Patreon vs Ko-fi: Difference and Comparison

We have a multitude of possibilities in the market, replete with new technology, creativity, and talent. And it is vital and urgent to acknowledge their diverse abilities in many disciplines and ensure that they are compensated appropriately.

Many internet sites, such as Patreon and Ko-fi, assist these artists and creators in getting rewarded for their true talent and raising income for their needs. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Patreon allows creators to receive recurring monthly income from supporters, while Ko-fi focuses on one-time donations and smaller transactions.
  2. Patreon offers tiered membership levels and exclusive content for subscribers, whereas Ko-fi is primarily a tipping platform without tiered rewards.
  3. Ko-fi has a simpler interface and lower fees than Patreon, making it an attractive option for creators seeking occasional support or smaller-scale funding.

Patreon vs Ko-fi  

Patreon is a more feature-rich platform that supports creators in producing ongoing content and building a community. Ko-fi is a platform that allows creators to receive one-time payments and sell digital products. Creators earn monthly on Patreon, while Ko-fi is a one-time thing.

Patreon vs Ko fi

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 Patreon is an online business platform that provides online content creating tools to run subscription services and is based in America. The company is founded by Jack Conte and Sam Yam in the year 2013, May 2.

The tools provided by the platform are used by YouTube videographers, webcomic artists, writers, musicians, podcasters, etc. 

The whole idea of Ko-fi can be depicted through its icon – fuel creativity with a cup of coffee whereby users can spend the price of a coffee to support creators. Ko-fi boats of over 500,000 creators and creators.

At this time, Ko-fi does not offer mobile support, so you can’t access the platform on your phone.

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison Patreon Ko-fi 
Platform Fee Patreon charges creators a platform fee which is 5–12% of the funds received by the creator.  Ko-fi doesn’t take a cut of your donations.  
Instant Cashout Not available Available 
Creator Preferences Suitable for creators who put out regular content. Suited for creators who prefer to sell products and receive commissions for their services at once. 
Revenue Channels of Creators Monthly subscription Subscription, fundraising, sales of products/ services 
Integration Compatible with many websites. Not compatible with many websites. 

What is Patreon? 

Patreon is a company which is based in America, and the business of the company is to provide online content creating tools to the artists so that they a run a subscription plan. The tools are used by mainly YouTube creators, webcomic creators, musicians, artists, podcasters, adult content creators, etc. 

The company was founded by Jack Conte and Sam Yam on May 2, 2013. The company headquarters is located in San Francisco, United States.

The subscription feature of the website is only monthly, where no others can donate or make tips. For processing any transactions on Patreon, one must have its account along with the transactions taking up to 30 days to be a payout. 

The mode of payment accepted by the Patreon website is only the credit cards and PayPal. And the charges of fees taken by the company is about 5%-12% of all the features provided.

The monitoring of the analytics is given to the pro members only.  

Patreon boasts of over six million patrons, who have supported more than 200,000 creators with over multi-billion dollars in earnings. That’s a huge community to have at your fingertips without having to spend your hard-earned money on ads. 


What is Ko-fi? 

Ko-fi is an online service that allows fans to support their favorite creators by sending them the monetary equivalent of a cup of coffee. This way, you can enjoy creative freedom and focus on putting out the kind of content you love without worrying about appealing to certain markets or struggling to keep the lights on in your apartment.  

Your supporters can pay you directly for the value they’re getting from your work with Ko-fi, rather than going through third-party channels that’ll lead to a huge chunk of the money intended for you ending up in other people’s pockets.

Setting up a Ko-fi page is very easy, and the process should take no longer than a minute. All you have to do is claim a free page by entering your name into the designated box on the homepage and clicking Claim or by tapping the Start a Page button to create an account.

You’ll be taken to a page where you can enter your personal information or sign up with Google, Twitter, or Facebook, and you’ll be good to go. 

Although there’s no definite figure for the number of people who make donations to creators via Ko-fi, the platform currently helps over 500,000 creators to make money online from their supporters. So far, creatives earn more than $40 million annually through Ko-fi.

There’s also no desktop app to fall back on, but the website is accessible to you on any device of your choice. 

Main Differences Between Patreon and Ko-fi  

  1. Patreon charges creators a platform fee, 5–12%, but Ko-fi doesn’t have any fees. 
  2. Patreon doesn’t have instant cashout as the fees are received by Patreon and paid to creators after a particular time as it requires a processing step. On the other hand, Ko-fi does have instant cashout as the money can be paid directly to the creator from the contributor. 
  3. Patreon is best suitable for creators who offer membership plans and are of regular commitment, and Ko-fi is Best suitable for creators who prefer to fundraise, open shop for selling products, and receive commissions for one-off services 
  4. Patreon allows creators to earn from supporters’ monthly subscriptions alone, but Ko-fi also has fundraising and product sales options along with the supporters’ subscriptions. 
  5. Patreon is compatible with many websites, but Ko-fi is compatible with less number of platforms. 
  6. Patreon supports “membership” across websites so far is also compatible with other tools for analysis like Creator Metrics, whereas Ko-fi does not have an API to integrate with other platforms and only supports apps such as YouTube and WordPress in a direct way. 
Difference Between Patreon and Ko fi



Last Updated : 14 July, 2023

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