Difference Between Honda Accord and Lexus IS

In today’s world when it comes to cars people have many options out of those options we are comparing between Honda Accord and Lexus. These vehicles include 4-wheel antilock brakes with vented disc brakes as a standard safety feature.


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When it comes to curb weight, the Accord LX is marginally lighter at 3230 pounds than the Lexus, which weighs 3605 pounds.

The Accord rides on 16-inch alloy wheels with 215/60 All-Season rubber, whereas the Lexus IS rides on 17-inch rims with 215/55 standard tyres.

Key Takeaways

  1. Honda Accord is a midsize sedan known for its fuel efficiency, reliability, and affordability.
  2. Lexus IS is a luxury compact sedan offering premium features, refined interiors, and advanced technology.
  3. Both vehicles target different market segments, with Honda focusing on practicality and Lexus on luxury.

Honda Accord vs Lexus IS

The difference between Honda Accord and Lexus IS is that both have cars have engines with different power, and Honda Accord is having 19993c 4 cylinders whereas Lexus has a 2487 cc 4 cylinder engine. Honda Accord is more budget-friendly than Lexus as there is a price difference of 4/5.

Honda Accord vs Lexus IS

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The Honda Accord comes in three trim levels: the standard LX, the improved EX, and the top-of-the-line EX-L, which includes premium items like leather upholstery and a navigation system as an option.

As you progress through the Honda Accord trim levels, things become more upscale, competitive, and expensive. Honda Accord has an emission standard of BS 4.

Compare and contrast Toyota’s luxury automobile brand, Lexus, and its entry-level sedan, the IS, with Honda’s Accord LX to determine if any of these cars seem good or realistic, to own in response to the recent economic downturn.

Lexus has an emission standard of BS 6, making the car a better option.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonHonda AccordLexus IS
Engine1.5-litre Turbo engine having an output of 192 horsepower.2.0-litre Turbo engine producing an output of 241 horsepower.
Fuel consumptionHonda Accord gives a milage of 30MPG.Lexus IS gives a mileage of 21MPG.
Trunk spaceHonda Accord has a trunk volume of 16.7ft.Lexus IS has a trunk volume of 10.8ft.
DriveHonda Accord is a front-wheel-drive.Lexus IS is a rear-wheel drive.
EmissionHonda accord has less CO2 emissions.Lexus IS has more CO2 emissions.

What is Honda Accord?

The famous Honda Accord LX, which comes equipped with a 2.4L inline-4 engine and a 5-speed manual gearbox.

This fuel-efficient engine achieves a combined fuel efficiency of 25 miles a gallon in city and highway driving and has enough horsepower (177), which is available at 6,500 rpm.

The retail price for this model is $21,765, according to the manufacturer. As you progress through the Honda Accord trim levels, things become more upmarket, competitive, and expensive.

The Accord comes in three trim levels: the standard LX, the improved EX, and the top-of-the-line EX-L, which includes premium items like leather seats and navigation as an option.

This car gives a mileage of 33MPG with a huge trunk volume of 16.7ft. Honda Accord has all the extra trunk space with extra mileage, people who are looking to save some bucks on fuel could think of Honda Accord as a good option.

Honda Accord is a front-wheel-drive car with CVT(Continuous Variable Automatic) transmission.

Honda Accord is a more environmentally friendly vehicle that emits less CO2 in the environment in comparison to Lexus IS, which makes it a better choice.

If someone is looking for a vehicle in which they can take their loved ones to picnic or for outdoor fun, then this is the car for them.

What is Lexus IS?

The Lexus IS, classified as a premium vehicle, begins at $39,050 and comes with a standard 2.0 litre inline 4 gas that scores 21mpg in city and road driving.

The engine is mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission with overdrive, which is capable of producing 241 screaming horsepower at 5200 rpm and delivering them to the front wheels.

It’s worth noting that the Lexus ES is only available in one trim level, the 350.

This luxury car has features like a sunroof, keyless entry, power front seats, a telescopic steering wheel, dual-zone automated temperature control, an in-dash CD changer, and gorgeous wood trimmings that aren’t included on the base Accord LX.

Hydraulic steering and a variety of airbags are included at no additional cost. Lexus is not made for people who are old fashion and are looking to save some bucks on fuel.

It doesn’t have the very best mileage, but it does have very good performance, those who are looking for performance wouldn’t mind having less trunk volume.

The engine is powerful, and it makes the driver feel the curves of the road with more thrill and speed, this car has everything which would be loved by someone who likes adventures.

Main Differences Between Honda Accord and Lexus IS

  1. Both cars have impressive engines, but the Honda Accord can’t stand the 2.0 litre of turbo inline gas engine of the Lexus IS.
  2. Honda Accord gives a much better fuel mileage of 30 MPG, whereas the Lexus IS gives a fuel mileage of 21 MPG.
  3. Honda Accord and Lexus-IS are both 5-seater vehicles, but Honda Accord has a much bigger trunk volume of 16.7 ft, whereas Lexus IS only has a trunk volume of 10.8 ft.
  4. Honda Accord is a front-wheel drive with CVT(Continues variable automatic) transmission, whereas the Lexus IS is a rear-wheel-drive that has an 8-speed automatic transmission.
  5. Honda Accord is not as sporty as Lexus IS, but it does give a horsepower of 192, whereas the Lexus IS engine gives a horsepower of 241.
Difference Between Honda Accord and Lexus IS
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