s surface since they need to come out every now & then to breathe air.

The most famous among the dolphins are the bottlenose dolphins, famous for “its build in smile” mouths.

Though dolphins are often considered friendly, harmless & peaceful species, they have these fantastic combatting skills for the enemy or any aggressive force. Travelling in pods makes them powerful already.

Their agility because of the horizontal tail, their intelligence & their strong power adds to it.


What are Sharks?

Sharks are known for their sharp teeth, their powerful grip for their prey & their ruthlessness while prey for their food. Their attacks are always very powerful because of their fantastic eyesight, enabling them to see at night.

Their tougher grey skin & roughened toothlike scales. Many sharks are given their names according to the nature & environment they are living in, like Blue Shark & The Great White Shark.

Averagely, Sharks grows up to 16m to 18m, but the largest shark among them is the deal is The Great White Shark, which is around 20m or 6ft long. It is known to be the deadliest, which attacks all kinds of big fishes & aqua mammals like seagulls, whales, smaller fishes & dolphins, sea turtles, etc.


Main Differences Between Dolphin and Shark

  1. Sharks & Dolphins when in the sea looks same because their fins, the shape & size are same, but when look closely Sharks have vertical tail which helps to move side by side but Dolphins have a horizontal tail which helps them move in any direction. Sharks have restricted movements because becasue of their fins, but Dolphins are agile because their fins.
  2. Though, Sharks known to be the dealiest creatires of the sea, dangerous but when threatened Dolphins attacks with the pod (since they travel in group), even the sharks are scared from Dolphins since they can attack through their stouts that can be very deadly.
  3. Dolphins are very social, as they travel in group also known as Pods, which also keeps them safe during the time of danger. Sharks on the hand, likes to stay alone, a shark is mostly spotted alone or only if there is a lot to prey.
  4. Dolphins are aquatic mammals & they breathe air which is why they stay by the surface of find, so they can come out of water to breathe now & then. Sharks have gills on the both side of their necks which helps in breathing deep under the sea where they stay.
Difference Between Dolphin and Shark
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