Difference Between Honda CR-V LX and Honda CR-V EX

Honda CR-V models give drivers a wide variety of options to choose from. Each model comes with different features, specifications and is available in several colours.


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Honda CR-V LX and EX are two models out of these. Knowing the difference between them can make it easy to choose which one to buy.

Honda CR-V LX vs Honda CR- V EX

The difference between Honda CR-V LX and EX is that Honda CR-V LX does not perform as well as Honda CR-V EX does. The LX model has lesser features and quaint specifications that may impact the functioning of the car. Meanwhile, Honda CR-V EX can be looked at as the upgraded version of the former. Even though it is more expensive, it surmounts Honda CR-V LX in every manner.

Honda CR V LX vs Honda CR V EX

The Honda CR-V LX has five generations, each generation having better features than the former. The car is a compact SUV with one trim level that is named the ‘LX’ model trim.

It was introduced in Japan in 1995 and faced backlash because of its exterior dimensions that did not match with Japan’s compact car regulations at that time. Nonetheless, it became popular due to its innovative design.

The Honda CR-V EX has five generations of mid-range utility vehicles as well, but all of them have better features than Honda CR-V LX.

The first-generation models had anti-lock brakes and 15-inch alloy wheels which were a major upgrade to the LX model. This made the vehicle safer and smoother to drive.

Moreover, it had a more stylish interior and exterior design that attracted a lot of buyers.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonHonda CR-V LXHonda CR-V EX
PriceHonda CR-V LX is an affordable mid-range utility vehicle that is not very heavy on the pocket.Honda CR-V EX is more expensive than LX due to its upgraded trim level.
SecurityHonda CR-V LX does not have a security system.Honda CR-V EX has a security system with advanced safety features.
Sound SystemHonda CR-V LX has an average sound system that is not as satisfactory as the latter.Honda CR-V EX has a better sound system than Honda CR-V LX.
MoonroofHonda CR-V LX does not have a power moonroof.Honda CR-V EX has a power moonroof along with a tilt feature.
Rear Privacy GlassHonda CR-V LX does not have a rear privacy glass.Honda CR-V EX comes with a rear privacy glass.

What is Honda CR-V LX?

Honda CR-V LX is a mid-range sports utility vehicle that was first launched in 1995. Since then, new generations of the car have been continually released.

The ‘CR-V’ in its name stands for ‘comfortable runabout vehicle’. However, British car review articles have often used ‘compact recreational vehicle’ for the abbreviation. The ‘LX’ in its name describes the trim level of the car which has only one level.

The car was the first compact SUV by Honda that was designed in-house by Hiroyuki Kawase. It had a 2.0 litre straight four B20B engine that produced 126 horsepower at 5400rpm.

Moreover, the engine used a one-piece cylinder sleeve construction which was ground-breaking for a vehicle that used a B-series engine.

Another innovation that surprised drivers was that the rear seats of the car were foldable and there was a picnic table placed in that floor area!

The bumpers of these cars were originally made of chrome. However, cars that were manufactured for the United States had a black plastic bumper.

In its later days, the car was upgraded with a facelift along with various other alterations to the exterior. This included a newly designed front bumper as well as a rear bumper that was drastically smoother.

What is Honda CR – V EX?

The Honda CR-V EX is an upgraded version of the Honda CR-V LX and like the latter, it has five generations.

The EX model of the car has advanced features such as a better sound system, a rear privacy glass, an advanced security system and even a power moonroof that can tilt.

Due to this, the model is on the pricier end. However, every penny seems to be worth the cost.

The car has many differences from Honda CR-V EX. For example, the dashboard has an exterior temperature indicator that is not present in the former.

Moreover, it has a compass that allows better navigation. Another notable feature is the windshield wiper that has variable speed. So, the amount of distraction that high-speed wipers generally create is reduced to a minimal degree.

Later versions of Honda CR-V EX were powered by a K24A1 engine. This produced a horsepower of 150 at 190 rpm. They even had an i-VTEC system that promoted utmost fuel economy.

A new chassis for the car was designed as well to increase torque and bending rigidity. It has a rear reactive-link double-wishbone along with a front toe control link MacPherson strut for optimal suspension.

This made the car provide a much smoother drive than Honda CR-V LX.

Main Differences Between Honda CR-V LX and Honda CR – V EX

  1. Honda CR-V LX is an affordable mid-range utility vehicle that is not very heavy on the pocket whereas the EX model is pricier.
  2. Honda CR-V LX does not have a security system whereas EX has a security system that alerts the driver when someone tries to break in.
  3. Honda CR-V LX has an average sound system with 4 speakers whereas EX has a better sound system with 6 speakers.
  4. Honda CR-V LX does not have a power moonroof while EX does, that too with a tilt.
  5. Honda CR-V LX does not have a rear privacy glass whereas EX does.


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