Toyota Belta vs Yaris: Difference and Comparison

Toyota is the tenth-largest company in the world that manufactures automobiles. It is a multinational company which was founded by Kiichiro Toyoda in 1937. It has a lot of subsidiaries and it produces 10 million vehicles every year.

Toyota is also the first company in the world which brought hybrid electric vehicles to the market. Toyota Motors has five brands of vehicles like Lexus, Ranz, Hino, and Daihatsu. Belta and Yaris are also two variants of Toyota.

Key Takeaways

  1. Toyota Belta and Yaris are compact cars that Toyota manufactures for different markets.
  2. Belta is marketed mainly in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, while Yaris is sold worldwide.
  3. While both cars share some similarities in design and features, Yaris is considered a more upscale and modern model than Belta.

Toyota Belta vs Yaris

The Toyota Belta is a sedan model that was produced from 2005 to 2012, powered by a range of small engines, including a 1.0-litre, 1.3-litre, and 1.5-litre engine. The Toyota Yaris is a subcompact car that has been in production since 1999 and is known for its excellent fuel economy.

Toyota Belta vs Yaris

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Toyota Belta in Japanese means Toyota Beruta. It is called by many different names in different markets. It is a twin version of the Toyota Yaris. Belta was first produced in Japan in 2005.

According to standard safety features, it includes head restraints, ABS, front seatbelt pretensions, airbags, side airbags etc. It consumes very little fuel and gives a mileage of 20 km/l.

Toyota Yaris in Japanese means Toyota Yarisu, and when it was launched in 1999, it replaced Tercel and Starlet. First-generation of Yaris appeared between 1999 to 2005. It offered variants like Sedan, Hatchback, Coupe etc.

Second generation Yaris appeared between 2005 to 2013, and it was sold under the nameplate of Yaris globally. It has 3-5 doors in hatchback, 2 doors in Coupe and 4 doors in Sedan with different colour variants.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonToyota BeltaYaris
Also calledVios, Limo, Yaris sedan etc.Vitz, Platz, Echo etc.
Body Style4-door sedan2-door coupé, 3/5-door hatchback, 4-door sedan.
Mileage16-22.5 km/L17.1 to 17.8 km/L
Engine996 cc1496 cc
Fuel ConsumptionLow-fuel consumptionHigh-fuel consumption

What is Toyota Belta?

The name Belta is taken from the Italian word which means ‘belle gente’ or beautiful people. In different markets, it is referred to by different names in Asian markets, it is referred to as Vios and in Australian and North American markets, it is referred to as Yaris Sedan. It is the twin version of the Yaris.

It comes in a subcompact Sedan version manufactured by Toyota. It is much more advanced than Yaris. Belta was designed by Toyota only in its studio, where other cars are also developed.

Belta is the only Sedan car that is completely designed, built and sold in Japan, and there is no direct competitor of Toyota in the Japanese market.

Firstly as Belta was launched in Japan in 2005, its engine has three types 53 kW of 71 hp, two variants of the 1.3 L 2NZ-FE/2SZ-FE engine of 84 hp and 1.0 L 1KR-FE straight-three engine.

The body of the Toyota Belta is of 4 doors, i.e. Sedan. The layout of Belta consists of Front-engine, four-wheel-drive, Front-engine and front-wheel-drive.

In Japan, Belta is available in automatic transmission. While in the rest of the world, it is available in manual and automatic transmission. It has an engine of 996 cc. It has a length of 4,300 mm, a width of 1690-1700 mm and a height of 1460-80 mm.

The capacity of the Belta is 1.3 L, but in China, it was released with 1.6 L. Belta consumes very little fuel, and its safety features include head restraints, ABS, front seatbelt pretensions etc. Belta was designed by Takashi Hagino in 2003.

toyota belta

What is Yaris?

Yaris was derived from the word ‘Charis’, which is a form of Charites, i.e. greek goddess of charm and beauty. Yaris or Yarisu was launched in 1999, and it replaced Tercet and Starlet.

It was a subcompact or super-mini car. Toyota Echo, Vitz has been sold by Japan to other countries with the nameplate of Yaris only. It is a very popular car to date. Its sedan model, hatchback model and restyled version named Mazda 2 are very famous in North America.

Yaris came out in various generations, from first to fourth. First being launched in 1999 and continued till 2005. It was sold under the name of Echo and Yaris, depending upon the market. Hatchback, coupe and sedan variants were offered in the first generation.

The second generation came in 2005, and it was sold as Yaris globally. Two variants were offered, i.e. sedan and hatchback. However, in 2013, hatchbacks were discontinued from Asian markets. 

The third generation came in 2011 and 2013 with sedan variants in the Caribbean and Latin American markets. The fourth Generation came in 2020 as XP 210. It came in a hatchback variant. It was launched in Amsterdam, Netherlands and Japan at the same time in 2019.

It was built on New global Architecture by Yasunori Suezawa and  Takashi Uehara. Yaris has another version as well known by the name Mazda and Mazda2. It has high fuel consumption, but a newer version is to be tested.


Main Differences Between Toyota Belta and Yaris

  1. Toyota Belta is also known by the names like Vios, Limo, Yaris sedan etc. Yaris is also called by other names like Vitz, Platz, Echo etc.
  2. Toyota Belta has a body style of a 4-door sedan. Yaris has a body style of various types like 2-door in coupé, 3/5-door in hatchback, and 4-door in a sedan.
  3. Toyota Belta has a mileage of 16-22.5 km/L. Yaris has a mileage of 17.1 to 17.8 km/L.
  4. Toyota Belta has an engine of 996 cc. Yaris has an engine of 1496 cc.
  5. Toyota Belta has Low-fuel consumption. Yaris has High-fuel consumption

Last Updated : 23 July, 2023

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