Toyota Yaris vs Honda City: Difference and Comparison

Toyota Yaris and Honda City are two different four-wheelers developed by two different producers. Toyota and Honda are popular four-wheeler producers.

They have worldwide branches and sell worldwide. Millions of vehicles that belong to these brands are selling yearly.

Key Takeaways

  1. Toyota Yaris offers a more compact design, while Honda City provides a larger and more spacious interior.
  2. Yaris is known for its fuel efficiency, whereas City is recognized for its performance and driving experience.
  3. Both cars have similar safety features, but the Honda City has more advanced technology options.

Toyota Yaris vs Honda City

The Toyota Yaris is a versatile and practical hatchback or sedan that is known for its reliability and fuel efficiency. The Honda City is a compact sedan that is also known for its fuel efficiency, comfortable ride, and for its sporty design and handling, making it a fun-to-drive car.

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Toyota Yaris is a subcompact four-wheeler. The Toyota Yaris has been selling since 1999. Toyota Yaris replace Starlet and Tercel. The name Yaris is derived from Charis, which denotes Greek goddesses of charm and beauty.

The Yaris sold around 8.71 million units around the world. Toyota is the developer of the Toyota Yaris. Toyota Yaris has three different varieties. They are Hatchbacks, Sedans, and Coupes.

The Toyota Yaris has four different generations of models. Every model has changes and additional features than the previous one.

Honda is a subcompact Japanese four-wheeler. Honda is the manufacturer of the Honda City. The Honda City has been manufactured since 1991. The Honda City has a three-door hatchback or two-door convertible.

In 1996, the nameplate was restored, which is used for the series of the subcompact vehicle. In 2019, the Honda City’s seventh-generation model was released. It has significant changes in the size and exterior dimensions.

It is a special sedan for Honda lovers. Honda releases some four-generation models. The Toyota Yaris is a full-circle vehicle for driver-focused to backseat buyers.

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonToyota YarisHonda City
Max Power106 bhp @ 6000 rpm119 bhp @ 6600 rpm
Max Torque140 Nm @ 4200 rpm145 Nm @ 4300 rpm
Emission StandardBS 4BS 6
Wheelbase2550 mm2600 mm
Kerb Weight1090 kg1107 kg

What is Toyota Yaris?

Toyota Yaris has a heavy powdered engine. The Toyota Yaris comes with a six-speed transmission and a seven-step CVT automatic. In this segment of Toyota, the Yaris is the only car that provides seven airbags.

It also offers unique touchscreen infotainment. Toyota Yaris has a rear AC and front parking sensors. All the unique features present in the Toyota Yaris make it the best-selling vehicle.

The Toyota Yaris has a polarised exterior. Toyota Yaris exterior will be suitable for people who like sporty designs. It has a large lower grille which is not sleek much.

Toyota Yaris has limited door handles and has a clean design. It has no overdose cuts and creases. The cabin of the Toyota Yaris is not wide, much like Honda City. The knee room is very low, which sense like congested sometimes.

The storage console present on the rear side of the interior occupies much space. In simple the Toyota Yaris is a cabin that occupies only four people. It is a roomy car with a very usable front armrest.

The Toyota Yaris comes with analog and digital instruments. It has 4.2 inches of trip meters. It also has temperature sensors, speedometers, and digital fuel gauges like other normal vehicles.

Yaris have 12 volts of power sockets, and individual reading lamps are the great advantage provided by Toyota. It has comfortable seats. Toyota Yaris is the only car with a 60:40 ratio space for luggage. It provides added storage for family trips.

toyota yaris

What is Honda City?

Honda City has an excellent exterior. The design traits attract many people. The Honda City is quite big. The Hond added length, and the nose of the Honda City is no longer low and sleek.

The Honda City looks more confident with the upright and wide changes. A small wider grille is extended towards the headlamps, giving the four-wheeler a unique look.

The headlamps are accord and civic. The lamps are equipped with LED and also have indicators. The Honda City gives a promising impression among four-wheeler lovers.

The side profile of Honda City is quite stunning. It has 16-inches alloy designed wheels. The tires in Honda City are a weedy 185-section which has much interest in fuel economy.

The Honda City gives better mileage and a good experience while driving. The interior of the Honda City may have premium touch. Every inch has superior designs. The wooden insert present on the dash gives a great ambience to the cabin.

Honda City has wide-opening doors, which is one advantage of Honda City. It also has a great seating position and won’t fells like sinking.

Honda City comes with electric sunproof and automatic headlamps. An automatic climate control device is also present in the Honda City with a touch-based interface.

It has an eight inches touch screen which is an infotainment system. Like the normal vehicle, it has Android Auto and Apple CarPlay options. The superior option in Honda City is the seven inches driver display. It has a rich graphical interface.

honda city 1 scaled

Main Differences Between Toyota Yaris and Honda City

  1. Toyota Yaris has a fuel capacity of 42 litres, whereas Honda City has a fuel capacity of 40 litres.
  2. Toyota Yaris does not have hill hold control, whereas Honda City has hill hold control.
  3. When compared to Toyota Yaris, Honda City have speed-sensing door locks.
  4. The taillights of the Toyota Yaris are halogen, whereas the tail lights of the Honda City are LED.
  5. When compared to Toyota Yaris, Honda City have gear indicators.
Difference Between Toyota Yaris and Honda City

Last Updated : 27 July, 2023

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