Toyota Echo vs Yaris: Difference and Comparison

Buying a car is stressful because there are so many models with tons of features, and it is time-consuming to go through them all and choose the best among them, that too, under the budget. But at the same time, it is important to do it as it is a once in a while thing.

Key Takeaways

  1. The Toyota Echo is an older model discontinued in 2005, replaced by the Yaris as a subcompact car.
  2. Yaris offers more advanced and modern features, improving the Echo’s basic design.
  3. Both models prioritize fuel efficiency and affordability, making them popular choices for budget-conscious drivers.

Toyota Echo vs Toyota Yaris

The difference between Toyota Echo and Yaris is that Toyota Echo is a lighter car, but Toyota Yaris is heavier. Toyota Echo is also a less expensive car than Toyota Yaris. Being less costly, Toyota Echo lacks many important features as it does not have any airbags to offer, whereas Toyota Yaris offers 3 airbags.

Toyota Echo vs Toyota Yaris

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Toyota Echo was a very cheap model of the car launched by the well-reputed brand Toyota. This model was a failure by Toyota, and thus they stopped generating this model anymore.

This car lacked the basic features and therefore could not leave any impression on the market.

Toyota Yaris is a popular model that fulfils the basic features of a car. Moreover, it had tons of other features to offer the customer.

It is very conscious about safety. All its safety details and automatic features will not make you regret your choice in the near future.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonToyota EchoToyota Yaris
EngineIt has a 108.0-hp, 1.5-liter, 4 Cylinder Engine.It has a 106.0-hp, 1.5-liter, 4 Cylinder Engine.
HorsepowerIts horsepower is 108.Its horsepower is 106.
DimensionsIt is 163.2 inches long and 59.1 inches tall and its width is 65.4 inches.It is 161.6 inches long and 58.9 inches tall and the width of it is 66.7 inches.
TransmissionIt is a 5-speed manual and 4 speed automatic.It has manual and automatic variants.
Folding seatIts seats are less easy to fold.Its seats are easier to fold and more comfortable.
AirbagsIt does not have any airbags.It has 3 airbags.
WeightIt is less heavy.It is comparatively heavier.
Interior colourIts interior colour comes in two colours, light grey and pebble beige.Its interior has dark charcoal colour.

What is Toyota Echo?

Toyota Echo was launched by Toyota, and at present, it is not available in the market. The car could not impress the critics and not even the customers.

Therefore Toyota stopped its production way before. It failed to sell well.

One of its reasons for its failure is its impractical size. 

The size is too small and not reasonable for being a sedan. It was not even useful enough to be a hatchback.

Toyota replaced this Echo model with Toyota Belta. This Belta model is practically a version of the sedan.

It can also be considered as the 3rd generation of the Yaris model.

The Echo model of Toyota was taller but not big enough. The look of this car was not alluring at all.

Also, the car was very cheap, and such a low price did not include many important features. The steering was not power-assisted.

Therefore, power locks and windows were out of the question too.

toyota echo

What is Toyota Yaris?

Toyota Yaris is loaded with remarkable features. The reviews say the seats are very comfortable, and they come with simple features to fold the seats.

In general, the ride gets comfortable due to the seats. The car can fit 5 passengers. 

It offers the facility of Bluetooth compatibility. Due to this feature, you can stream your phone as well as audio.

The fuel tank of this car model can hold up to 42 litres of petrol. This car will offer you a mileage of 17.1kmpl.

You might not find the design of this car very impressive. The design is not very slick or sharp, and you might not get a smart vibe from the outlook of it.

You will get many options for its exterior colour; however, the interior has only one colour, and that is charcoal coloured. The interior is mundane, and the quality, too, is not very high.

Rather, it is standard.

toyota yaris

Main Differences Between Toyota Echo and Yaris

  1. Toyota Echo comes with a 108.0-hp, 1.5-litre 4 Cylinder Engine, while Toyota Yaris, on the other hand, includes a 106.0-hp, 1.5-litre 4 Cylinder Engine.
  2. The horsepower of the Toyota Echo is 108, but the horsepower of the Toyota Yaris is 106.
  3. Toyota Echo is 163.2 inches long, and Toyota Yaris is shorter than that as its length is 161.6 inches.
  4. Toyota Echo is also a bit taller than Toyota Yaris. Echo is 59.1 inches tall, but Yaris is 58.9 inches.
  5. When it comes to width, Toyota Echo is 65.4 inches, but Toyota Yaris is 66.7 inches.
  6. The seats of the Toyota Echo are not very handy to fold, but Toyota Yaris is very easy to fold, and they are also known to be more comfortable.
  7. In the aspect of safety features, Toyota Echo is not up to the mark as it does not even contain any airbags, but Toyota Yaris is better as it has 3 airbags to offer.
  8. Toyota Echo appears to be less heavy when compared to Toyota Yaris.
  9. Toyota Echo has more exterior colours to offer to choose from than Toyota Yaris. 

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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