Difference Between Honda Accord and Accura TL

Cars have become the necessity of our lives. Yet, before buying a car of our budget, we make sure that the car of other same brans of the same budget, provide something better.

Every car that falls in the same budget has one point better in comfort than they lack something else. Thus, comparing cars has become a trend and is need also. Before if we buy a car, we make sure that it becomes compatible with our needs.

Honda Accord vs Accura TL

The main difference between Honda Accord and Accura TL is that they differ in interior and exterior features. Like, Honda is fuel-efficient and quite affordable, whereas Accura TL has come with many additional features that are introduced in the Honda Accord at extra cost.

Honda Accord vs Accura TL

The Honda Accord is a five-seater car with a turbo engine. The Honda Accord is less costly as compared to the Accura TL. As the car comes with many necessary features.

The service charges of the car are quite affordable too. It also has a transmission 10-speed automatic. The family baggage can also get adjusted in the truck as it has a trunk of volume 16.7 feet cube.

The Accura TL is also a five-seater car with a gas engine. The Accura TL is also affordable, yet when compared to Honda Accord, it becomes a bit expensive. It has transmission of 6-Speed Automatic.

The Accura TL comes with a less capacity trunk size of 13.1 feet cube. 

Comparison Table Between Honda Accord and Accura TL

Parameters of ComparisonHonda AccordAccura TL
Latest ModelThe Honda Accord has been updated to the tenth generation and was launched in 2021.The Accura TL’s latest model came in 2014.
CostThe Honda Accord is found to be more affordable as compared to the Accura TL.Accura TL is found to be a bit costly as compared to the Honda Accord.
Engine The Engine is 2.0L Turbo Inline-4 Gas.The Engine is 3.5L V6 Gas.
TransmissionThe Honda Accord comes with the 10-Speed Automatic.The Accura TL comes with the 6-Speed Automatic.
MileageThe Honda Accord’s latest model gives a mileage of 11.8kmpl.Accura TL’s latest model gives a mileage of 23.1kmpl.
SeatingThe Honda Accord comes as a five-seater.The Accura TL also comes in a five-seater.
Fuel Tank CapacityThe fuel capacity of the Honda Accord is 14.8 gallons.The fuel capacity of the Accura TL is 18.5 gallons.
Trunk CapacityThe Honda Accord has a trunk volume of 16.7 feet cube.The Accura TL has a trunk volume of 13.1 feet cube.
Colors AvailabilityThe Honda Accords come in three colors.The Accura TL comes in many variabilities in colors. There are around twelve colors available.

What is Honda Accord?

The Honda Accord is also known as the Honda Inspire. This was the automobile manufactured by Honda. It was then introduced in 1976 and was the four-door sedan.

The Honda Accord became the best seller in America in 1989. The cars are found even today in the market. The car’s latest model has been released in 2021.

The Honda Accord has taken many styles in the last years. They have adapted many car models of others cars. From 1976 and 1990, only these cars had the same body type.

Later as the market evolved new generation of Honda Accord was introduced. Thus, leading to good competition in the market. The Hoda Accord is the only car that has many body styles present to date.

The Honda Accord’s latest model is the Tenth generation and is available in both manual and automatic. The fuel tank capacity was 14.8 gallons. The trunk volume is around 16.7 feet cube.

The car is available in various body designs yet has only three colors available in cars. The car is front-wheel drive with 10-speed Automatic Transmission. 

What is Accura TL?

Accura TL was the executive car of Accura, the luxury brand of Honda. The Accura TL came in 1996 in the Japanese Market and entered worldwide later.

The Accura TL was the best-selling car in 2008, which was just next to the BMW. The Accura TL was the fourth generation at that time. Yet, after 2008 the car lost its charm. 

The Accura TL was manufactured till 2014, and then their production has stopped the cars as TSX and TLX came into their place. The Acura TL has gained very popularity in their fourth generation.

Thus, became best sellers. Yet, the cars lost their charm as the other cars were introduced with better features. 

The Accura TL’s latest 2014 model provided a tank capacity of 18.5 gallons along with a mileage of 23.1kmpl. The volume of the trunk was 13.1 feet cube. The Acura TL came in variabilities of colors.

Almost twelve colors were available in the car design. It was a front-wheel-drive car with a 6-speed Automatic transmission. 

Main Differences Between Honda Accord and Accura TL

  1. The Honda Accord came in 1976, while Accura TL was launched in the market around 1996.
  2. The Honda Accord had a 2.0L Turbo Inline-4 gas Engine, and on the other hand, the Accura TL has a 3.5L V6 Gas Engine.
  3. The Honda Accord has a fuel capacity of 14.8 gallons, while Accura TL has 18.5 gallons.
  4. The Honda Accords is found a little cheap as compared to the Accura TL.
  5. The trunk volume is 13.1 and 16.7 feet cube of Honda Accord and Accura TL, respectively.
  6. The Honda Accord’s latest model is of the year 2021, and Accura TL is of 2014.
  7. The Hoda Accord latest model is the tenth generation, and Accura TL is the fourth generation.
  8. The Accura TL is a luxury car, while the Honda Accord is not a luxury car.
  9. The Accura TL comes in twelve variable colors, and Honda comes only in three colors but has variability in the body designs.
  10. The Honda Accord was the best seller in America in the year 1989, while the Accura TL was in the year 2008.


The Accura TL has been already out of the market because of new cars introduction. These cars were the best in their time. Yet, the Honda Accord was the car that was changed yearly that helped them to sustain in the market till now.

Whereas the Honda Accord is not a luxury car while the Accura TL fell under the category of luxury cars.

The Honda Accord adopted the new styles every year to attract people along with the features that made them available in a variety.

The variety feature helped to gain the sales while Accura TL didn’t make the changes every year they the same basic design in every car which became a negative point later.


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