Fit vs Fit Sport: Difference and Comparison

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People preferred public transport (railways and buses) till the 90s, especially for longer travel, but nowadays they prefer a car. It provides more comfort and flexibility.

Various car manufacturer companies provide the car with some excellent and extraordinary features to make the ride the best. One of the famous and leading car manufacturing companies is Honda.

Some of the best cars manufactured by Honda include the Honda City, Honda Fit, Honda Fit Sport, Honda Jazz, and many more. All of them are different and also similar in some ways.  

Key Takeaways

  1. Fit is a car model produced by Honda.
  2. Fit Sport is a higher-end version of the Fit, with additional features and a sportier design.
  3. Fit Sport is more expensive than the standard Fit.

Fit vs Fit Sport 

Fit is a regular sedan by Honda, whereas Fit Sport is a Sports car manufactured by Honda, although most of the features are the same, but the audio system, types of tires, wheels, transmission, etc., are different in both of these cars. Being a sports car, Fit Sports indeed have the upper hand in some features.

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Fit is a car manufactured by Honda, also called Honda Fit, and has been marketed since 2001. It is marketed by Honda Jazz.

It is considered as one of the most reliable cars, which could last for a period of 13 to 20 years.

Fit Sport, or Honda Fit Sport, is also a car manufactured by Honda. It is a type of sports car, therefore, has some more advanced features as compared to fit as it has more number of audio systems, etc.

Honda Fit Sport is also slightly more costly than the Honda Fit.  

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonFitFit Sport
TypeIt is a regular sedanIt is a sports car
Curb Weight (with navigation)2496/2577,2540/2617
Comfort FeaturesCruise controlCruise control with phone, navigation, and audio
Audio System4 speakers6 speakers
Headlights colorGreyBlack

What is Fit?

It is a car by Honda that started for sale in June 2001 and also won the Car of the Year Japan award. The price of the car can be vary depending upon the Model but starts from US$9785 and can go to US$16785.

The basic Specifications of the Honda Fit are:

  • Maximum Power: 86-132ps
  • Fuel Consumption: 15-25km/L
  • Drive Type: AWD/FF
  • Engine Capacity: 1317-1496cc
  • Number of Seats: 5

In 2017 some minor changes were made to the Honda Fit. It was highly recommended and appreciated for its spacious features and convenience.

Under minor changes the following changes were made:

  • The quality of the Exterior and Interior was improved, such as the bumper was renewed along with the rear parts.
  • Enhanced the Driving Comfort.
  • Fuel Consumption and performance were also improved.

Pros of Honda Fit

  1. It is very spacious and convenient.
  2. It has excellent mileage.
  3. It has several safety measures for both drivers and other passengers.

Cons of Honda Fit

  1. The front seats of the car were hard.
  2. Lackluster Acceleration.
  3. The droning of the engine at the highway.

It is one of the best cars for large families manufactured by Honda, providing the best and most reliable features. It is worth every penny.

honda fit

What is Fit Sport?

Honda also manufactures Honda Fit Sport which has the most similar standard feature as Honda Fit. But the difference that Fit Sport is a Sports car and Fit is a normal sedan leads to different features and certain advantages.

It has the following similar feature to Honda Fit.

  1. Engineering: as for the Engineering Factor, it has the same engineering as the Honda Fit. These include:
  • Engine type
  • Engine block
  • Displacement
  • Horsepower
  • Direct-ignition system
  • Compression ratio
  • Multi-point fuel injection
  • Front-wheel drive
  1. Interior and Exterior: both the interior and exterior are the same as the Fit except for the curb weight without navigation.
  2. Other features: include mileage and safety, seating feature, instrumentation, body construction, stabilizer bar, and steering ratio.

Different feature:

  1. It has six speakers.
  2. Its curb weight without navigation is 2540/2617.
  3. It has 16” full cover wheels.
  4. Its all-season tires are 185/55 R16 83H.
  5. It has phone navigation and audio feature along with cruise control.
  6. It has black multi-reflector halogen headlights.

Therefore all the feature and characteristic above shows how both the models are same yet different. 

honda fit sports scaled

Main Differences Between Fit and Fit Sport

  1. The first and foremost difference between Honda Fit and Honda Fit Sports car is that Fit is a regular sedan car, whereas Fit Sport is a Sports car.
  2. There is a difference in transmission features also. Whereas Honda Fit only has Automatic Transmission with the standard 5-speed manual, Honda Fit Sport has manual transmission without navigation with a 5-speed and also automatic transmission with a Dual-Mode Paddle shifter with a 5-speed. 
  3. Honda Fit has wheels of full covers 15” whereas Honda Fit Sport has wheels of full covers 16”.
  4. The all-seasoned tires of the Honda Fit are 175/65 R15 84S, and of the Honda Fit Sport are 185/55 R16 83H.
  5. Both of them have the same curb weight as the navigation, but without the navigation curb, the weight of the Honda Fit is 2496/2577, and of Honda, Sport Fit is 2540/2617.
  6. The color of multi-reflector halogen headlights is also different in both cars. In Honda Fit, it is of grey color, and in Honda Fit Sport, it is of black color.
  7. Under the Audio system, Honda Fit Sport has extra 2 speakers, i.e., 6 speakers, whereas Honda Fit has 4 speakers.
  8. Honda Fit Sport also has an additional feature of the phone, navigation, and audio along with cruise control.

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