Difference Between NBA and College Basketball

Initially, a casual basketball fan might think there is no difference between college basketball (NCAA) and professional basketball (NBA).

Both hoops are positioned at the same height on the court, and the whole game seems to be the same. However, basketball’s famous leagues are not the same.

These differences are subtle but are essential to the style of play in each league. They might not be visible to the casual observer, but they certainly exist.

NBA and college basketball have played a significant role in the evolution of basketball from a tempo and technical standpoint. Basketball has evolved a lot over the years, and small changes can contribute to the entertainment value of every game.

NBA vs College Basketball

The main difference between NBA and college basketball is that NBA basketball is a popular basketball league enjoyed by millions of people across the globe, while college basketball is a smaller league whose fans are mostly college students.

NBA vs College Basketball

The National Basketball Association can be referred to as the NBA. This is North America’s premier professional basketball league.

Due to its high tempo and excitement value, it is the most loved basketball league in the world, especially in the USA and Canada.

NCAA collegiate athletic bodies regulate college basketball in the United States. A team belongs to one of several conferences. For the schedule to be structured for the upcoming season, teams are placed in conferences based on their regional play.

Comparison Table Between NBA and College Basketball

Parameters of ComparisonNBACollege Basketball
Participating teamsEach year, 30 teams in the league play 82 games.Each year, 68 teams play around 30-35 games.
Shot clockShot clock of 24 seconds with 8 seconds to cross half court.Shot clock of 30 seconds, with 10 seconds to cross half court.
Length of the matchThe total time is 48 minutes, divided into four quarters of 12 minutes each.The total time is 40 minutes, divided into two-quarters of 20 minutes each.
3-Point Line23’9″ from the hoop19’9” from the hoop
Paint width under the hoop16 feet wide12 feet wide
FoulsSix personal fouls before fouling out. The opponent gets 2 free throws after
committing the 4th foul in a quarter.
Five personal fouls before fouling out. When a team fouls 7 times in half,
opponents get 1-1. When the opponent fouls 10 times in half, the opponent gets
two free throws.
PossessionJump for possession of the ball.Possession arrow indicating who has the ball.
ScoringMatches played are generally high-scoring.Matches played tend to be low-scoring.
SponsorshipSponsoring individuals is possible.Sponsorships can be offered to teams as a whole.
Value-for-moneyConsidered more entertaining.Considered less entertaining.

What is the NBA?

The NBA is considered to be a premier professional basketball league in the world. It is a men’s professional basketball league in North America.

Some of the famous teams playing in the NBA include Golden State Warriors, Boston Celtics, Toronto Raptors and Houston Rockets. Few of the most popular NBA players of all time include LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal, and Kobe Bryant.

The teams are divided into Eastern Conferences and Western Conferences. The Easern conference consists of Atlantic, Central, and Southwest divisions whereas the Western Conferences has Northwest, Pacific, and Southwest divisions.

It was founded as the Basketball Association of America, popularly known as BAA. But down the line, it changed its name to National Basketball League, after it merged with its biggest rival National Basketball League.

Initially, it faced several problems. But they were eventually dealt with.

The top-ranking teams in the NBA compete in a playoff at the end of each season to determine the world champion.

What is College Basketball?

As the name suggests, college basketball is a league where students play intercollege level matches and try to win the championship to earn their school some serious bragging rights.

This might not seem like a very exciting league to people residing outside North America, but it is indeed a league that attracts a lot of audience.

The excitement for college basketball among people can be seen in between mid-march to early April, a period famously known as “March Madness”.

It is an NCAA men’s basketball I Division tournament. It is a single-elimination tournament in which teams compete for the national championship.

Teams in college basketball are divided into conferences, which are groups of about ten teams. Each team is assigned to a conference based on where they attend school.

Due to the regional play of the teams and to have an established schedule each team can follow for the upcoming season, these conferences are set up.

Teams are seeded by a variety of different factors, with the winners of each conference receiving direct entry to the tournament.

Main Differences Between NBA and College Basketball

  1. The number of teams participating in the NBA (30) is far less than that of college basketball (68).
  2. NBA teams play 82 games in six months, while college teams play 30-35 games in four months.
  3. NBA games last longer than college basketball games.
  4. Various technicalities such as the shot clock, 3-point hoop, width of paint under the hoop, fouls, and possession differ between NBA and college basketball.
  5. The high scoring nature of the NBA matches makes them more entertaining than low scoring college basketball.


There are two levels of professional basketball in the United States. (NBA) National Basketball Association is the second level after college basketball. College basketball is extremely popular among students and alumni on college campuses.

NBA games, on the other hand, are played on a national scale and the best basketball players in the United States are involved. It is likely that college basketball players have the same stamina as national basketball players and are quite fit to play basketball.

Their experience level, however, is not the same as that of NBA basketball players. NBA players possess more experience, are better trained, and are generally better players than college basketball players.


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