Difference Between Buy Me a Coffee and Patreon (With Table)

In the market, we have a plethora of options filled with new technology, creativity, and talent. And it is necessary and needs of the hour to recognize these varied talents in different fields and ensure that they must be paid for what they truly deserve. Thus, for the same, many online platforms help these artists and creators to get paid for their real talent and raise funds for requirements. 

Buy Me a Coffee vs Patreon

The main difference between Buy Me a Coffee and Patreon is that the online platform of Buy Me a Coffee provides a subscription monthly as well as yearly, while the same feature in Patreon is limited to only the monthly subscription. The users who are looking for a yearly subscription in such platforms are directed towards Buy Me a Coffee compared to Patreon.

Buy Me a Coffee is an online platform that offers creators to get paid and connect with their fans directly. The online platform is founded by Jijo Sunny, Joseph Sunny, and Aleesha John in the year 2018. They also focus on raising funds for creators from their fans and ensure those funds be safe and secure with ease and comfort.

Patreon is an online business platform which provides online content creating tools to run subscription service and is based in America. The company is founded by Jack Conte and Sam Yam in the year 2013, May 2. The tools provided by the platform are used by YouTube videographers, webcomic artists, writers, musicians, podcasters, etc.

Comparison Table Between Buy Me a Coffee and Patreon

Parameters of ComparisonBuy Me a CoffeePatreon
Founded In 2018May 2, 2013
Founders Jijo Sunny, Joseph Sunny, and Aleesha JohnJack Conte and Sam Yam
MembershipMonthly, YearlyMonthly
Donations/TipsProvidedNot Provided
Sell ExtrasYesNo
Fan ExperienceNo account required, only a 1-tap paymentAccount required
Payment Methods AcceptedCredit card, Apple pay, PayPal, Google Pay Credit Card, PayPal
PayoutInstantTakes up to 30 days
AnalyticsProvidedThe feature is given to the only pro member
FeesThe 5% of all the featuresThe 5%-12% of all the features
Live Chat Feature24 × 7No such feature is provided

What is Buy Me a Coffee?

Buy Me a Coffee is a company that helps in raising funds for creators and asking for donations from fans and supporters. It also ensures secure and safe transactions with ease and comfort. The excellent brains behind the establishment of the company are Jijo Sunny, Joseph Sunny, and Aleesha John in the year 2018. The headquarters of the company is located in San Francisco, and the investors behind the curtains were Y Combinator, Aaron Levie, and Ankur Nagpal.

The subscription provided by the online company is both monthly and yearly. Along with that, it also provides the feature of donations or tips. The existent user of the platform is around 300,000, including both fans and creators.

For processing payment, no account is required, and the payment is simple, just a one-step process. The mode of payment accepted by the company is – credit cards, Google Pay, PayPal, Apple Pay. Even the payment processing of the company is instant and secure. And the fee charges taken by the company is about 5% of all the features. 

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a company which is based in America, and the business of the company is to provide online content creating tools to the artists so that they a run a subscription plan. The tools are used by mainly YouTube creators, webcomic creators, musicians, artists, podcasters, adult content creators, etc.

The company was founded by Jack Conte and Sam Yam on May 2, 2013. The company headquarters is located in San Francisco, United States. The subscription feature of the website is only monthly, where no others can donate or make tips. For processing any transactions on Patreon, one must have its account along with that the transactions take up to 30 days to be payout.

The mode of payment accepted by the Patreon website is only the credit cards and PayPal. And the charges of fees taken by the company is about 5%-12% of all the features provided. The monitoring of the analytics is given to the pro members only.  

Main Differences Between Buy Me a Coffee and Patreon

  1. Buy Me a Coffee is platform was founded in 2018, while the Patreon platform was founded on May 2, 2013. 
  2. The founders of the brains behind the excellent platform of Buy Me a Coffee are Jijo Sunny, Joseph Sunny, and Aleesha John, while the founders of the Patreon company are Jack Conte and Sam Yam.
  3. The Buy Me a Coffee platform provides membership to users conveniently for a monthly and yearly subscription, while the Patreon platform provides only a monthly subscription to its users. 
  4. On the online platform of Buy Me a Coffee, users can make donations while the same feature is not provided by the Patreon users.
  5. Buy Me a Coffee provides sells extras to the users while Patreon does not provide the feature.
  6. Buy Me a Coffee provides the feature of 1 tap payment, and no account is required for that, while in Patreon, the users must have an account for making the payment.
  7. Buy Me a Coffee accepts payment via different methods that are – credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, while Patreon accepts payments only via credit card and PayPal. 
  8. The payout timing of the Buy Me a Coffee is instant, while in Patreon, the payment processing takes up to 30 days. 
  9. The feature of tracking of analytics is provided to every user of Buy Me a Coffee, while the feature of tracking the analytics is only provided to the Pro users of the Patreon platform.
  10. The fees for the Buy Me a Coffee is 5% of all the features, while the fees for Patreon is that it charges about 5%-12% of all the features. 
  11. Buy Me a Coffee allows its users for 24/7 live chat support while Patreon doesn’t provide this feature. 


With plenty of options available in the market, the borrower must search, find, fact check before selecting or buying the new product. The online platforms provide many features and opportunities to build and run errands or businesses online. But being a provider of the service, always have a check on the resources and availability and security while being a customer, choose a service which is most reliable and best for self.

Buy Me a Coffee and Patreon both are online platforms allowing the users to create and sell their art and get paid for it as required. They have many other differences between them, making each of them unique to one another. The main difference being the same is that Buy Me a Coffee is a crowd fundraiser while Patreon helps in earning a monthly income for the artist. 


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