aptX vs AAC: Difference and Comparison

Bluetooth codecs, such as aptX and AAC, perform transformations on a data stream or signal. They are widely regarded as one of the world’s best audio wireless technologies.

aptX and AAC can reduce digital audio, which is an added advantage over other Bluetooth codecs.

They require both the source (a phone, computer, or another device) and the receiver (headphones, earbuds, and speakers) to function.

Key Takeaways

  1. aptX is a low latency and high audio quality codec, while AAC offers compatibility across devices and platforms.
  2. aptX is commonly found in Android devices, whereas Android and Apple devices support AAC.
  3. aptX supports higher bit rates than AAC, leading to better audio quality.
aptX vs. AAC

aptX vs. AAC

AptX is an audio codec compression algorithm that can be implemented with much simpler silicon. It was created for mobile devices and is recommended for Android users. AAC is a common Bluetooth streaming codec used in Bluetooth headphones and speakers, recommended for Apple users.

While the AAC codec is supported by Apple devices, gaming consoles, and YouTube, aptX works well on smartphones with Android 8.0 and higher.

Before transmission, aptX shrinks audio files without affecting the sound quality, whereas AAC eliminates or reduces redundant signal and other features not required in wireless networks.

Comparison Table

Parameter of comparisonaptXAAC
FunctionsIt is used to code and decodes data transmitted from BluetoothTransmission of audio between its products and also storing music files
AcronymsAudio processing technologyAdvanced audio codec
Initial releaseIt was first launched in 1980It was first released into the consumer market in 1997
Bit rateThe bit rate is up to a maximum of 384kbit/sIt is up to 320kbit/s
DevelopedIt was developed and created by the Qualcomm companyIt was developed by Dolby, Sony, Nokia, AT&T Bells lab

What is aptX?

aptX is the abbreviation for audio processing technology, which is owned by Qualcomm businesses that primarily deal in wireless communication.

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aptX is a Bluetooth technology that allows audio to be compressed and decompressed without affecting the sound quality as it is transmitted from a source, such as a phone, to a receiving device, e.g., a wireless speaker.

The first applications of aptX debuted in 1980 and were used in radio broadcasting and commercial movie theaters.

Utilizing Bluetooth A2DP is a set of instructions on how to encode and decode the data that Bluetooth distributes, which functions differently from other codecs.

Additionally, it gives users access to audio equipment that enhances audio quality over other Bluetooth codecs. Some devices, including speakers, Bluetooth headphones, and smartphones, make use of this audio codec.

The new low-latency capability of aptX gives it an edge over the other Bluetooth codecs. Low latency is crucial to enjoying the best experience while watching videos or playing games on wireless headphones.

By shrinking the audio file size before transmission without sacrificing audio quality, aptX offers a better audio experience. For high-performance Bluetooth peripherals, aptX is supported.

Hardware for ISDN and IP audio codecs from numerous pieces of broadcasting equipment uses both Standard apt-X and Enhanced apt-X.

What is the AAC?

Advanced Audio Codec is its official name. It was created as MP3’s replacement and claims to provide better audio quality.

It was created in 1997, and users can stream or distribute content in AAC format for free because no license or payment is necessary.

Apple uses the Bluetooth codec AAC to store music files as well as transmit audio between its products.

AAC reduces the amount of data required for high-quality digital video by encoding files at medium- to high-bit rates.

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For maximum quality, signal redundancies and components are removed through filtering in the codec.

AAC is supported on both Apple and Android devices, but the Apple device performs better because iOS devices have a hardware encoder.

As opposed to MP3, which employs a hybrid coding algorithm, it also uses the modified discrete cosine transform (MDCT) algorithm, which provides higher compression efficiency. Google’s YouTube and Apple’s iTunes both make use of it.

With up to 48 channels, AAC can sample frequencies between 8 Hz and 96 Hz. iPhones, iPods, YouTube music, Nintendo 3DS, and Apple Music are among the devices that support this audio format.

Main Differences Between aptX and AAC

  1. The aptX audio code can stream 384 kbit/s at a sampling depth of 48 kilohertz, whereas AAC can only stream 320 kbit/s at a sampling frequency ranging from 8 to 96 kilohertz.
  2. aptX requires Android 8.0 or higher smartphones to function properly, whereas the AAC codec is only available on Apple devices, YouTube, and gaming consoles.
  3. aptX offers audio equipment that improves sound quality, whereas AAC is intended to be the MP3 format’s successor.
  4. aptX was first introduced in the early 1980s, while AAC was introduced in 1996.
  5. Qualcomm Enterprise created aptX, while AT&T Bell Labs, Dolby, Sony, and Nokia created AAC.
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Last Updated : 29 July, 2023

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