Honda Jazz vs Honda Fit: Difference and Comparison

When it comes to vehicles of Honda, they are ubiquitous. The good reason for this is the manufacturer takes great care to employ staff with highly qualified features.

Staff who are dedicated to producing vehicles of pristine quality. It is also worth it due to its engine’s maximum power and great quality power.  

While shopping in a market for a reliable car then, there is no need to look further than the Honda Jazz and Honda Fit brands. Throughout the world, both models left an impression on vehicle enthusiasts.

This article highlights the difference between Honda Jazz and Honda Fit

Key Takeaways

  1. The Honda Jazz and Honda Fit are the same car models sold in different countries with different names.
  2. The Honda Jazz is sold in Europe, Asia, and Australia, while the Honda Fit is sold in North and South America.
  3. The Honda Jazz and Honda Fit have the same specifications, features, and designs.
  4. A-law vs. µ-law:

Honda Jazz vs Honda Fit 

The difference between Honda Jazz and Honda Fit is that Honda Jazz is concerned with a compact car of Honda that is mainly marketed in Asia predominantly. On the other hand, Honda Fit is also concerned with the compact car and being distributed in the regions of the West, particularly in the US. 

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Just like Hondas, the Honda Jazz is also one of the premium models among its class. Its front visibility is fantastic, thanks to the quarter windows, which are larger at the front doors.

Its larger mirrors of the outer rear view make rear views perfect. 

The Honda Fit is designed to please the masses with its significant interior, which is quite roomy, and credit goes to its upright and tall body style. The specs are so impressive that the tall proportion makes it looks like a scaled-down minivan. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonHonda JazzHonda Fit
Engine type1.2 i-VTEC PetrolRegular Unleaded 1-4
Fuel tank capacity10.6 gallons10.5 gallons
Horsepower89 @ 6000 rpm128 @ 6600 rpm
Base curb weight (lbs.)24162568
Speed limit220 km per hour180 km per hour

What is Honda Jazz? 

When it comes to aesthetics, it offers a design of a neat arrowhead that is quite pleasing to the eyes. The design of the semi-tallboy also really excites me. Since on full display, there is ergonomics which is also present in terms of interior space.  

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The Honda Jazz designers made sure to use great available space for seating mainly five people in an instant comfortably. When some of the seats are folded, then there is more space for cargo is provided. Notably, it provides cupholders abound on it.  

In terms of the dash, plenty of space is there to put items and also large with sensible knobs to operate the air conditioning and heating systems. Regarding luggage space, with the seats up, there is as much as 366 litres, a clearly striking figure compared to other MPVs.  

The ‘Magic Seat’ system also works great as it can be folded in one go without touching the front seats. Through this, sufficient space can be created for a wheelchair in the centre of the car. Also, plenty of storage space consists of the base sear of the left side rear. 

honda jazz 1

What is Honda Fit?  

In terms of outside, Honda Fit shines for its base model and aerodynamics, which come with all the alluring features.

There is a telescopic or tilt steering wheel, power accessories host, FM/CD/AM/MP3 music, and also air conditioning. In particular, the seating is quite accommodating.  

There is a hint towards versatility and loads of cargo space. It is easy to configure the seating set-up for more room creation with the help of a couple of neat changes. Rear seatbacks can be folded completely by pulling a lever to get more space for the cargo.  

Impressive compartments are also there at the rear seats for the items that are top secret in the stashbox. For its sports version, there are extra to access, for instance, sharing with leather-wrapped remote keyless entry, cruise control, and also radio controls.  

The steering, which is powered electrically, also feels comfortable for the touch and can be controlled easily even if someone is tall so, thanks to the telescoping functionality and the standard tilt. With an excellent braking system, it also comes stocked that delivers lots of feels. 

honda fit

Main Differences Between Honda Jazz and Honda Fit 

  1. Honda Jazz pertains to the compact car of Honda that is mainly marketed in Asia predominantly. On the flip side, Honda Fit also pertains to the compact car and being distributed in the regions of the West, specifically in the US.  
  2. In terms of fuel economy, Honda Jazz uses 17 MPG in the city and 16 MPG on the highway. On the other hand, Honda Fit uses 30 MPG in the city, and on the highway, it uses 40 MPG.  
  3. The exterior dimensions of Honda Jazz are such a way that its length is 157 in, its maximum width is 66.6 in, end 60.7 is jazz height. Honda Fit has a length of 161.4 in, the maximum width is 67 in, and at last, its height is 60 in.  
  4. Honda Jazz offers 110 @ 4800 rpm torque, whereas Honda Fit offers 113 @ 4600 rpm. This is the reason Honda Jazz fails to provide a better job in power transmission to the wheels in comparison to Honda Fit.  
  5. The safety features are provided by Honda Jazz Art brake assist, traction control, and daytime running lights. On the other hand, central locking, child safety locks, and passenger airbag are some of the safety features of Honda Fit. 
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Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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