Toyota Yaris vs Honda Fit: Difference and Comparison

According to the North American classification, a car smaller than a compact car is known as a subcompact car. In this subcompact cars battle, the fight between Toyota Yaris vs Honda Fit is one of them.

Compared with the cars on the roads, they are small but mighty, offering a lot to drivers.  

Both these cars seem like such a great deal with such availability of similar options. They are not meant for flash but function. It is quite difficult for someone to make out the best one that fits the requirements.

To help narrow it down, this article focuses on the differences between Toyota Yaris and Honda Fit


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Key Takeaways

  1. Toyota Yaris is a subcompact car known for its reliability and fuel efficiency.
  2. Honda Fit is a subcompact car known for its spacious interior and versatility.
  3. Toyota Yaris has better fuel efficiency, while Honda Fit has more interior space and cargo room.

Toyota Yaris vs Honda Fit 

The difference between Toyota Yaris and Honda Fit is that Toyota Yaris offers fewer passenger seats and room with less comfortability in comparison to Honda Fit. When it comes to cargo space, Toyota Yaris fails to provide more cargo space compared to Honda Fit.  

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The Toyota Yaris is a pleasing urban runabout. It has a surprisingly usable cargo hatch, a nice-looking interior, and good handling chops.

When it comes to comfort, it compromises those performance gains. It also does not offer available features, which can be found in some competitors.  

The Honda Fit is made more fuel-efficient and safer. Modern-era connectivity and also amenities like optional heated leather seats are brought in Honda Fit.

It carries over the trademarks of interior versatility and incredible space efficiency. It has a responsive engine with a fuel economy of 33 MPG overall. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonToyota YarisHonda Fit
Fuel tank capacity11.6 gallons10.6 gallons
Transmission6-Speed Automatic6-Speed Manual
Horsepower166 hp @ 6000 rpm 130 hp @ 6600 rpm
Curb weight2,396 lbs2,522 lbs
CO2 emission5.1 Tons/year5.6 Tons/year

What is Toyota Yaris? 

The Toyota Yaris comes under one of the smallest vehicles in the lineup of Toyota. It does not feel or look like anything else in the stable of the automaker.

This is because it is based on the design of Mazda. In the year 2020, Sedan and the Yaris are hatchbacks that share common Mazda DNA.  

The controls of the Toyota Yaris are quite easy to use and learn. The driver’s seat has good adjustability to accommodate a range of body types.

The overall space is a premium. For kids, the small rear seat is best, but occupants of the wider front may feel cramped.  

The front seats offer above-average lateral support for steadying through turns but lack breathability and lumbar support. Due to this, the long drives might be got uncomfortable. The optional inboard armrest does not offer by Toyota.  

As surprisingly, clean sound is produced by a standard audio system that, even at a higher volume, does not distort. There are 12 Volt outlets and two USBs for charging devices.

It offers standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration. Also, the Bluetooth pairs work quickly and pretty well. 

toyota yaris

What is Honda Fit?

Fit fails to garner a lot of attention when it comes to other models in the lineup of Honda. But this little car is surprisingly versatile. It is underrated if it comes to sports analogy terms. It all starts with the Honda Fit’s configurable seats.  

Honda calls magic seats to accommodate cargo which varies in size and shape and can be folded in many ways. For instance, for transporting skinny and tall items, the rear seat can be folded bottoms up, or the front passenger seat can be reclined to store long ones.   

Honda Fit uses a four-cylinder engine to modestly power, and around the town’s acceleration feels sprightly. Fit hits the highway speeds sooner than most small crossovers and compact hatchbacks.

It is quite fuel-efficient, and it is easy to match EPA estimates when it comes to real-world driving. During hard braking, Fit squirms a bit, failing to inspire confidence while a panic stops.

It is tough for taller drivers to find a comfortable spot due to an upright position. When it comes to the infotainment system, it is slow to respond to commands and also a little out-of-date. 

honda fit sports scaled

Main Differences Between Toyota Yaris and Honda Fit 

  1. In terms of fuel economy, Toyota Yaris uses 32 MPG in the city and 40 MPG on the highway. On the other hand, Honda Fit uses 29 MPG in the city, and on the highway, it uses 36 MPG.  
  2. The exterior dimensions of the Toyota Yaris are in such a way that its length is 161.6 in, max-width is 66.7 in, and 58.9 in is Yaris height. Honda Fit has a length of 161.4 in, max-width is 67 in, and at last, its height is 60 in.  
  3. Standard exterior colors available in Toyota Yaris are frost, icicle, chromium, sapphire, pulse, graphite, and stealth. In contrast, modern steel metallic end lunar silver metallic are two of the standard exterior colors of Honda Fit.  
  4. When it comes to roadside assistance warranty, Toyota Yaris provides two years of warranty with unlimited miles, whereas the roadside assistance of Honda Fit gives three years of warranty with 36,000 miles.  
  5. Toyota Yaris gives 16” X 5.5” as its front as well as rear-wheel size. On the flip side, the front and rear wheel size of the Honda Fit is 15” X 5.5”. 
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