Difference Between Toyota Vios and Yaris

Though Vios is a sedan and Yaris is a hatchback, both of the cars are marketed by the company Toyota differently.


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It indicates that though both of the cars are practically two different versions of the same model, produced by the same company, they differ from each other on certain grounds.

Toyota Vios vs Yaris

The difference between Toyota Vios and Toyota Yaris is that the Yaris offers more safety features than the Vios. Thus, depending on the choices of the buyer, his or her preferences can change as both of the cars has some features that make them attractive. Therefore, one needs to be well aware of all the features of both of these cars.

Toyota Vios vs Yaris

The model name ‘Vios’ comes from the Latin word ‘vio’ meaning travel. This model of car marketed by Toyota has a lot of features that make it the best in its category of sedan cars.

It firstly runs on petrol with a four-cylinder 1.5-litre gasoline motor that produces 106 horses and 140 nm of torque. It gives the riders the best smooth driving experience.

But its smart and stylish look with a reverse camera at the back makes it safe to ride and more aggressive.

On the other hand, the word ‘Yaris’ comes from the name of a Greek goddess of beauty called Charis. The car model is certainly true to its meaning. But it is also very secure and safe to drive.

If someone’s first is safety, he or she should eye for this model as it comes with features like anti-theft device, anti-lock system, traction control system etc.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonToyota ViosToyota Yaris
Height and lengthThe Toyota Vios is slightly bigger than the Yaris.The length of the Yaris model is a bit less as compared to the Vios model.
Brake TypesFor both front and rear, it has got Axle suspensions.In the front, it has MacPherson Strut and at the rear, it has Torsion Beam.
Safety measuresThe Vios model is less safe than the Yaris model.But the Yaris model has a great number of safety features.
Security FeaturesThe Vios model does not have side airbags in the front.But the Yaris model has.

What is Toyota Vios?

Toyota Vios is a sedan car that runs on petrol. It has got a sleek look that comes across as very smart and modern. The headlamps are surrounded by glossy plastic with a cut that adds aggression to the front clip.

It enhances its premium look that makes its other features more interesting.

This car has a four-cylinder 1.5-litre gasoline motor that produces 106 horses and 140 nm of torque that can give a smooth driving experience.

But unfortunately, if someone is expecting a thrilling engine experience, he or she might get disappointed. But on the other side, it can get 21 kilometres per litre.

It has also got 16-inch wheels which are now two-tone that are wrapped in 50 series tyres above 140 millimetres of ground clearance. For a car at this price, one can get disc brakes all around.

At the rear, the tail lamps are mixed with halogens and LEDs.

The air control is very easy to handle and they are very well laid out. One also gets a 12-volt socket just next to the drifting mechanism. The backup camera is quite responsive.

The leg and head rooms are pretty much and the seats are very comfortable.

What is Yaris?

The Toyota Yaris car is a hatchback that runs on four cylinders. It can go up to 17 kilometres per litre. Various features like an anti-lock braking system, airbags for both driver and passengers make the car more valuable than ever.

For a car like this, both automatic and manual transmissions are available. It also comes with ten different colour options.

For a smooth driving experience, Toyota Yaris can be the best car in this range. It has a 1496 cc engine that can go up to 105 horsepower and 140 nm torque at maximum. On the exterior, this car looks very stylish and gives a smart look.

In terms of safety features, Toyota Yaris is the perfect car in its category.

There are safety features like a child safety lock system, Traction Control System, airbags, brake assist, an anti-lock braking system that make its safety in terms of anti-theft measures and passenger security full-proof.

However, the interior may disappoint the buyer.

It does not have enough leg and headroom. In terms of mileage, it also falls back. Though its ground clearance is pretty good, it is not doing as good as its competitors.

However, if someone is looking for a car that is budget-friendly as well as loaded with specifications for a better riding experience, he or she, without any doubt, can buy this car.

Main Differences Between Toyota Vios and Yaris

  1. The Toyota Vios is a sedan whereas the Toyota Yaris is a hatchback.
  2. Vios comes with many colour options but Yaris falls short on colours.
  3. As compared to Yaris, Vios is more spacious, though both of them offer 5 seats. The wheel and tyre sizes also differ for each of one of them.
  4. In terms of safety, Yaris provides more security and safety features than Vios. The anti-theft alarm, engine immobiliser, anti-theft device – none of the features are available in Vios.
  5. The price of Toyota Vios is more than the Toyota Yaris.


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