Difference Between Village and City

Human civilisations have always been complex in terms of social, cultural, residential, etc. behaviours. The early man gradually felt the need to establish networks with other beings, which developed the society.

Early humans were confined to hunting and gathering, gradually their body postures got lean and their brains got developed, due to which several inventions were done, for example discovering fire.

There is a distinction between societies on the basis of activities, population, developments, administered aea, etc.. predominantly these are divided as urban and rural areas.

Village vs City

The difference between village and city is their population. Although, both of them are distinctive of each other in terms of culture and occupational activities.

Village vs City


Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonVillageCity
Unit ofPart of the rural area.Part of the urban area.
PopulationLess populationDensely populated
Main/ basic occupational activitiesAgricultural activitiesTrade and commerce related activities
Governing bodiesPanchayat is the only governing body.Municipal corporations for welfare and law courts for justice.


What is Village?

Village is a cluster of human settlements which is usually smaller than towns. Villages are smaller governing units as compared to towns. Villages consist of smaller residences, population is also less ( not more than 500 people).

These are based in rural areas, wherein the main occupational activity is considered to be agricultural activity (though it is not necessary).

Origin of villages can be traced from early human history, when agriculture started, along with cattle rearing and other domestic works.

Villages are not populated, houses over there are not too modern, neither have multi floor buildings, and the livelihood of people of the village is relatively simple.

Their main occupation is agriculture, but it is not not necessary to follow it. People have shops, some rear cattles, different smiths, doctors, etc. resides in a village.

Their local governing body is called ‘panchayat’. Members of panchayat are residents of the same village and are chosen by a voting system.

The head of panchayat is called ‘sarpanch’ and it consists of another four members along with sarpanch. This governing body is responsible for taking decisions for welfare of people, and to resolve disputes of people.

The working of the village is quite simple and so are the people of the village . According to the census of 2011 there is a population of 286,119,689 people residing in villages or rural areas.


What is City?

A city is a human settlement which is larger than a village. City is an urban area which is densely populated and people of the city have quite busy and hectic lives.

Cities are important with the perspective of trade and commerce, it is seen that cities have more planned in terms of residences, roads, and other facilities. Cities are well equipped with schools, colleges, hospitals, markets, malls, etc..

Origin of cities can be traced back to when people of rural civilisations wanted to set up trade for their produce for which markets were set up and ports were made to export the produce and gradually these areas gained importance and got modern.

Trade and commerce is basic occupation in cities, structures in cities are complex like cities have adjacent homes, colonities, apartments, multistorey buildings, offices etc..

Cities are governed by municipal corporations, every city has their individual municipal corporation, these corporations are responsible for welfare of people, developments in all spheres.

The justice body of a city is however different, as cities have law courts which come under judiciary, even the slightest cases are handled by courts legally.

According to the census of 2011 there is a population of 377 million which resides in cities. Some of them are migrants and some are originally located in cities.


Main Differences Between Village and City

  1. Village is part of the rural area whereas cities come under the urban area.
  2. Agriculture is the main or basic occupational activity of village people,while trade and commerce is the basic or main activity of city people.
  3. Villages are less populated on contrary cities are densely populated.
  4. Villages have simple residential structures whereas cities have pretty complex structures.
  5. Villages have panchayats as governing bodies, while cities have municipal corporations and law courts for justice.
Difference Between Village and City


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