Difference Between Wireless and Bluetooth Headphones

We all usually get confused with wireless and Bluetooth headsets. But it is very important to differentiate between them. Headphones are necessary for every user and are used on a daily basis.


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Wireless vs Bluetooth Headphones

The difference between Wireless and Bluetooth headphones is that All wireless devices are not Bluetooth devices whereas All Bluetooth devices can be called wireless.

Wireless vs Buetooth headphones 1

Wireless headphones are paired or connected with a device through a radio or infrared signal. They cover a long range depending on the environmental barriers.

On the other hand, bluetooth headphones are those who connect one device to another device with the help of bluetooth. It covers a small radius depending upon its surroundings.


Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonWireless HeadphonesBluetooth Headphones
DefinitionAll wireless devices are not Bluetooth devices.All Bluetooth devices can be called wireless
TechnologyWireless headphones usually require an adaptor in order to attach to the device.Usually by default, Bluetooth is built inside the device.
Sound qualityIt uses either infrared or radio waves to transfer audio signals.It used radio waves to transfer audio signals.


What is Wireless Headphone?

Wireless headphones transfer sound waves or signals either with the help of infrared or radio frequency waves.

Infrared waves work exactly like your TV remote i.e. transfers signals to the headphones from the base unit. The operating range is limited i.e. limited motion should be present within a distance of 7 meters or less between transmitter and headset.

Radio waves which are more powerful and work on a wider range, making it trouble-free for you to walk around in the house. The range is considerably better i.e. up to 300 feet if the environment is problem free.

They work without cable or wire, and usually get the sound waves from a base that is joined to a device such as a speaker, smartphone, gaming console, or a computer. They usually work on a set of standard batteries.

They can be charged or easily replaced when they stop working.

They are usually smaller in size and can be worn close to your ears. Hence it helps us in listening to various sounds of movies, musi, video etc.

They are also known as cordless headphones as they usually work without any wire or cord and use radio frequency waves to transfer the sounds.

When we talk about wireless headphones in the past, we usually referred to headphones with a microwave/infrared receiver that worked with the help of a transmitter. 

Such kinds of headphones are still present in the market as Bluetooth connections are of a small range and can cause delay. 

There are a lot of wireless technologies present around us that do not require Bluetooth such as gaming headphones etc.

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wireless headphone

What is Bluetooth Headphone?

One of the most amazing wireless technologies is Bluetooth that though works in a short or limited range but can connect to multiple devices using radio waves without using wires or cable.

The technology helps in sending and getting data with the help of devices such as a smartphone, laptop, tablet etc. that have Bluetooth in it.

Bluetooth headphones directly connect with the help Bluetooth technology and gives us wireless listening experience.

We found this technology in almost every hi-tech modern devices such as laptops, smartphones, speakers and usually cover short or limited ranges.

Bluetooth radio is present in small computer chips present in devices that help devices to connect with each other. We do get confused between wireless and Bluetooth devices as they are used synonymously.

Bluetooth headphones work in a way that each earbud works without a wire and have a direct connection to the phone.

Some of the Example of these headphones are Apple Airpod, Bose SoundSport Wireless, Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless etc.

bluetooth headphone

Main Differences Between Wireless and Bluetooth Headphones

  1. All wireless devices are not Bluetooth devices whereas All Bluetooth devices can be called wireless.
  2. Wireless headphones usually require an adaptor in order to attach to the device whereas Usually by default, Bluetooth is built inside the device.
  3. Wireless headphones use either infrared or radio waves to transfer audio signals whereas Bluetooth headphones use radio waves to transfer audio signals.
  4. Wireless headphones cover a broad radius that is up to 300 feet, depending on the environmental barriers whereas Bluetooth headphones cover a small radius that is up to 30 feet or less, depending on the surroundings.
  5. Wireless headphones are not always compatible with all devices as it depends on in-built of other devices whereas Bluetooth headphones are compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices.
Difference Between Wireless and Bluetooth Headphones


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